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How to access Virtualization Station behind Routers and other IP-sharing devices?


  1. Please make sure your router supports Universal Plug and Play (UPnP). You can check this by using the myQNAPcloud function on the QTS desktop.
    After selecting the item “Auto Router Configuration” from the left-hand menu, you can enable the UPnP port forwarding function as (1). Checked.
    If your home router supports UPnP, you will see the message in (2).
  2. Please enable the UPnP of Virtualization Station from the WEB UI and it will enable the port forwarding on your router. You can then access Virtualization Station through the internet via this forwarded port.
    Please note: this management interface can only be accessed locally from a PC connected to the local IP address of the Turbo NAS. You must configure this option in your home network first before you can access Virtualization Station from the internet.
    Please click the “Virtualization Station” icon on the QTS desktop, and then select the “Preferences” from the left menu as shown in (3), then choose the “UPnP Setting” tab in the right window as shown in (4).
  3. Please click the option “Enable” as shown in (5), then click the “Apply” button as shown in (6). You will need to wait for a short period of time for your router to finish the process of being configured and having the port mapping negotiated.
    The new port to be accessed from the internet will be shown on the right side. For example, the port is set to “8088” as below. In some rare cases, port “8088” will be changed to other port numbers acceptable by your router.
    Virtualization Station will also open the ports for SSL and HTML 5 console connections. For example port 8089 and port 3388 as seen below.
  4. Once your router has been configured, you will be able to access the management UI by using a web browser with the URL “http://IP:port” or the name of Turbo NAS in myQNAPcloud with port as shown in (7).
    For example, the name of Turbo NAS registered in myQNAPcloud is “mynas123” and the external mapped port of Virtualization Station is “8088”. The URL would be “http://mynas123.myqnapcloud.com:8088
    After connected, the Virtualization Station landing page will be displayed as seen below. Please click the login button in the upper-right corner as show in (8), and then you can access and operate Virtualization Station just as you would when working locally.
Release date: 2014-07-03
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