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A handy notepad on your private cloud

QNAP Notes Station enables you to create digital notebooks on the private cloud provided by the Turbo NAS. You can also easily leverage the rich files, photos, music and video collection stored on the Turbo NAS to enrich your notes. With the Notes Station, your digital memos are safely kept for instant access.

Import & export PDF files

Notes Station allows you to directly import content from PDF files to assist in putting information together before editing, commenting and marking. Existing notes on the Notes Station can also be exported as PDF files for backup and sharing.

Subscribe to RSS live feeds

Notes Station includes RSS support that helps gather subscribed online content from websites and blogs. All of the latest RSS content are effortlessly centralized on the Notes Station for easy note-taking.

Share notes for teamwork

Notes Station is helpful for communication and teamwork in work and life. You can create sharing links to share your notes via social networks and messenger apps on mobile devices, or invite other users to read and edit notes for productive communication and teamwork.

Use with Google calendar

Notes Station is a tool not only for note-taking but also for time management. It lets you send calendar tasks and to-do’s from each note to Google Calendar for easy access and reminders.

Restore notes to a previous version

Notes Station features snapshots for version control, which can be used to retain different versions of notes at different time points. You can easily restore a note to a previous version whenever needed without worrying about frequent changes to notes.

Protect notes with military-grade encryption

Notes Station can secure your notes using the highly-efficient AES 256-bit encryption specification. By encrypting your notes, you can rest easy knowing that only authorized users can access confidential and sensitive information.

Preview attached files

You can directly preview inserted documents (including PDF, Word, and PowerPoint files) on Google Docs and Office Online, and even play inserted multimedia files with the built-in media player without needing to download any files.

Back up content from Evernote

Notes Station supports backing up your notes from Evernote, allowing you to directly import them from Evernote's public cloud to the secure private cloud provided by your Turbo NAS. You can further edit these imported notes with Notes Station’s powerful editing tools and easily share with others.

Edit notes with flexibility

Notes Station provides powerful editing tools for you to change font styles and colors, add to-do lists, and insert tables and graphs. The image-editing tools allow you to mark and comment on the graphs to enrich your notes.

Suitable for work & life

Notes Station provides a 3-layer structure (notebook, chapter, notes) to help you organize notes for your daily life and workplace, with all of your valuable and private ideas securely stored on your private cloud.

Access and edit notes anywhere and anytime

The web-based Notes Station is accessible from multiple platforms including Windows®, Android™ and iOS® devices. You can conveniently access and edit your digital notes on your computers, mobile phones or tablet devices at anytime, anywhere.

Take meeting minutes more efficiently

The Notes Station provides several meeting minute templates for you to utilize. Thanks to the large storage capacity and security of Turbo NAS, it’s especially advantageous for archiving confidential business materials. With Notes Station you can stay worry-free and count on the secure space of your private cloud.

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