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Fast, Reliable and Worry-Free Collaboration

Mattermost is a secure and collaborative instant messaging platform that is now available for QNAP NAS. Mattermost is an agile collaboration tool that provides team members with both public and private chat, file transfer, and more productivity features. Integrated with QNAP NAS, you will enjoy 24/7 availability, utmost reliability and vast potential storage. With Mattermost, your QNAP NAS is the portal for your communication and collaboration needs.

  • By using a communication platform hosted on your QNAP NAS, your workplace IP address, usage patterns, and discussions are saved locally and not transmitted externally, providing greater confidentiality.

  • Mattermost’s self-hosted approach provides the control, privacy and legal compliance required by enterprises.

  • QNAP NAS provides huge potential storage capacity and flexible scalability to meet business requirements.

  • Mattermost enables team members to communicate with text and exchange files effectively and clearly. Records can be retained for a prolonged period due to the high potential storage capacity of QNAP NAS.

  • Webhooks support allows users to easily integrate external applications into the server, making automation and integration more convenient.

  • Mattermost provides a variety of ways to communicate, including allowing team members to stay connected from anywhere by using mobile devices.

Enhance real privacy for workplace communication

Mattermost offers an enterprise-grade, private cloud alternative to SaaS-only workplace messaging services. It provides a private cloud platform where enterprises have complete control of their daily communications. Teams can communicate via Mattermost under protection of their existing security and IT policies without any confidentiality concerns regarding public SaaS services. Simply install Mattermost on QNAP NAS and enjoy the benefits of modern communication without sacrificing privacy.

QNAP NAS with scalable storage capacity for Mattermost

With high-performance hardware and huge potential storage capacity, QNAP NAS is ideal for use as a 24/7 data server across multiple computers, workstations and mobile devices. All registered users can check “Town Square” discussion threads, “Off-Topic” group chats and other dialogue in public channels on NAS. Users can also create private channels for detailed discussions or send direct messages to other teammates for quick questions. New team members added to designated public or private channels can read the chat history and check previous attachments.

Messaging & File sharing to Boost Team Collaboration

Mattermost offers both 1-1 and group messaging to empower communication within team members. Its file sharing feature is particularly useful as files become instantly accessible to relevant team members.

Webhook Integration Support

As Mattermost supports webhooks, you can integrate various external services and applications into the server. Both incoming and outgoing webhooks can be integrated with the Mattermost API. Incoming webhooks send messages from external sources to Mattermost public and private chat channels in real-time. Outgoing webhooks provide automated responses to posts made by chat participants.

Also Available for Mobile

Mattermost also provides apps for iOS and Android devices. All you need to do is to install the Mattermost app on your phone and enter your team's site URL.