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Take a snapshot to another Turbo NAS: Snapshot Replica

“Another essential tool for NAS backup”

Snapshot Replica in Backup Station allows your Turbo NAS to take snapshots and store them between different NAS, which provides a flexible and efficient backup service for IT professionals. This application note demonstrates how to use Snapshot Replica to save snapshots to another NAS and manage them in the Snapshot Vault.

Please note: Snapshot Replica is only available for specific models with QTS 4.2.0 or above. Please refer to the QNAP website for more information.


Snapshot Replica

Before using Snapshot Replica, there must be at least one volume on your Turbo NAS. If you need to create a volume, please go to “Storage”>”Storage Space”.

  1. Select “Backup Station” and go to “Remote Replication”>”Snapshot Replica”.
  2. Select “Create a Replication Job”.
  3. In the new window, choose a name for the replication job and select “Settings”.
  4. Enter the name/IP address and password of the remote server. Select “Test” to confirm that your settings work.
  5. Select the volume you want to take snapshot of and the storage pool where you want to store the data in the destination server.

    1. Please note: The capacity of volumes/LUN in destination server must be greater than the source volumes/LUN.
    2. If this is the first time using Snapshot Replica, it may take a longer time than usual.
  6. You may also want to use encryption and compression in “Options” or create a backup schedule in “Backup frequency”.
  7. The replication job will be listed. Click and the job will be executed immediately. You can also see the progress in the window.

Snapshot Vault

To manage snapshots from other Turbo NAS, go to “Storage Manager” and go to “Storage” > ”Snapshot Vault”. Then you will see all of the snapshots stored in the local NAS.

You can filter the snapshot list by:

  • Source
  • Volume/LUN
  • Location
  • Status

For example, if you want to see all of the snapshots from IP, choose “Source” and the designated IP address.

Snapshot Cloning

  1. If you want to clone snapshots and build up these volumes in the local NAS, go to “Show Snapshots”.
  2. Choose the snapshot and select “Clone”.
  3. Enter the volume alias (or use the default name) and choose the folders/files your want to clone. Select “OK” and the task will be started immediately.
  4. A window will be shown when the task is finished.
  5. Go to “Storage” > ”Storage Space” and you will see the new volume that has been cloned from the Snapshot Vault.
  6. You can also use File Station to manage the files in the new volume.
Release date: 2015-03-04
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