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Data backup & Disaster recovery

Losing valuable data is a situation that no-one is immune from and that everyone should prepare for. As data and information is quickly becoming the most valuable resource of the 21st century, it is imperative that every company - from home offices to multinationals - have complete plans for data backup and disaster recovery. Discover how a QNAP NAS can assist in mitigating data loss now with our data backup and disaster recovery options.

Compared to the same report from 2014, 13% more businesses experienced either data loss or disruption in the past year, costing them an average of US$ 914,000. It also found that only 10 percent of the businesses were considered as 'adopters' or 'leaders' in the data protection category.

EMC® Global Data Protection Index 2016

Desktop/laptop file backup

Everyday, you use your laptops or desktops for work and personal use, and you want to make sure all your data are well backed up to protect against unexpected hardware failure or data loss. QNAP NAS provides a simple solution for backing up/restoring laptops and desktops with the license-free QNAP NetBak Replicator for Windows® computers. Alongside Time Machine® support for Mac® devices, using a QNAP NAS for backup tasks is easy, fast, and convenient!

  • Scheduled & auto-backup

    QNAP NetBak Replicator allows for backing up files from Windows computers to one or multiple QNAP NAS. Data backup can be done in just a few clicks by setting real-time synchronization, scheduled backup and auto-backup.

  • Incremental backup

    QNAP uses incremental backup to save time and disk space. After the first data backup, NetBak Replicator will only copy files that have been modified since the last backup.

  • Filter settings

    You can use the file filter in NetBak Replicator to exclude folders and file types that you do not want to back up. Simply specify the file size or types to be excluded from backup and restoration tasks.

  • VSS support

    QNAP NetBak Replicator supports creating VSS snapshots on Windows Server® for backing up Hyper-V® virtual machines or SQL Server® databases, and ensuring the content backed up to QNAP NAS is consistent. VHD/VHDX backup is supported for Hyper-V.

Download NetBak Replicator for Windows

System backup and recovery

For professionals who require a more efficient way to back up their systems, QNAP NAS supports well-known third-party backup software. For example, Acronis® True Image™ creates an exact duplicate image of the live disk drives, including the operating system, all configuration files, programs, updates, and databases. Those images can be easily transferred to the secure QNAP NAS as backups, and restored anytime for disaster recovery to minimize downtime.

  • Full disk-image backup

    These backups contain exact copies of your disks, including your operating system, applications and data. You can save the images to a QNAP NAS and use them for disaster recovery purposes.

  • Universal Restore

    Restore backed up data, or specific data as needed, with the images to your existing computer or virtual machine. It is especially helpful if you need to instantly recover a failed system on different hardware.

  • Retention schemes and advanced backups

    Retention rules allow you to limit the backup archive size and the lifetime for backups. Incremental backup is also supported to only backup data that has been modified since the last backup.

Note: Different third-party backup software may provide different functions. Please consult your software vendors for more details.

Business critical backup and recovery

Organizations that run servers in multiple locations with limited IT staff demand efficient and reliable software to back up their business-critical data. For example, Commvault® provides a complete, integrated approach to backup, restoration and archiving important files, applications, endpoints, databases, and virtual machines with multiple backup engines under a single interface. While Commvault can use a QNAP NAS as storage, with Virtualization Station, the NAS is capable of becoming “storage as server” with reduced TCO by hosting Commvault software on a virtual machine and directly storing backed up data in the same place.

File backup

Commvault offers a streamlined data protection, backup and recovery solution. It supports scheduled backup for easier management and block-level backup to improve operational efficiency. Commvault can also archive long-term data to secondary storage to free more space on primary storage or client servers, helping optimize storage resources across the enterprise.

Database backup

Commvault enables backup, recovery and cloning/replication of different types of databases, such as Oracle® or Microsoft® SQL Server®, to protect your environment with timely failover if a database goes down. Your database appliance is protected and ready for recovery action whenever needed to guarantee 24/7 service uptime.

VM backup

Commvault supports the backup of virtual machines using VMware®, Microsoft® Hyper-V®, Citrix® XenServer™ hypervisors and Red Hat® Enterprise Virtualization. It enables efficient VM provisioning, migration, disaster recovery, archiving and retirement. With deduplication, VM backup time is greatly reduced while duplicate blocks of data are eliminated. This allows organizations to optimize storage use and to reduce network traffic with better resource efficiency.

Note: Commvault backup requires a QNAP NAS with at least a quad-core CPU and 8GB RAM.

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