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Mastering P2V

Convert a PC/server to a virtual machine

Virtualization Station on QNAP NAS can easily run virtual machines that have been converted from physical PCs or servers, allowing users to consolidate their IT infrastructure, easily back up and restore important systems, benefit from high performance & storage capacity, and save on purchasing and maintaining hardware.

When physical servers become obsolete…

With constantly advancing technology, many businesses and organizations are facing the same problem – the generation gap of hardware and software. Previously organizations adopted conventional physical servers, and hardware expenditures rose with their growing IT needs. As time passes, the software on these systems becomes outdated or even unsupported by their developers (for example, Windows XP and Server 2003) and the servers themselves will be discontinued by their manufacturer or lack support for new hardware. The generation gap of hardware and software similar to these situations may greatly impact the operations of businesses and organizations.

VMware® vCenter™ Converter™ simplifies P2V

VMware, the cloud and virtualization services provider, offers professional software that helps businesses to deploy flexible and efficient virtualization applications. Its VMware® vCenter™ Converter™ can convert physical machines into virtual machines. Simply install it on your PC/server, and you can directly export the converted virtual machine to a Hypervisor, or import the .vmx file to a QNAP NAS for use with Virtualization Station. » Tutorial

Consolidate your physical machines
with QNAP Virtualization Station using P2V

Quick conversion. Fast and easy.

QNAP Virtualization Station supports .vmx files generated by VMware vCenter Converter. You can directly import the .vmx file to Virtualization Station and continue using your existing systems with no downtime.

High performance. Flexible and reliable.

QNAP NAS features server-grade CPUs and hardware to enable 24/7 services, high-speed I/O, and scalable storage design. Running virtual machines on a QNAP NAS not only increases operational efficiency but also enables flexibility & large data storage with its storage expansion feature.

Resource-sharing. Cost-saving.

P2V allows users to save on the cost of buying and maintaining hardware. Virtual machines can be centrally managed and also allow you to fully consolidate your IT infrastructure with the numerous other benefits and applications provided by a QNAP NAS.

Centralized management. Powerful and capable.

Virtualization Station supports operating systems including Windows, Linux, UNIX and Android, and allows virtual machines backup and restoration. QNAP NAS itself is an all-in-one network attached storage, providing businesses and organizations an ideal solution for file storage, backup, sharing and virtualization applications.