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Whether starting out or growing; businesses require a rock-solid IT infrastructure that will ensure that they have the right tools, hardware and potential to continue growing. And out of all the elements in an IT base, storage is the lifeblood that keeps a company moving forward. QNAP provides a full range of cutting-edge network-attached storage devices that not only fulfill storage needs, but also provide a wide range of services and features to greatly increase the productivity and options of your business.


Large amount of files and data are generated from the daily operations of businesses. How do we efficiently organize, track, and share these files for important projects?


Files and data are of the utmost importance for business operations. How do we ensure effective business continuity as well as data security & restoration?

  • Snapshots supported by QNAP ARM-based NAS

    Snapshots supported by QNAP ARM-based NAS

    From QTS 4.3.4, selected QNAP ARM-based models also support snapshots, providing users with a fast and easy data backup and recovery solution.



    QNAP and NAKIVO provide a high-performance yet affordable VM backup and restore solution on a single QNAP NAS.

  • Data backup & Disaster recovery

    Data backup & Disaster recovery

    QNAP NAS is your ideal data backup & disaster recovery option, supporting desktop/laptop, system and business critical backup and recovery.

  • Remote backup solutions

    Remote backup solutions

    QNAP NAS supports data backup with RTRR, rsync, cloud backup and JBOD migration, adding an extra layer of protection for your data.

  • Volume & LUN Snapshots

    Volume & LUN Snapshots

    QNAP’s Storage Manager provides an easy-to-use web-based snapshot tool for you to easily back up and restore data back to any point of time.

  • Mitigate the threat of ransomware with QNAP NAS

    Mitigate the threat of ransomware with QNAP NAS

    QNAP NAS is an ideal backup center that supports point-in-time snapshots to protect your data from ransomware threat.

  • Backing up VMs to QNAP NAS

    Backing up VMs to QNAP NAS

    With high capacities, high performance, and integrated virtualization solutions, QNAP NAS are perfect for backing up virtual machines.

  • QNAP Hybrid Backup Sync

    QNAP Hybrid Backup Sync

    QNAP Hybrid Backup Sync integrates backup, restoration and synchronization into one QTS App for local, remote and cloud data storage.

  • Xopero QNAP Appliance

    Xopero QNAP Appliance

    Extend the functionality of your QNAP NAS and turn it into backup appliance.

  • Xopero Free Forever

    Xopero Free Forever

    Your QNAP NAS just got even better, because you can now backup 3 devices free forever with Xopero's best-in-class tools.

  • Never Say Never to File Loss

    Never Say Never to File Loss

    QNAP NAS safeguard your files the right way.


We only have 24 hours in a day. I want to multiply my productivity to finish more tasks in less time. Any way to help me?

  • Notes Station 3

    Notes Station 3

    Notes Station 3 combines the collaborative editing of Google Docs and the note-taking of Evernote into a single app hosted by a QNAP NAS private cloud.

  • QIoT Suite Lite

    QIoT Suite Lite

    QIoT Suite Lite natively packs practical IoT modules for you to easily adopt and accelerate development and services.

  • Browser Station

    Browser Station

    Browser Station avoids firewall and IP blocking restrictions, proving a convenient and safe way to browse the web and access protected data.

  • QVR Pro

    QVR Pro

    Professional NAS Video Surveillance System

  • DJ2 Live

    DJ2 Live

    QNAP DJ2 Live enables private live streaming through QNAP NAS with scalable live streaming to public cloud services and platforms that support RTMP endpoints.

  • Thunderbolt 3

    Thunderbolt 3

    QNAP Thunderbolt 3 NAS features ultra-high transfer speeds, enabling a blazing-fast speed for 4K workflows and a collaborative environment.

  • QRM+


    Use QRM+ to manage all networked computing devices and servers



    By adapting the latest and most popular web automation service-IFTTT, QNAP's IFTTT Agent allows you to freely combines QNAP NAS and mobile devices/Apps to customize each NAS applet to automatically carry out the tasks such as backup or monitor.

  • WirelessAP Station

    WirelessAP Station

    Transform your TVS-x73 NAS into a convenient wireless base station with WirelessAP Station.

  • Qfiling


    Qfiling automates your file organization. All you need to do is categorize your files, set a schedule, and Qfiling will do the rest. It’s easy, smart, and efficient!

  • exFAT File System

    exFAT File System

    With high-resolution media now in our everyday lives, QNAP now provides an official exFAT driver that provides compatibility for exFAT-based devices with QNAP NAS.

