Reliable and Cost-effective VM Backup and Replication Solution for VMware® vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V® and AWS® EC2

NAS as your Backup Appliance

Businesses and organizations often look to server virtualization to reduce IT overheads but often face challenges of high backup licensing costs, limited storage space and high network bandwidth when backing up resource-demanding VMs. When it comes to VM recovery, it requires complex settings and may require a lot of time and effort from IT administrators. With NAKIVO Backup & Replication on the QNAP NAS, all these aforementioned problems are easily solved.

  • Storage Space Reduction Storage Space Reduction

    Global data deduplication and efficient data compression to save storage space.

  • Higher Backup Efficiency Higher Backup Efficiency

    Incremental data backup, network acceleration and LAN-free data transfer to speed up backup process by 190%.

  • Instant Data Recovery Instant Data Recovery

    Recover a full VM or single files/folders directly from compressed and deduplicated backups in just a few clicks.

  • Lower TCO and Faster ROI Lower TCO and Faster ROI

    Agentless solution without requiring extra VMs or ESX(i) hosts. Save up to 4x on licensing and maintenance costs.

Efficient Storage Space Utilization

NAKIVO supports agentless VM backup, replication and recovery. During the backup process, NAKIVO automatically deduplicates backed-up data at the block level and saves only unique blocks of data - greatly reducing the total backup size on QNAP NAS. Each block of data is also automatically compressed to save more storage space. After backing up the VM, you can run instant backup verification with screenshots of test-recovered VMs.

1.9x Backup Efficiency

When deploying NAKIVO on QNAP NAS, you can simultaneously run backups, replications and recovery instead of running the jobs separately. With NAKIVO’s capability to reduce network traffic for up to 50%, LAN-free data transfer, and its incremental backup to only back up changed data, you can greatly benefit from a 1.9x backup speed boost.

Fast VM and File/Folder-based Recovery

NAKIVO allows full VM recovery to its original state in just a few clicks, while also providing single file/folder-based data recovery directly from compressed and deduplicated backups without the need to recover an entire VM first.

Double Protection with Cloud Backup

NAKIVO also supports backing up VM copies from QNAP NAS to onsite/remote or public cloud storage (including Amazon EC2) to provide additional layers of data protection. Backup Copy jobs have their own schedule and recovery point retention policy to provide an efficient disaster recovery solution.

Complete Virtualization-ready Solution

Modern IT infrastructure deployment relies on highly-intensive virtualization applications. QNAP Enterprise ZFS NAS with dual-controllers provides high-availability VM storage, while allowing you to leverage the space on more economical QTS NAS for backup using the QNAP-based NAKIVO VM backup solution. The licensing cost of NAKIVO is potentially 4x lower than the competition to provide greater ROI.

Download NAKIVO

Download NAKIVO
Download NAKIVO

System requirements

  1. Hardware: x86-based NAS (Intel and AMD) dual-core (or higher) processor, at least 1 GB RAM
  2. QNAP NAS models: TES-x85 with QTS, TDS-16489U, TS/TVS-x80, TVS-x82, TVS-x73, TVS-x71, TS/TVS-x70, TS/TVS-x63, TS/SS-x79, TS-x53, TS-x51.
  3. Firmware: QTS 4.3.3 (64-bit) or later

    Licensing: Users are free to use a 15-day trial of QNAP-based NAKIVO backup solution. The Trial license has no functional limitations. After the trial period expires, product functionality will be disabled. For more information about NAKIVO services, pricing and support, please contact NAKIVO.