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How to use myQNAPcloud (QID) to remotely manage a NAS?




By using mobile apps and myQNAPcloud (QID), you only need to login to myQNAPcloud (QID) once before importing your devices to the list. Using a QID also ensures that your login information is up to date even if your NAS information changes.

Changing “myQNAPcloud” > “Access Control” to “Private” or “Customized” will strengthen the NAS security (unauthorized users will be unable to find your devices using myQNAPcloud), but you will need to sign in using QID to get correct information.

For more information regarding myQNAPcloud, please refer to:
Accessing your QNAP device with myQNAPcloud service


Sign in with a QID to import multiple NAS at once (using Qmanager as an example)

  1. Go to “Add NAS” and choose “Sign in QID”.
  2. Sign in using your myQNAPcloud (QID) account.
  3. After logging in you will see all your myQNAPcloud (QID) NAS on the list. The “ ” icon means “My Devices” in myQNAPcloud (QID); “ ”means “Friend’s Device” in myQNAPcloud (QID). You can see the myQNAPcloud (QID) account and device name here. Press “ ” to sync the devices list.
  4. Choose a device to log in to. Different from the original connection rule, NAS imported with QID require a username and password for first-time connection.
  5. Enter “Settings” to manage your QID. You can “Sign in QID” (same as step 1) or “Sign out”.
  6. When signing out, you can choose to “Delete” or “Keep” QID information.

    If "Delete" is chosen, the NAS list and information imported with QID will be deleted. If “Keep” is chosen then your connection information will be retained (excluding QID information).

After changing “Access Control”, sign in with your QID to connect to a NAS (using Qmanager as an example).

  1. When changing settings in “myQNAPcloud” > “Access Control” to “Private” or “Customized”, you will need to sign into QID for correct information to use myQNAPcloud services.
    • Private: Only the person who registered the myQNAPcloud device can access it.
    • Customized: Choose who can access this device.
    • Public (default setting): Everyone can access this device.
  2. You will be unable to connect if you use a myQNAPcloud device name to login to a NAS using a mobile app.
  3. After signing in using QID, the system will retain NAS information. It will also import all of your devices to the mobile app list.
Release date: 2016-05-03
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