  • CloudLink


    CloudLink allows you to remotely connect to QNAP NAS wherever you are.

  • QmailAgent


    With QNAP’s QmailAgent, you can centrally manage multiple email accounts, and easily back up emails on the NAS.

  • Qcontactz


    Qcontactz is the perfect way to centrally manage a growing number of contacts, presenting an always-online database of contact information that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device.

  • QIoT Containers

    QIoT Containers

    QNAP provides a comprehensive container platform called “QIoT Containers” for rapidly implementing IoT applications.

  • SSD Cache

    SSD Cache

    QNAP NAS supports SSDs for caching to boost storage performance for demanding applications with an affordable and easy-to-install method.

  • Qtier


    Qtier™ Technology empowers automated-tiering storage solutions that automatically moves hot data to high-performance storage tiers and cold data to lower-cost, higher-capacity drives, allowing businesses to enjoy exceptional application performance and lower TCO of storage at the same time.

  • Thunderbolt 2 Turbo vNAS

    Thunderbolt 2 Turbo vNAS

    The world's first DAS/NAS/iSCSI SAN triple solution that wields the incredible power of Thunderbolt 2 (20Gb/s) for 4K video transfer and display.

  • 10GbE NAS Solution

    10GbE NAS Solution

    QNAP provides a range of 10GbE-ready NAS as an affordable and reliable storage solution for 10GbE environments.

  • Q’center


    Q’center is a central management platform that enables you to consolidate the management of multiple QNAP NAS.

  • Qsirch


    QNAP's exclusive and powerful full-text search tool that simplifies and quickens searching for files on a QNAP NAS.

  • Linux Station

    Linux Station

    Linux Station provides convenient access to Linux OS services, allowing you to enjoy rich Linux apps and open-source software development.

  • Surveillance Station

    Surveillance Station

    The Surveillance Station is professional network surveillance Video Management System (VMS). Being one of the Turbo NAS standard applications, the Surveillance Station can be activated on the QTS App Center to turn the Turbo NAS into a professional Network Video Recorder (NVR) system.

  • Notes Station

    Notes Station

    QNAP Notes Station enables you to create digital notebooks on the private cloud provided by the NAS. You can also easily leverage the rich files, photos, music and video collection stored on the NAS to enrich your notes.

  • Signage Station

    Signage Station

    The Signage Station is a free app for the Turbo NAS. With the designing software iArtist Lite you can easily create content for a wide range of presentation, such as an animated resume to impress the interviewers, or a life memory book that is able to be shared on Facebook.

  • Chromebook ready

    Chromebook ready

    QNAP NAS is a simple-yet-powerful Network-attached Storage (NAS) that works perfectly with your Chromebook and provides large-capacity private cloud storage, easy-to-use note-taking tools, versatile multimedia applications, integrated virtualization solutions, and more.

  • Proxy Server

    Proxy Server

    Use QNAP NAS as a Proxy Server to save and secure network bandwidth.

  • QvPC


    QNAP's Exclusive QvPC Technology - Use your NAS as a PC with a keyboard and mouse


Budget constraints are an unfortunate reality for most businesses. Where can we get the most cost-efficient storage with optimized performance and stability?

  • QNAP NAS Supports iSER

    QNAP NAS Supports iSER

    Boost transmission between your QNAP NAS and VMware ESXi servers using iSER with 10GbE/40GbE offered by Mellanox.

  • Storage for Virtualization

    Storage for Virtualization

    QNAP provides high-performance, reliable and affordable storage solution for virtualization, including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer.

  • DataCore Ready

    DataCore Ready

    Being certified by the DataCore Ready Program, QNAP NAS is compliant with DataCore SANsymphony-V software-defined storage infrastructures, and can help organizations maximize the availability and utilization of IT assets and centralize the management of data storage.

  • Virtualization Station

    Virtualization Station

    QNAP Virtualization Station enables virtualized desktop operations on the Turbo NAS for managing multiple virtual machines. With the easy-to-use interface, you can centrally manage all virtual machines created on the Turbo NAS with least efforts.

  • Container Station

    Container Station

    QNAP Container Station exclusively integrates LXC and Docker lightweight virtualization technologies, allowing you to operate multiple isolated Linux systems on a QNAP NAS as well as download apps from the built-in Docker Hub Registry.

  • P2V


    Virtualization Station on QNAP NAS can easily run VMs converted from physical PCs or servers, allowing users to consolidate their IT infrastructure, easily back up and restore important systems, benefit from high performance & storage capacity, and save on purchasing and maintaining hardware.