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NextGEN photo gallery plugin for WordPress - Part II

"Import your photos to WordPress via NextGEN"

WordPress Blog


What is NextGEN?

NextGEN Gallery is a powerful picture & photo album plugin for WordPress. Users can import pictures from NextGEN gallery to attach to their blog articles very easily.

Please note that prior to using NextGEN you need to first install WordPress.

Activate NextGEN Gallery plugins in WordPress

Log in to your WordPress, once in the administration page click on the 'Plugins' button.

Go to Plugins

Activate the NextGEN plugin

Enable the NExtGEN plugin

Create or import a gallery

Beware! To prevent NextGEN from deleting your photos/images imported from your NAS please un-tick this option as shown below prior to any image uploads.

Untick the checkbox to prevent WordPress from deleting your photos

Before you can publish pictures/photos inside your blog post you will need to first create or import a gallery and the guide below will demostrate both methods. so let's start by creating a gallery called 'My Gallery'.

Create a gallery

Follow the instructions below to upload photo(s) from your computer to the gallery we've just created.

Upload photots to the gallery

To import photos from the system path into WordPress we will first have to map the Qweb share under Windows and create a folder under /wordpress/wp-content/gallery and upload your photos into this folder and NextGEN will scan them in. Let's create another album named 'my-gallery-2' then copy some photos to it.

Import photos from system path

Next, go to 'Add Gallery / Images' then specify the server path where you just copied your photos to. When copying finishes, simply click on 'Import folder' to start.

Start importing photos from the system path

Just a quick note that in NextGEN 'album groups galleries' therefore you may wish to create an album to group similar photo galleries. Follow the instructions below to create an album called 'My Album'.

Create an album

Then add both 'My Gallery' and 'My Gallery 2' to 'My Album' by drag and drop to the left most area under 'Album ID 2: My Album'.

Add galleries to the album

Import image(s)/gallery(s)/album(s) into your blog

Let's start by writing a blog and this guide will demonstrate how to import:

  • a single image
  • a gallery
  • an album

Into your blog articles.

To write a new post go to 'Posts' then 'Add New' and a web-based text editor will show up. Simply write something and give it a title then click on the little NextGEN icon at the top-right corner of the editor.

Write a blog entry

To import a single image, simply select the desired image along with your preferred options.

Import a single photo

To import a gallery, simply select the desired gallery along with your preferred options.

Import a gallery

To import the entire album, simply select the desired album along with your preferred options.

Import an album

Once you finish writing your blog article click on the 'Publish' button to publish your blog and to end the draft edit mode.

Publish your blog

Wasn't too hard was it? If you are in doubts during a certain step, you can always go back and check if you have followed it correctly. NextGEN is a powerful image gallery plugin to go along with WordPress and you will slowly discover many of its other great features as you progress. See below for the demo blog I've created.

Demo WordPress blog + NextGEN
Release date: 2013-04-29
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