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If you encounter any errors when using the QNAP product, please do the following:
  1. Start by reading the "User Manual" & "Quick Installation Guide"carefully.
  2. Double check and make sure the Network cable, Power Cable, and Hard Drive(s) are firmly and securely connected on the product.
  3. "Download" and install the latest product firmware/ utility for your QNAP product and try again.
  4. Read the "Frequently Asked Questions" on the QNAP website, you may find a solution to your problem.
  5. Check the QNAP Forum for any solutions or answers. You may also post your questions on the forum.
  6. Report your questions by the "Online Support Form" on the QNAP website.
  7. If there is a hardware defect, please contact your local dealer or distributor or QNAP for repair service.

Additional Helpful Resources:

  1. QNAP offers an extensive library of very helpful "Tutorial Articles" on how to use QNAP products that are geared toward both new and advance users.
  2. If you want to see QNAP QTS 4.0 firmware in action, take our "Live Demo" for a test drive.
  3. If you have question(s) about any QNAP products check our "All NAS Comparison" table for detail information.
  4. Many distributors carries QNAP products, Check "Where To Buy" for our distribution partner list.
  5. Refer to the following for "Hard Drive", "USB/eSATA enclosure", "Third Party Software Support","UPS", ETC... compatibility list.

If your problems could not be solved by the above steps, please contact your local dealer or distributor or QNAP for immediate service.

Suggestion before contacting QNAP technical support

  1. Find out what your product model and serial number is before hand.
  2. During the trouble shooting process QNAP technical support may request screen sharing ability to expedite trouble shooting. A free, popular, and easy to use program call Team Viewer is used, "Download and Run" this program and provide to QNAP support staff when requested.
  3. It is prefer if you have physical access to the QNAP product at the time of trouble shooting.


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