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How to use the SPICE client (virt-viewer) to connect to a VM console?

What is SPICE?

SPICE (Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environments) is a communication protocol for virtual environments. It allows users to see the console of virtual machines (VM) from anywhere via the Internet. It is a client-server model that imagines Virtualization Station as a host and users can connect to VMs via the SPICE client.

With regards to Virtualization Station, we have a SPICE Server installed and being used in QVM only, which is running on the HybridDesk Station (More Information about HD Station). Compared with using HTML5 or VNC, QVM allows audio output and improved performance through having a direct HDMI output. However, SPICE only supports one connection per VM at a time because of the unfinished development of multiple connections. Therefore, when you connect to the VM being actively used in QVM via the SPICE client, you will take full control of it and the original QVM user will be forcibly logged out.

Note: HD Station must be installed before using QVM.


  1. Assign a VM to QVM to enable the SPICE protocol. There are two ways:
    A. Go to Virtualization Station and click " QNAP ". The icon will change to " QNAP ".
    B. Select a VM and enter its information page. Check the option "Local Display".
  2. Download & Install the SPICE client (Virt-viewer)
    You can download the installers from the SPICE website:
  3. Check the QVM port
    The port for using QVM is displayed in two places:
    • The tooltip when hovering over the “Console” button
    • In VM Settings
  4. Execute Virt-viewer and connect to the VM console
    Launch Virt-viewer and insert "Spice://: QVM port", e.g. Spice://, and click "Connect".
  5. Enter the VM password
    As mentioned before, SPICE only supports a single connection. If no one is using the VM as QVM, you can connect to the VM console directly. However, if QVM is being used:
    • If QVM is being used without a VM password, you need to enter the default password “@admin” to take control of the VM console.
    • If QVM is being used with a VM password, you need to enter the password followed by “@admin”. For example, if your password is “1234” then use “1234@admin”.


SPICE official website: http://www.spice-space.org/home.html

Release date: 2015-05-11
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