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Container Station

Lightweight Linux®-based OS and app virtualization solution

QNAP Container Station exclusively integrates LXC and Docker® lightweight virtualization technologies, allowing you to operate multiple isolated Linux® systems on a QNAP NAS as well as download apps from the built-in Docker® Hub Registry.    » Tutorial

LXC and Docker® Containers inclusive

LXC supports OS-level virtualization for Linux®-based operating systems, while Docker® is ideal for application virtualization purposes. As shown below, most NAS products on the market only support Docker® containers, and as such are unsuitable for the deployment of Linux® virtual machines.

As the only NAS brand on the market supporting both LXC and Docker®, QNAP NAS is the clear choice for comprehensive virtualization solutions.

Linux® Containers – Next Gen Virtualization

  LXC Docker®
Architecture Supports a fully-virtualized Linux® OS including boot-up procedures Single image and running as an application
  • Run multiple applications in a single Linux® VM
  • Requires a fully-functional Linux® OS
  • Requires a Linux® upgrade
  • Single container, single application
  • Rapid deployment and migration across platforms
  • Running isolated containers simultaneously on QTS
  • A lightweight alternative to virtual machines
  • More flexible
  • Data can be saved in a container
  • Rapid and easy deployment
  • Application-centric, portable deployment across machines
  • Component re-use
  • Tool ecosystem


Start your Container Station

One-click setup, QNAP only

The wizard is free from complex procedures, automatically detects configuration, and helps you easily complete the installation with just a single click. All you need to do is click the “Create” button, then start using container applications.

The wizard helps you quickly create the container.
Get an overview of your containers and various management tools.
Easily check detailed information of each container.
  • The wizard helps you quickly create the container.
  • Get an overview of your containers and various management tools.
  • Easily check detailed information of each container.
LXC and Docker® virtualization

The dual-core, built-in LXC and Docker® virtualization introduces instant, easy deployment of Linux®-based VMs and containerized applications.

Container import / export

Support for container import / export makes backup and transfer of containers simple and easy.

Docker® Hub Registry

The built-in Docker® Hub Registry enables you to directly search for thousands of applications from developers around the world.

At-a-glance dashboard

The dashboard provides a clear overview including the NAS CPU/memory and individual container resource usage.

Flexible user interface

You can enjoy flexible management using either a command line interface or a convenient web interface.

Permission settings

You can set user permissions to access shared folders on the NAS, other containers’ data or NAS devices.

Lightweight virtualization for ARM®-based NAS

QNAP TS-431+ and TS-231+ Turbo NAS are the first and only ARM®-based NAS models on the market that support lightweight virtualization technology. It provides users with affordable choices to experience the amazing Container Station and to enjoy the playground of virtual containers.

Low cost, rapid deployment ideal for the education sector

Download any of the 45,000+ applications from our built-in Docker® Hub Registry. Applications include databases, web servers, programming languages, and entire development suites. It is as easy as downloading apps on your smartphone. Alternatively, use Linux® container to run multiple applications. All of these possibilities make Container Station ideal to meet the needs of the education sector, developers, and the Linux® community.

A hybrid approach to virtualization

QNAP’s Virtualization Station and Container Station jointly introduce a hybrid approach to virtualization. No matter what your virtualization needs are, you can count on QNAP for a complete range of virtualization support.

Virtualization Station

  • Complete OS virtualization solution
  • Supports Windows®, Linux®, UNIX®, and Android ™
  • Secure, isolated computing environment

Container Station

  • Lightweight Linux®-based OS and app virtualization solution
  • Supports LXC and Docker® containers
  • Easy deployment, portable, and efficient

VM, LXC and Docker®, you may need them all

In many usage cases, a virtual machine is the ideal deployment solution for systems with fixed resources. In recent times, LXC has grown to be the ideal choice for administrators to deploy extremely lightweight operating systems. In contrast, Docker® is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for rapidly deploying application services across several platforms including the cloud, servers, and PCs. With an increasing level of sophistication and choice, tailoring your virtualization strategy to fit your needs just got a lot easier.

Virtualization platform/ Requirement Windows® OS Windows® application Linux® OS Linux® application Setup time Resource requirement
Virtual Machine v v v v Medium Medium
LXC - - v v Fast Low
Docker® - - - v Fast Low