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How to transform a physical machine to a virtual machine for Virtualization Station by using VMware® vCenter™ Converter™?

What is VMware® vCenter™ Converter™?

VMware® vCenter™ Converter™ allows you to turn your Windows- and Linux-based physical machines and third-party image formats to VMware virtual machines. (VMware 2015).

By using the VMware vCenter Converter, you can transform your PC or servers to virtual machines and import them to Virtualization Station. This is generally referred to as physical to virtual (P2V).



  1. Download VMware® vCenter™ Converter™ from VMware: http://www.vmware.com/products/converter . Before downloading, you must have a VMware account or register a new one.
  2. After downloading, please install the vCenter™ Converter™ on your physical PC or servers. (For OS compatibility, please refer to page 21-22 of http://www.vmware.com/pdf/convsa_50_guide.pdf,)
  3. Launch vCenter™ Converter™ and click “Convert machine”.
  4. Select “Powered-on machine” from the Select source type drop-down list and specify the powered-on machine as “This local machine”. Click “Next”.
  5. Select “VMware Workstation or other VMware virtual machine” in Select destination type and select “VMware Workstation 10.0.x” in Select VMware product. You can name the VM and designate a storage path in the Virtual machine details. For storage path, you can direct to QNAP NAS storage by clicking “Browse” and selecting a shared folder. Click “Next”.
  6. If you would like to edit the devices, click “Edit” to modify them. Click “Next”.
  7. Click “Finish” to start conversion.
  8. The task will display the progress and provide the estimated timeframe.
  9. When the conversion task has finished, you will see a *.vmx and *.vmdk file in the destination folder. Go to Virtualization Station and click “Import VM”.
  10. Select where the folder is and click “Browse” to open the *.vmx file. Click “Next”.
  11. You can modify the parameters of a VM on demand. (If you import the file from a PC, you will need to upload the *.vmdk file after browsing the *.vmx file.)

For more information regarding importing a VM: How to import virtual machine?

To read the VMware® vCenter™ Converter™ user guide:



VMware. (2015). What vCenter Converter Does. Available: http://www.vmware.com/products/converter. Last accessed 28th Feb 2015.

Note: the screenshot, download links, reference websites of this document related to VMware are owned by VMware®. QNAP will not take any responsibility for the results by using VMware® vCenter™ Converter™.

Release date: 2015-03-26
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