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How do I access WebDAV in Ubuntu?

The step-by-step guide below demonstrates how to connect to your NAS via WebDAV on Ubuntu.

Client Operating System: Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop
QNAP NAS Firmware Version: 3.2.0

  1. Open "Places" > "Connect to Server…".
  2. Select "WebDAV (HTTP)" or "Secure WebDAV (HTTPS)" for the service type according to your NAS settings. Enter your host information. Click "Connect" to initialize the connection.
    Enter the password of the user name for authentication. Please make sure the user name and its password has the WebDAV privilege to access this share folder.
  3. That's it. This WebDAV connection has been established successfully. A linked folder will be created on the desktop automatically.
Uitgavedatum: 2013-07-16
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