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Set up the QNAP VioStor NVR to record and monitor ACTi KCM3911 fisheye network camera

QNAP's VioStor network video recorder (NVR) series is among the first video management software (VMS) platforms to support the ACTi KCM3911 high Megapixel fisheye fixed network camera. The VioStor NVR allows users to view areas of a hemispheric image in both live or playback view. Users can also view a complete scene unfold without obstruction while simultaneously displaying multiple independent dewarped views from a ACTi KCM3911 camera.

This article will guide you to configure the VioStor NVR to record the videos from the ACTi KCM3911 network camera and setup the fisheye images for live monitoring.

For the information of the ACTi KCM3911 camera, please visit:


  • Download the latest firmware from here.
  • The ACTi KCM3911 camera must be mounted in a proper position and connected to a POE switch.

A. Set up the VioStor NVR

Follow the steps below to configure the VioStor NVR.

1. Run the "QNAP Finder" on a Windows PC to find the NVR. Double click the NVR name to connect to the login page by a web browser.

Mac users can connect to the NVR by the "Surveillance Client for Mac" utility.

2. Login the NVR as "admin".

3. On the live view window, click (System Configuration).

4. The "Camera Configuration" page will be shown. Select a channel for the camera and click (Settings).

5. Use auto search to find the ACTi KCM3911 camera and click "Add".

Or manually select the camera brand and model. Enter the IP address, username and password of the camera. Click "Apply".

6. Go to "Camera Settings" > "Recording Settings". For motion detection recording, auto-snapshot, and VMobile viewing, select “MPEG4” Video Compression.

7. Go to "Camera Settings" > "Recording Settings". For audio recording and better bandwidth utilization, select “H.264” Video Compression.

8. Select Camera Model “ACTi KCM-3911 (single, dual)”

And select desired recording quality, and then click “Apply”.

Panorama 180 view

Panorama 360 view

9. Select Camera Model “ACTi KCM-3911 (6 streams)”

And select desired stream under resolution of recording setting, and then click “Apply”.

6 streams view

And select Stream ID and drag mouse on image to move to desired area under Camera options

Release date: 2013-07-20
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