Virtual JBOD


Virtual JBOD

Achieve the best capacity utilization among multiple QNAP NAS units

VJBOD (Virtual JBOD) is a capacity expansion technology that allows surplus storage resources of a QNAP NAS to be used to expand the storage space of another QNAP NAS, enabling you not only to create virtual storage pools and volumes on your local NAS, but also to achieve the highest storage utilization of the multiple QNAP NAS in your environment.

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Virtual JBOD

On-demand, instant storage capacity allocation

When I have multiple QNAP NAS units, or when I need to expand capacity on-demand, how do I achieve the best utilization of NAS storage? With VJBOD users have a high degree of flexibility and expand-on-demand capabilities that brings several benefits and practicalities - especially for the storage architecture of small and medium-sized business. Use QNAP VJBOD to instantly allocate storage space from another QNAP NAS as an iSCSI LUN. Then use the iSCSI LUN to create storage pools, take snapshots, make a clone from snapshots or index multimedia files into the media library on the local NAS.

Building high-performance VJBOD storage with super-high-speed 40GbE networking

VJBOD is JBOD based on software-defined storage, offering greater flexibility with online capacity expansion over traditional JBOD expansion. Natively supporting iSCSI SAN, VJBOD ensures high-speed transfers with 10GbE/40GbE network connectivity. Compared with single-LAN transmission, a QNAP NAS equipped with multiple Ethernet ports supports port trunking (link aggregation) increasing the bandwidth and providing fail-safe connectivity in the event of connection failure. With port trunking, network traffic will also automatically achieve load balancing for every connected device.

Connection interface Ethernet (1GbE, 10GbE, 40GbE) USB 3.0, SAS 6Gb or 12Gb
Max. Numbers of connected devices 8 virtual disks (multiple disks can be added from the same remote NAS) Depends on NAS model (1~8 expansion units)
Connected Method Network Single connection or daisy-chained
Connection Redundancy Supports Port Trunking Not supported
Application Scenario Multiple QNAP NAS units offering storage utilization flexibility while maintaining the highest availability. Expand local storage pools on a single QNAP NAS.

* VJBOD cannot be used to expand local expansion pools.

Connecting to up to 8 Remote NAS to enlarge storage.

VJBOD allows one QNAP NAS to utilize the massive potential storage of up to 8 remote NAS, and at the same time use QNAP expansion enclosures. With the expansion availability of physical units and VJBOD, you can attain the highest possible storage utilization to fulfill your needs in storage and backup for huge data.

Automatic VJBOD storage recovery after auto-reconnection

Featuring the missing mode protection of locally-attached JBOD expansions, VJBOD employs an advanced mechanism for handling disconnections. If the remote NAS experiences a power outage, disconnection, or change in IP address, you will receive warnings via event notifications in QTS. The NAS will also automatically attempt to reconnect and recover the VJBOD storage.

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface with single point

No complicated commands or procedures are required to set up Virtual JBOD. Just follow the “Create Virtual Disk” wizard to search for the remote NAS, check the available capacity, and add the space as a virtual disk on your local drive. Then you can freely utilize and manage this virtual disk in Storage Manager, enabling you to enjoy both flexibility and greater storage utilization.

  • Create Virtual JBOD’s Disk Wizard
  • Connect to a remote QNAP NAS
  • Select Storage Pool

Build the smartest expansion unit with Qtier

You can use a Qtier NAS as VJBOD to offload and reallocate data that needs computing resources from the host QNAP NAS and thereby maintaining the highest performance of the host NAS.

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More features and applications:

Supports data migration and safe detaching as a storage pool

VJBOD allows data on the virtual disk pool or virtual machine to be accessed by other NAS, allowing you to use data without being interrupted and to complete data migration.

Expand storage capacity in Surveillance Station

VJBOD can be applied to on-demand expand storage capacity for recording files in Surveillance Station, ensuring sufficient storage space for critical files.