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TAS Quick Setup Guide

Connect your TAS

1. Things to prepare before setting up your TAS.

  • HDMI-compatible TV or Monitor.
  • USB Keyboard
  • USB Mouse
  • Internet Connections (Router)

※A Keyboard and Mouse are recommended to operate the TAS.
※An HDMI-compatible TV/Monitor is required to use Android on TAS.


2. Connect your TAS.

A. Connect the power adaptor and Ethernet cable to your TAS.
B. Connect the mouse, keyboard and HDMI display to your TAS.
※Wireless USB keyboards and mice are also supported.

3. Turn on your TAS.


The power button is on the front side of your TAS. Simply press it to turn on the TAS .

Your TAS will begin its boot up process after a "beep" sound.

It takes approximately 5 minutes to complete the QTS boot process.
After QTS is ready, Android will begin starting up.
Do not turn off your TAS during its boot-up sequence.

When Android is ready, your TAS will "beep" 3 times.

The HDMI display will show the "Welcome" screen when it boots the first time.
※After initialization, Android will display a login screen.

※Do not remove the power supply when your TAS is turned ON.

4. Your TAS Remote control

Your TAS comes with a free remote control. It is recommended to use the remote control when using media players such as Kodi.


*1 Long press for about 6 seconds and release to turn ON Android.
*2 Play/Pause may not be supported by every media player.

The remote control uses a button cell battery (CR2025) and is included in the remote controller with a plastic protection film. Before using the remote control, remove the cover by pressing the back cover holder, and remove this protection film.

Remove film from here (Back side)

5. The Remote Control's Range

About 5 meters when in front of the TAS.
About 3 meters when at a 45 degree angle from the TAS.

Prepare for Android services

The Android services can only be set using an HDMI display. Use a keyboard and mouse and follow the below guides to complete the setup process.

1. Setup Language


"English" is selected by default.
Use the↑ and ↓ key or mouse to choose your language.

2. Google account settings


A Google account is necessary to use the full range of Android functions. Choose Yes if you have a Google account. Otherwise choose No and follow the instructions to sign up.

3. Sign in with your Google account


Enter the email address and password of your Google account.

4. Set up Google services and payment info


There are two options in "Google services": "Backup & Restore" and "Location"

Backup & Restore
Enable this option to allow backup and restore settings with your Google account.

This option is for general Android devices.
Settings here will not influence your TAS.


On this screen, you can bind credit card information with Google Play for paid content.

Using free services will not require credit card information. You can skip this option.

5. Set a username for Android applications


A username is used by some applications.

6. Setup complete


Click on "Done" to complete the setup process.
The login screen will appear for you to use Android.

Getting Started with Your TAS

This chapter will guide you to setup and install QNAP Apps and switch input methods.

1. Log in to Android


By default, TAS is configured with

The password will be saved if you check "Remember me"

※admin is the account of administrator and its username can not be modified.  
It is possible to change the password of "admin"
Please refer to user manual for how to change password.

2. Install QNAP Applications


An "QNAP App is not installed" error will appear.
Select "Go to Qmarket" to install QNAP Apps.


Qmarket will need to be updated to the latest version. Select "Install" to update Qmarket.

When Qmarket finishes updating, select "Open" to continue.

Qmarket will automatically download QNAP Apps.


Please wait for apps to be installed. Once installed, apps will have a check mark next to their name.

3. Keyboard layout settings


Select this shortcut to go Android Settings.


Select "Language & input" to change the keyboard layout settings. By default it should follow system language settings for most western languages.

Select Settings if you want to change the keyboard input settings and change from "Input languages"


※ Some Asian input methods may need to be installed from Qmarket or Google Play. Please remember to enable it and set to default after installing it.

Congratulations! Your TAS is ready to use!

To update firmware on your TAS

QNAP provides system updates to provide new functions and better system performance & stability.

Here is the guide to perform system update.

1. Android Settings and system updates


Select this shortcut to go Android Settings.


Go to "About" > "Check for Update" to manually check for system updates. The system will also check for updates in the background.
You can toggle notifications regarding updates with "Do not notify new firmware version".


A message will appear when a new firmware is available. You can then choose whether to download and update the system firmware.

The TAS will automatically reboot and apply the new firmware after the download process is finished. Do not unplug the power cord during the update process.

Notes and Frequently-asked Questions


  • Third-party applications for Android may not run properly on the TAS. Please confirm with app developers if their apps can be operated using a Keyboard and Mouse.
  • The TAS runs Android 4.4.4.


The latest questions and answers can be found at: https://www.qnap.com/i/uk/qa/index.php?cat=24

Release date: 2015-11-11
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