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QNAP Cloud Backup Solutions

In addition to backing up scattered data from local LAN devices to QNAP NAS, establishing a disaster recovery plan by reserving a copy of data on QNAP NAS to a remote location is of the same importance. QNAP NAS provides multiple options to back up its data to cloud storage services for restoration should any data loss occur.

CloudBackup Station

QNAP CloudBackup Station consolidates several apps in the QTS App Center that can easily and conveniently back up data stored on a QNAP NAS to several cloud storage services.

Flexible hybrid cloud backup solution

CloudBackup Station provides a secure yet flexible hybrid cloud backup solution, allowing you to leverage private cloud and public cloud to create a cost-efficient IT environment. By using Glacier, Azure Storage, OpenStack and WebDAV apps, you can easily back up files from QNAP NAS to cloud storage for data recovery when needed.

For the full list of supported cloud services, please see below.

Easy & flexible management

With CloudBackup Station, you can have a clear overview of backup status with job logs and arrange backup tasks manually or on a scheduled basis (daily/weekly/monthly) to ensure a copy of important data is always reserved. Numerous options for backup destinations are also provided, including folder and region, for you to flexibly arrange your cloud usage.

Encrypt your data on the public cloud

CloudBackup Station safeguards your data with an SSL connection and military-level AES 256-bit encryption, ensuring your data always stays protected both during file transfer and when stored on the public cloud.

Save spaces with data reduction

CloudBackup Station helps save cloud storage space and costs by supporting backup file compression, regularly removing files based on pre-defined settings, and detecting sparse files to avoid backing up unnecessary data. You can also filter files by type, size and date to ensure only selected files are retained on the cloud.

Fast data transfer

CloudBackup Station supports multi-job execution and multi-thread data transfer* by splitting large files into smaller parts, greatly speeding up the file transfer rate with enhanced work efficiency. You can preview files on the cloud without needing to download the whole folder for data recovery.

* Multi-thread data transfer is not supported by the WebDAV app.

More cloud backup service support

QTS also provides other cloud backup services, allowing you to easily back up data on the QNAP NAS to services like Amazon S3, ElephantDrive, Symform, Google Drive Sync and Dropbox*.

* Dropbox is only available for x86-based QNAP NAS.

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