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QNAP Video Wall Controller Combines Tablet Devices for Practical Network Surveillance Applications

Taipei, Taiwan, February 19, 2013 – QNAP® Systems, Inc. introduced new surveillance applications by combining its Video Wall Controller products with the prosperous tablet devices and VioStor NVR surveillance system. Users can install the mobile app VMobile on their tablet devices or smart phones to monitor the IP cameras managed by the VioStor NVR anytime, and further connect the tablet devices to the video wall directly via QNAP Video Wall Controller to display sharper, brighter, and higher-quality IP camera monitoring videos on the big screen. The applications can be done easily without computers.

"These applications are quite useful for scenes such as guardroom, factory management, the pets hotel, and more," said Sam Wang, product manager of QNAP. “The high mobility of tablet devices makes mobile monitoring possible, and QNAP Video Wall Controller assists in projecting the tablet screen on a large video wall. The monitoring videos from VMobile can be presented clearly with high resolution, fulfilling surveillance needs of mobility and enlarged videos at the same time.”

QNAP Video Wall Controller lineup includes Full HD series iVW-FD133, iVW-FH122 and iVW-FD122, enabling users to share tablet screen on the large video wall. With the setup of a group of small and inexpensive LCD panels as a large video wall, users can connect devices such as a tablet or smart phone to QNAP Video Wall Controller via HDMI output to instantly display contents on the screen with eye-catching quality.

QNAP VMobile app supports iOS® and Android system. It enables users to monitor the connected IP cameras anytime on the go, particularly satisfying those with keen needs for surveillance. Even for the security guards on petrol, they can conveniently use mobile devices for remote monitoring.

QNAP's digital signage solutions encompass digital signage player and video wall controller. The digital signage player is a compact yet sophisticated system equipped with the professional digital signage software for content creation, scheduling, and remote management. The video wall controller comes in Full HD series and ultra HD series video wall solution.


For more information about QNAP VMobile, please visit http://www.qnapsecurity.com/VMobile/index.asp; For more information about QNAP Video Wall Controller, please visit www.indstech.com/


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