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QNAP Releases Two Case Studies Demonstrating How Businesses Can Leverage NAS in Virtualization Environments and Social Enterprises

Taipei, Taiwan, April 11, 2012 – QNAP® Systems, Inc. released two case studies on its official website, demonstrating how two companies, which have completely different business models and structures, utilized the QNAP Turbo NAS to optimize their efficiency and daily operations. "By releasing these case studies, we hope to give those organizations planning on adopting a NAS solution to improve work efficiency a clearer idea how it can really help," said Edward Lin, director of marketing of QNAP.

TeleComputing has been introduced as a typical case of centralized IT operation services providers. It offers 2,400 different software services for more than 50,000 users with the largest shared IT operation platform in Europe. Generally, TeleComputing formulated its service delivery structure with virtualization technology. To ensure the stability of virtualization environment, it deployed three units of TS-809U-RP to store and backup its valuable files. In addition, those units also performed the full disaster recovery solution which highly reduced the maintenance cost.

The other case study introduced a social enterprise- Lifework, which serves as an intermediate between employers, jobseekers, training and education departments and social service organizations. Lifework leveraged two units of TS-639 Pro as an "off the shelf" NAS solution. With the user-friendly interface of the TS-639 Pro, the staff in Lifework was able to manipulate the function of backup and offsite replication easily.


The two case studies are available here:


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