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Connecting to iSCSI targets using globalSAN iSCSI initiator on Mac OS



  1. Run “globalSAN and Xtarget” in "System Preferences".
  2. Click lock icon to unlock and allow for changes. Select “+” > “Portal/Group”.
  3. Enter the IP address or domain name of the NAS. Click “Add”.
  4. Select an iSCSI Target in the left list box, then select “iSCSI Options”.
  5. Select “Always send “Session Type” when connecting”, then select “Done”.
  6. Optional: If CHAP authentication is used, select “Authentication”.
  7. Select “Challenge Handshake Auchentication (CHAP)” to enter name and secret fields. Click “OK”.
  8. Select the connection for the iSCSI target in the right list box. Select “Connect”.

    The iSCSI connection will now appear as “Connected” in the left list box.

If the iSCSI target is not readable by the Mac, a dialog box will prompt the user to initialize the iSCSI target.

Follow the steps below to initialize the iSCSI target:

  1. Select “Initialize…”.
  2. Right-click on the iSCSI target under “External” and select “Erase…”. Note that all of the data on the target will be erased.
  3. Enter the drive name and select the format. Select “Erase”.

Final result:
There will be a iSCSI target icon on the desktop and the target can now be used as an external drive on your Mac.

Release date: 2013-07-16
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