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Simplified file organizationwith Qfiling

Qfiling automates your file organization. All you need to do is categorize your files, set a schedule, and Qfiling will do the rest. It’s easy, smart, and efficient!

How Qfiling works

When using QNAP NAS as centralized file storage, being able to efficiently organize these files is a fundamental principle for everyday management and usage. But when faced with a huge number of files spread through multiple folders, it becomes increasingly harder, more time consuming, and frustrating to categorize and archive them. With Qfiling organizing files is now automatic and efficient.

Categorize and file

Qfiling offers categories like images, videos, music, documents, and emails. After setting up Qfiling, the files in selected folders will be automatically archived into folders for these categories.

Schedule and results

You can set hourly, daily, weekly or monthly filing schedules. The system will automatically process filing tasks in the background.

Flexible file transfer

Qfiling not only works on local NAS but also across external storage devices and remote NAS units. Only selected categories will be backed up/moved to the destination.

Easy storage expansion with VJBOD

VJBOD allows you to flexibly enlarge the storage space of a NAS by using the unused storage of other QNAP NAS. This unique expansion method provides an easy way to ensure sufficient space when transferring files from multiple devices.
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Use Qfiling now for these benefits

  • Fast

    Complete all of the settings in just a few clicks. It is quick and easy.

  • Organized

    Files are well-organized and archived based on your settings.

  • Productivity

    Organizing files becomes automatic and periodic without needing any extra effort or time.

  • Management

    Keeping files organized makes it easy to find the files you need and to make the most of each valuable file.

Get Qfiling now

System requirements: Qsirch must be installed before using Qfiling. Supports all QNAP NAS models with at least 2GB RAM and QTS 4.3.0 (or later), except TAS series. 4GB or more RAM is recommended for optimum performance.