Photos can be small glimpses of our lives. After time, these glimpses can pile up and take up some space. So how can you ensure a safe storage for your photo collection? QNAP NAS offers a wide array of photo storage solutions for both amateur and professional photographers.

What is QNAP NAS?

QNAP's Network Attached Storage (NAS) are private storage solutions that consist of one or more hard drives that are always connected to the internet for continuous access. QNAP NAS has the same functionality as a public cloud service such as Dropbox or Google but without any monthly service costs. The NAS becomes your backup "hub", or storage unit for all your important media files such as photos, videos and music. Imagine it as an your external hard drive, but rather taking it everywhere physically, it is placed at your home or business and accessible to you to use at anytime and anywhere via the internet.


Don't let those captured glimpses slip away to loss, theft or disaster. Store your photos with confidence with a QNAP NAS

  • Private Cloud for Your Photos

    Your QNAP NAS is your Dropbox-like private photo vault for your photos. Upload, access and share your photos from anywhere with no costly monthly cloud service fees.

  • Drive Failures Alerted

    Store your photos and files with assurance. QNAP systems can detect any types of drive error, and prior to drive failures, you will be alerted to change out the bad drive for a new one to keep your files safe.

  • Flexible and Expandable

    You can start off with one or two drives, and expand your storage pool as you go. Once drives fill up, you can add a compatible expansion unit to increase your overall capacity.

  • Extra File Protection

    Encryption protects the privacy of your digital data. QNAP NAS support data encryption to ensure photos and files are safely stored and secured from unauthorized access. All QNAP NAS models also come with a Kensington security slot.

  • View, Manage & Share Photos

    With File Station or Photo Station, you can view your photos, manage photo folders and share photos with friends, family or clients all from your PC or Mac. And if ever on the road, you also do the same with QNAP's Qfile and Qphoto mobile apps.

  • Backup and Store

    Your QNAP NAS is the ideal place to store and backup all types of files including your RAW and final edited images. For added protection, you can back up multiple copies of files from your NAS to the public cloud, to another QNAP NAS, or external device.

Suggested Workflow

Critical workflow for all photographers to backup and share content in one centralized workstation.

Uploading is Simple

Uploading your photos couldn't be easier with a QNAP NAS. You can upload your photos on your Mac or PC with a simple click and drag from your laptop to your QNAP NAS via the USB QuickAccess* port , or you can also take your SD card and pop it into the SD slot* on your QNAP NAS.

*Available on selected models

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Big Storage Space, No Monthly Cost

Are you using a public cloud storage to store your photos? Worry about maxing out your storage capacity and paying for monthly storage fees? Qsync turns your NAS into a private Dropbox with virtually unlimited storage and no recurring cost.

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Quick Data Access, No Network Required

QNAP is the only NAS manufacturer on the market with Thunderbolt connectivity. Users who don't necessary need Thunderbolt, but still would like the convenience of direct attached connectivity can utilize the USB QuickAccess port available on newer NAS models for instant access without a network.

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The most precious things I have are my images and the files that I created. I have been running the same QNAP NAS drives for 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year for the past six years. I put my past and future, daily, into QNAP's hands
After six weeks on the road I'm back home for a week and I don't have time to sit around waiting for hours for things to copy when it could take a couple of minutes. To have things output at ten times the speed makes my lifestyle possible and to be on the road so much.
QNAP products have the performance, reliability and versatility which enable me to concentrate on my creativity without having to worry about the technical side of my business - working with the QNAP Thunderbolt NAS has enabled me to work on 4k projects and collaborate with other users in my company with ease - saving many hours on postproduction with its Thunderbolt connectivity.
As a professional photographer, the most valuable items I possess are the images I have captured for clients and myself. Knowing that these files are safely stored using the QNAP NAS setup, I can rest assure that I will not only have them safely backed up, but also have instant access anywhere around the world. QNAP has become essential part of my workflow and backup system for my career as a destination wedding photographer.


  • Network Attached Storage is a central storage system consisting of multiple hard drives, continuously connected to the network. The Gb network also provides decent transfer speed, and unlike a DAS, it gives you access across different platforms.

  • QNAP NAS supports RAID configurations including RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and global hot spares. Our RAID technology is not proprietary based on Linux. So you don't have to worry about having to pay for recovering your data from the NAS vendors.

  • Yes, all management and administration pages are HTML5 web-based, it is designed for any kind of platform, including Mac, PC, iOS, and Android.

  • Yes, our NAS systems are powerful enough to let you edit over the network. However, we always recommend users to save an additional copy on the local workstation in case anything happens between the connection between the NAS and the workstation.

  • You can easily replace the smaller hard drive with a larger drive one by one after each one rebuilds online. Also, you can also purchase expansion units (which are more economical) and expand drives as you go. Please refer to:

    Online RAID Level Migration & RAID Capacity Expansion
    QNAP Expansion Units

  • There are several ways to share your file on NAS:

    Securely share files with a URL
    Share with App Qfile

  • We always recommend users to purchase hard drives that are dedicated for NAS-use, such as the WD Red drives, Seagate NAS drives, but drives that are higher performance than the NAS drives are also suitable. We do not recommend desktop drives or surveillance drives due to their different spin rates, which might corrupt the RAID configuration of the NAS. Please check the compatibility list here before purchasing your drives.

Recommended Models

Home / SOHO Workgroup / Studio Professional
Model Name TS-x51A Series TVS-x73 Series TVS-x82T Series
CPU Intel® Celeron®
N3060 dual-core
Intel® i3/i5/i7
DRAM 2/4 GB 4/8/16/64 GB 8/16/32/64 GB
Hard Drives 2/4 bay 4/6/8 bay 4/6/8 bay +
2 x 2.5" SSD
USB QuickAccess
Maximum Capacity *
*based on 10TB drives
20/40 TB 40/60/80 TB 40/60/80 TB
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