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Quantum Contacts Manager

Securely store your valuable networking resources

Qcontactz is the perfect way to centrally manage a growing number of contacts. By leveraging the benefits of the private cloud provided by QNAP NAS, Qcontactz presents an always-online database of contact information that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device. With a few simple steps you can centrally manage all of your contacts and greatly simplify your communications processes to build a better base for your networking and interactions.

Easily add contacts by importing or adding existing contact information.

Simplify the management of a huge number of contacts.

Benefit from easy integration with QmailAgent and third-party applications.

Easily Add Contacts Information

  • Intelligently import from Google Accounts

    You can easily import contacts from multiple Google accounts. Just login to your Google account once and all your contacts will be imported. Qcontactz supports one-way scheduled sync to keep your contact list up-to-date.

  • Import/export contact information using CSV and vCard 3.0 files

    Most common contacts management tools support exporting contacts in CSV and/or vCard 3.0 (or newer) files. These files can then be imported into Qcontactz. Other popular applications and services (including Skype, Outlook, Yahoo and IBM Notes) are also supported. When importing from files, you have the choice to map contact fields and choose specific contacts to import. In addition to importing contacts, Qcontactz can also export contacts to CSV and vCard files.

  • Manually create contacts

    You can also manually add and modify contacts by entering the relevant information.

Smart Tools to Simplify Management


    After importing your contacts, duplicate entries can easily be found and merged together. Qcontactz also allows you to browse your contact merging history, and to restore merged contacts if necessary.


    Contacts can be grouped together to make it easier to find and manage them. You can define groups such as Clients, Family and Classmates, and add other groups as necessary. Confidential contacts can also be grouped, and they will be password protected to ensure their privacy and your security.


    Snapshots of your contacts list can be taken at any time. If an important contact was accidentally deleted or if your entire contacts list were to suffer a disaster, you can easily restore the lost information by reverting to one of these snapshots.


    Even if you have a massive number of contacts, you can easily find specific details by searching for names, email addresses, phone numbers, or other information.

Easy Integration to Boost Productivity


QmailAgent is an app for QNAP NAS that allows you to centralize all of your email accounts and to send/receive emails directly on your NAS. By using QmailAgent with Qcontactz, frequently-accessed contacts will be remembered and you can quickly send emails to contacts by clicking on them in Qcontactz.

Flexible API Integration

The Qcontactz API is available to third-party applications as well. In order to view the Qcontactz API, please install the app on your NAS and type the following URL in your web browser: 'your_nas_ip:9090/api/v1/docs'. Qcontactz can also be integrated with existing corporate CRM/ERP databases to provide a cross-platform and multi-terminal contacts management solutions.

Mobile App

Sync your contacts at any time

With the Qcontactz mobile app for iPhone and Android phones you can import and synchronize contacts between your mobile devices and NAS to ensure you always have all of your contacts close to hand.

Mobile App -iOSMobile App -Android

The perfect architecture
for the safest private cloud

Qcontactz leverages the benefits of the private cloud provided by QNAP NAS to create an always-online and centralized contacts database that can be accessed from any device or computer. It avoids the storage constraints and drawbacks of storing contacts across a range of individual devices, allowing users to store a near-unlimited number of contacts and to quickly search through them.

Comparison with
other Contact Management Solutions

Features  Qcontactz  Google Contacts  Yahoo Contacts 
Supported platforms  Web, Android, IOS  Web, Android, IOS  Web 
Contacts storage capacity  No defined limit (NAS storage)  25,000 contacts or 20 MB 5000 contacts 
Storage limit per contact  None  128 KB  Unspecified 
Attach files for each contact  Yes (Image, PDF, doc)  No  No 
Google Import – One way scheduled sync  Yes  No  No 
File Import – Max File Size  Not limit  3000 contact per file  5 MB 
File Import – Preview and Mapping  Yes  No  No 
Snapshot Management  Yes  No  No