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SQFloorKit R2

Browser Station

Secure and convenient access to private networks

Browser Station provides virtual browsers on QNAP NAS, allowing you to remotely access protected data on the same LAN as the QNAP NAS without going through complex VPN settings. It’s simple, convenient, and safe.

  • Encrypted remote access and Internet traffic

  • Removes geographic restrictions and unblocks websites

  • Download files directly to the NAS

Encrypted access and unblock websites

When travelling or working from a home/remote office, you need to remotely access your company's private servers that require authentication. The virtual browsers provided by Browser Station helps you easily access LAN resources from remote devices without needing a proxy or VPN, and benefits from online security and privacy.

Download files directly to NAS

You can specify a NAS shared folder for downloading files (including email attachments and from web sites) when using the virtual browsers in Browser Station.

Note: Browser Station does not support audio or video transmission.

Intuitive management interface

The easy-to-use management interface enables you to open multiple browsers in a single interface, and also to easily manage all of the browsers by viewing their real-time information, including users, NAS system utilization, time created, logs, and more.

Note: Browser Station currently only supports Google Chrome™.

Browsers retain their current status

Browser Station retains the current status of each browser, including open tabs, bookmarks, browsing history, reading lists, and more.

Install QNAP Qfinder browser extension

You can install the QNAP Qfinder browser extension to quickly find and access QNAP NAS over LAN with greater convenience.

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