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Report Security Vulnerabilities of QNAP Products

We encourage developers and power users to report any potential or confirmed security vulnerabilities of QNAP products to the Security Response Team. Please use the below PGP encryption public key to encrypt your email message, and send it to security@qnap.com.

PGP Encryption Public Key

We recommend using the below PGP encryption public key to encrypt your email for reporting security vulnerabilities to QNAP.

Frequently-asked Questions

When should I email security@qnap.com?
  • When you’ve found security vulnerabilities within QNAP products.
When should I not email security@qnap.com?
  • Seeking technical assistances (for example, how to set up NAS, system update and RMA requests)
  • Reporting vulnerabilities that are already known to the public (for example, vulnerabilities already listed in the Security Advisory)
  • Seeking technical assistance for installing patches published in response to security vulnerabilities
  • Reporting vulnerabilities of products from other vendors, or asking for information on vulnerabilities of products from other vendors
  • Reporting security vulnerabilities found on websites other than qnap.com
  • Seeking advice on issues unrelated to product security
  • Reporting malware found on mobile devices
  • For the above conditions, you should contact the QNAP Technical Support Team. The Technical Support Team can be reached at http://helpdesk.qnap.com/. If deemed necessary by the Technical Support Team, the case will be referred to the Security Response Team.

What information should I send to security@qnap.com?
  • To inform us of security vulnerabilities of QNAP products, please include as much information as possible, such as hardware model name, version of QTS/QES, the name and version of apps where vulnerabilities exist, a description of vulnerabilities and complete steps to reproduce the vulnerability. When contacting QNAP, it is recommended to use the PGP encryption public key provided on this page to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the email.
After receiving my report, how will QNAP respond?
  • The QNAP Security Response Team will thoroughly analyze and investigate received information. Once confirmed, QNAP will release a patch (Qfix) or an updated version of relevant software as necessary. A corresponding Security Advisory article will also be posted. We will never forward email correspondences or your email address to third parties. We also will not disclose any information that can be used to identify you, including your identity, your work, machines you use or configurations you deployed.

Please note: QNAP will not announce in advance neither patch/software revision nor Security Advisory article issuance. You can obtain such information freely on https://www.qnap.com/.