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exFAT Ready NAS

Speeds Up Large Media File Transfer

exFAT is a file system developed by Microsoft® that is optimized for providing fast and high-capacity flash memory (such as SD cards or USB devices). With high-resolution media (such as 4K) now in our everyday lives, QNAP now provides an official exFAT driver that provides compatibility for exFAT-based devices with QNAP NAS.

exFAT - the Next-generation File System

Photographers, videographers, and other creators often run into the limits of conventional FAT32-based storage. With the potential of 4K video files to exceed hundreds of gigabytes, FAT32's 4GB single file limit makes it ill-suited for high-resolution media files. With exFAT supporting files up to 16EB, you don’t need to break files into multiple smaller ones, eliminating the risk of file loss and minimizing waiting times when transferring larger files from the USB drives/SD cards to NAS.

Max. File Size:16EB
Optimized for 4K video transfer
File System exFAT NTFS FAT32
Maximum File Size 16EB * 16TB 4GB
Typical Usage Next-generation USB drives and SD cards (such as SDXC) that require higher capacities and faster speeds The file system used by Windows. The standard file system used by normal USB drives.

* Note: The maximum size of an exFAT volume is 128 PB.

Performance Boost with Official Driver Support

QNAP has teamed up with Microsoft and Paragon Software Group to provide an official exFAT driver customized for QNAP NAS. Whether transferring a single large file or multiple large files, QNAP NAS delivers unbeatable performance compared with similar NAS that support open-source drivers*.

Multiple** files transfer

Similar NAS
180 MB/s
69 MB/s
Similar NAS
130 MB/s
44 MB/s

Test environment: TVS-873, AMD Embedded R-Series RX-421BD 2.1 GHz Radeon R7, RAM: 8GB, RAID 10, USB 3.0

* When transferring a large number of media files from exFAT devices, the QNAP TVS-873 delivers up to three times the performance of similar NAS that use open-source drivers.

** 20,000 x 1 Megabyte files

Smoother Media Editing Experience

Starting from QTS 4.3.0, you can purchase an exFAT license from the QNAP License Store. Once the license is installed, you can directly copy and edit files that are stored on exFAT-based storage devices after it is connected to a compatible QNAP NAS. This not only helps you to quickly transfer media to the NAS and start editing right away, but it also allows you to instantly browse the content using multimedia applications such as Photo Station and Linux Station.

For more information on installing the exFAT license, please read the following
Application Note: How to use exFAT storage devices on QNAP NAS?

How to purchase the exFAT driver license:

  1. Click the icon on the left and complete the purchase. You will receive a Product Authorization Key (PAK file).
  2. Log in to your NAS and go to App Center > My Licenses > Add > Online Activation.
  3. Enter the Product Authorization Key to activate the exFAT driver.
  4. After activation, exFAT storage devices can be accessed by your NAS.

*The exFAT Driver works on all NAS models running QTS version 4.3.0 (or later), except the following: TAS-268, TAS-168, TS-269H, TS-228, TS-128, TS-421, TS-221, TS-121, TS-420, TS-220, TS-120, TS-119, TS-119P, TS-119P+, TS-119PII, TS-219, TS-219P, TS-219P+, TS-219PII, TS-419, TS-419P, TS-419P+, TS-419PII, TS-112P, TS-212P, TS-412, TS-212, TS-112, TS-410, TS-210, TS-110 and HS-210.
*The license is associated with the NAS device and cannot be transferred between devices.

The NAS that Work Best with exFAT Driver

The following QNAP NAS models are recommended for use with exFAT-based devices: