NAS data backup

You can back up QNAP NAS data to an external storage device, a remote QNAP NAS, Rsync server, and even online cloud storage services.

  • Backup to external drive
    You can connect external storage devices to QNAP NAS via the eSATA or USB ports and copy the shared folders on the NAS to the external devices. Three backup modes: Instant, scheduled and auto backup are provided.

  • Support external devices in NTFS and HFS+ format
    The NAS supports external drives in EXT3, EXT4, FAT32, HFS+, and NTFS format and high-speed read/write performance, allowing you to back up NAS data to these devices and restore the data in Mac and Windows environment.

  • USB One Touch Copy
    You can configure the USB one-touch-copy button to trigger data copy from the NAS to external storage devices.

  • Real-time data backup to remote FTP servers
    You can use Real Time Remote Replication (RTRR) feature to back up NAS shared folders to one or multiple FTP servers in real time. The NAS will monitor the file changes and synchronize the data to remote FTP servers. The data can be transferred over encrypted SSL/TLS connection securely.

    • Protect important files with zero data loss
    • Great alternative solution for off-site backup
    • Support backup to FTP servers for ease of deployment
    • Secure, encrypted transfer through SSL connections
  • Real-time data backup to remote QNAP NAS
    You can use RTRR feature to back up NAS shared folders to one or multiple QNAP NAS servers in real time. The source NAS will monitor the files and synchronize the changes to the destination NAS. Advanced options such as backup logs, filters, policies, and email alert are supported.

    • Protect important files with zero data lost
    • Great alternative solution of off-site backup
    • Access the backup files without lengthy restore process
    • Secure, encrypted backup through SSLs
  • Remote replication to QNAP NAS or Rsync servers
    You can back up the NAS data to another remote QNAP NAS or a standard Rsync server by remote replication. Instant backup and scheduled backup, with compression and SSH encryption options are supported.

  • Backup to cloud storage
    QNAP NAS supports cloud-based data backup. You can back up the data from the NAS to online cloud backup storage, such as Amazon S3 and ElephantDrive, and restore the data to your NAS anytime. Several backup modes are supported, including real-time backup, scheduled backup and so on.

    You can refer to the following links for more details:
    Amazon S3

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