Create your QNAP NAS rules your own way

The IFTTT Agent adapts the popular web automation service IFTTT (If This Then That), allowing you to freely connect your QNAP NAS with apps like Gmail™, Facebook®, and Twitter to automate daily tasks on the QNAP NAS, giving you the ability to create near-limitless user-defined rules/tasks and to boost your productivity.

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What is IFTTT?

IFTTT allows you to link various internet-connected devices/services together to create simple but powerful cross-app workflows. For example: if something happens in Gmail™, then do something in Facebook®. These workflows are called applets by IFTTT. Each web service registered with IFTTT has a predefined set of triggers and actions. An applet can be created by combining the trigger of one service (like Gmail™) with the action of another service (like Facebook®).

Which QNAP NAS do you want?

The smartest QNAP NAS

With IFTTT Agent, you can make your QNAP NAS smarter than ever by creating different applets on the IFTTT website. For example, if you set a trigger as "Any new photo (using Android Photos service)“ and the action as "Download the URL to QNAP NAS (using QNAP service)," then all the photos taken using your Android device will be automatically downloaded to your QNAP NAS. Or you can create an applet like "Whenever there is system error alert on QNAP NAS, receive a call on my phone* with appropriate message.”

* Currently only supported in the United States.

  • Creating an applet is simple:
    1. Register a personal account on the IFTTT website.
  • Creating an applet is simple:
    2. Connect your IFTTT account and myQNAPcloud account.
  • Creating an applet is simple:
    3. Create various applets.
  • Creating an applet is simple:
    4. Start using a customized QNAP IFTTT service.

The most flexible QNAP NAS

Design countless NAS applets

Using IFTTT Agent, you can connect your IFTTT account and NAS to create a near-unlimited number of NAS-related applets on the IFTTT website. Over 300 popular services are supported by the IFTTT website, including Facebook®, Gmail™, Twitter®, Skype™, Instagram®, Dropbox®, Google Drive™, Amazon® Cloud Drive, Microsoft® One Drive®, and Box®. You can create numerous useful applets with your favorite services, such as "when you upload photos on Facebook, download it to the NAS" or "when there is a new file uploaded in Dropbox®, back it up to the NAS" then QNAP NAS will archive all your social networking and cloud data without any effort.

The most innovative QNAP NAS

Unlimited combinations, ultimate wonders

IFTTT Agent also allows you to combine other devices to create new NAS applets, providing a new way for more innovative and intelligent tasks on your NAS. You can use voice commands on your NAS by connecting it to Alexa to make your NAS shut down, reboot or enter sleep mode, or to play music using Music Station. You can also use QNAP Surveillance Station* with IFTTT Agent to create several surveillance scenarios (including when you leave home, if someone is at the door, if motion is detected) to open Surveillance Station and automatically save recorded videos to the NAS.

* Music Station, Surveillance Station and NAS Power Control applets will be supported in the next version

Popular QNAP Applet

How IFTTT communicates with QNAP NAS

IFTTT Agent facilitates communication between IFTTT (and thus other services) and your QNAP NAS via myQNAPcloud. IFTTT Agent ensures the execution of NAS-related triggers/actions and also displays their logs. The diagram below shows the working relationship between IFTTT and the NAS.

The most fascinating feature about this design is that one IFTTT account can be linked with multiple NAS (under the same QID). However, it is important to note that one QID can link with only one NAS user at a time. Also, one IFTTT user can connect to only one QID user at a time (due to IFTTT technical limitations).

Another advantage is that if there are two separate IFTTT users who are using the same QID account. They both can connect to the same NAS list under this QID.

In another case, two different IFTTT users (User A and User B) can link with the same NAS using different QIDs. This case can happen if the NAS is registered by QID User A who shares the NAS to QID User B.

Architecture Diagram of IFTTT Agent

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