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How to set up a web forum on your QNAP Turbo NAS using PHP & MySQL?

"Host your own community forum on QNAP"


No need to pay for web hosting

It's never been easier to set up your own community forum, and this guide will demonstrate within a few steps how you can create one. Please note that we will be using the popular open source forum software phpBB3 as an example.

Activate the web server and the MySQL database server

Go to “Control Panel” > “Applications” > “Web Server” > select “Enable Web Server” and then “Apply”.

Next go to “Control Panel” > “MySQL Server” and tick both “Enable MySQL Server” and “Enable TCP/IP Networking” checkboxes and then “Apply”.

Create a database for phpBB3 in phpMyAdmin

Prior to installing phpBB3, we need to create a new database for it to use. As we are using phpMyAdmin to create the database, you will need to install the phpMyAdmin QPKG (the phpMyAdmin QPKG can be downloaded from the QTS App Center or from here). Once installed, go to http://NAS-IP-Address/phpMyAdmin/ and enter the user name and password (the default username and password is root/admin). You can also select your preferred language.

Once in, go to “Databases” and under “Create new database” enter the database name “phpbb3”. You will also need to choose a default encoding language (we recommend UTF-8 for best compatibility) then click on “Create” button.

Start the phpBB3 web-based installation

Go to http://www.phpbb.com/downloads/olympus.php, download the “Full Package” and unzip it to your “Web share” folder in File Station.

Go to http:// NAS-IP-Address /phpBB3 and you should see the phpBB3 web-based installation page. Select the “INSTALL” tab and then “Proceed to next step”.

In most cases your web server should be compatible with the requirements so select “Start install” to proceed.

Enter your MySQL information including the hostname, database name, database username and database password then select “Proceed to next step”.

You should see “Successful connection” if your MySQL server is running and the database “phpbb3” we created earlier is present. Select “Proceed to next step”.

Create a phpBB3 administrator username and password, enter your contact email address, and then select “Proceed to next step”.

You should see a “Tests passed” message.

At this stage, phpBB3 will create a configuration file (config.php).

If you want to set any advanced settings, please do so here before selecting “Proceed to next step”.

At this stage, phpBB3 will create the database tables.

Your forum is now set up. You must now delete the installation folder in the phpBB3 folder. Once deleted, select “Login” to enter the phpBB3 administration page.

This is the phpBB3 Administration Control Panel where you can maintain the forum.

This is the front page of your new forum. Once you have finished customizing your forum, you can start sending out forum invitations to establish your online community!

Release date: 2013-04-19
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