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Surveillance Solutions

QNAP Surveillance Station provides an ideal network surveillance solution for various environments including residential, commercial, industrial, public sector, and more. See how the Surveillance Station can help you safeguard your assets and property.


24/7 protect family and valuable property

As the number of working parents is increasing and traveling overseas becomes more popular, people are spending less time staying at home, leading to a potential risk to home security.

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Safeguard company property and employee safety

Creating a secure working environment and optimizing staff performance has always been an important task for businesses. One of the key answers is the surveillance system that not only protects company property & assets, but also monitors employee productivity and safety.

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Banking & Finance

Monitor every step into the bank and secure every transaction around the clock

Banking and financial service providers around the world are dealing with hundreds of billions of transactions every day. Creating a reliable & secure transaction environment for its clients and employees has always been a critical issue.

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Create a safe, private, and high-quality healthcare environment for staff and patients

Hospitals and medical centers aim to provide patients a quiet recovery place with comprehensive medical care. But with that comes the potential dangers of theft, violence, and unwanted intrusions due to having large numbers of people constantly coming in and out every day.

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Public Transport

Ensure a safe and efficient transport network

It can never be overemphasized that public transport such as buses, mass transit railways, undergrounds, trains and airports requires intensive surveillance as it accommodates large numbers of passengers night and day.

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City & Government

Enhance public safety and government efficiency in response to accidents

It is the government's responsibility to build a safe city for citizens and to attract a constant stream of tourists & visitors to help boost local businesses. Video surveillance is one of the most useful tools for preventing crime, protecting citizens, and keeping cities thriving.

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Protect store property, optimize staff performance, and increase customer satisfaction

Retail outlets such as supermarkets, convenience stores, and shopping malls are faced with many challenges such as theft and inventory shrinkage, which greatly endanger the business and can impact company profits. To enhance the security and maintain smooth operation of all kinds of retail environments, a complete surveillance solution is essential.

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Strengthen security of military areas and of a nation

Homeland security, the foundation of a prosperous country, is by all means critical. It is without a doubt that a strict and complete surveillance system is required to support the military force in keeping the integrity of a nation and to protect sensitive military areas from trespassers and theft.

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Gaming & Casinos

Create a safe, fair, and spectacular casino experience

As gaming & casino businesses involve great money and fortune, it's important to monitor the actions around every corner inside the venue to protect against disputes, fraud, and other crimes. It is also challenging to manage and maintain hundreds of IP cameras running 24 hours in casinos efficiently.

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