QNAP Remote Manager Plus

Centralized Management Solution for Networked computing devices

QRM+ is QNAP’s Centralized Remote Management solution designed for IT Teams in every industry relying on networked computing devices. It provides single point solution to discover, map, monitor and manage all the critical devices such as Servers/PCs/Thin Clients etc in your network. QRM+ helps to easily manage your IT infrastructure worldwide through single interface within fraction of time. Could it be any easier?

Remote Management of Windows and Linux Devices

QRM+ provides continuous system monitoring for remote devices. Simply install QRMAgent on your Windows® and Linux® devices and you will see their system status on the QRM+ management interface (including CPU usage, RAM usage, disk usage, network usage, and power status). QRM+ can generate a connected IT asset list, allowing IT administrators to quickly monitor the status of every connected device and ensuring all of the assets remain intact. QRM+ also allows for real-time device monitoring, so you can check the status of every end-point whenever required. With QRM+, remote management of IT devices is secure, quick, and easy.

Note: QRMAgent can be downloaded from QTS App Center.

Centralized Management of IPMI compatible devices

Monitor all critical server parameters via IPMI

QRM+, one of the few solutions in market for Centralized Management of IPMI compatible devices, provides a single point solution to discover, map, monitor and manage all the IPMI devices in your network. QRM+ supports IPMI 2.0, empowering you to manage your IPMI compatible devices, irrespective and independent of operating system state. It helps to monitor critical system sensors such as temperature sensors, FAN Speed, Voltage sensors, Power state, IPMI event notifications.

Device Discovery and Topology

Personalize your network in minutes

QRM+ makes it easy to discover and identify all the devices on your network, including routers, switches, servers and more. Using an IP Range scan or Subnet scan, QRM+ allows you to quickly add discovered devices into your management system. Managed devices will be displayed in a graphic topology diagram, allowing you to visualize and personalize networks while providing a powerful first-response tool to quickly troubleshoot issues.

Remote KVM for IPMI

Single click Remote Desktop Solution based on IPMI

QRM+ supports remote KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) function for certain IPMI compliant devices such as IEI Technology Inc®, and Supermicro®, allowing you to remotely control their networked computing devices even if device is turned off or in BIOS mode. Featuring recording and playback, you can track all actions with KVM, helpful for troubleshooting and auditing purposes. It also supports multichannel for more than one client to connect to the remote server using KVM at the same time.

Alerts and Notifications

Get warned in advance before disaster strikes.

QRM+ offers you threshold based alerts to fix performance problems before they impact your users, applications and the business, enabling you to benefit from higher productivity, better collaboration and faster recovery from device downtime or system performance.

  • Set

    Set thresholds to notify for alert as per your requirements.

  • Supports

    Supports Email notification to define notification policies.

  • Consolidates

    Consolidates all alerts and notifications for easy alerts management.

Secured Remote Management Solution

Manage your infrastructure with most secured management platform from QNAP

We understand that QRM+ will have access to your mission critical servers and computing resources, so QRM+ gives highest priority to security included user account, user privilege management and secured connection, protecting your IT infrastructure with most secured management platform from QNAP.

  • Two-Step Authentication: Utilizes Two-Step Authentication of QTS to provide enhanced the security for NAS user accounts.
  • Role based Management (Admin and Power User): Easily manage user access levels with user roles.
  • Support for secure connection (SSL): Secure all the communications over the network.

Friendly User Interface

Graphical and Intuitive

Dashboards in QRM+ are simplistic monitoring system for servers help IT administrators to visualize and monitor all the devices and respective parameters. You can also customize all dashboards as per your preferences without looking at multiple screens to figure out the root cause. QRM+ supports many active monitors like CPU Utilization, Memory Utilization, Disk Utilization, CPU Temperature, CPU Fan speed, and many more, giving complete visibility for administrators across all the mission critical computing devices. What’s more, QRM+ is also a centralized, web-based solution for IT administrators to access it from any web browser at anywhere.

3 Benefits

Graphical and Intuitive

- Keeps track of all important device parameters.
- Alert and event management.
- Helps to analyze performance of networked resources.

Save more time

- Easy and fast implementation and maintenance.
- Spend less time in troubleshooting.
- Helps keep systems up and running in minutes.

Lower cost , more security

- Secure management of your infrastructure.
- Lower administrative and operational cost.
- Maximize IT and employee productivity.
- Avoid downtime and fix the problems fast.

Get QRM+ now
Get QRM+ now

System requirements:

1. QNAP NAS that support QTS 4.3.0 (or later): TS-x53B, TS-x53BU, TS-453BT3, TVS-x73, TS-x85.
2. QNAP NAS that support QTS 4.2.2 (or later): TS-x53U, TS-x53A, TS-x51U, TS-x51A, TS-x51+, TS-x51, TVS-x63+, TVS-x63, TS-x63U, TS-x70, TVS-x71, TS-x80, TVS-x82, TVS-882BR, TVS-x82T, TVS-x82ST, TVS-x82TU, TES-x85U, TDS-x89U
3. QNAP NAS series (discontinued) that support QTS 4.2.2 (or later): TS-x79 Pro, TS-x79U-RP, TS-ECx79U-RP, TS-ECx79U-SAS-RP, SS-ECx79U-SAS-RP
4. IEI QGW Series that support QTS 4.2.1 (or later): TANK-860-QGW, TANK-760-QGW.
5. The NAS/QGW must have at least 4GB RAM.