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Recommended - IT Pro (UK) (2017/09/18)
"Businesses yearning for a big desktop storage repository will love the 16-bay TS-1685. It offers a huge capacity and great 10GbE performance while QNAP's QTS software delivers storage features in abundance."
Top Ten - Simply.Reviews (US) (2017/09/12)
"If you want a 4-bay desktop NAS appliance with every conceivable feature then look no further than QNAP’s TS-453B. It combines great storage capabilities with plenty of multimedia apps, QNAP offers a fine range of PCI-Express upgrade cards and the 8GB model we have on review is good value."
Editors’ Choice - PC World (Poland) (2017/09/08)
"This advanced QNAP NAS charms user with its versatility – it works great as both office solution and home multimedia center. It has impressive set of connections (5 USB 3.0 ports, 2 ethernet ports, USB-TypeC, sd card reader and two HDMI ports). Built-in PCIe connectivity is also a nice feature – as it allows user to install expansion cards. This model has received the Editor's choice award."
Data storage with maximum equipment - Computer Magazine (Czech Republic) (2017/09/01)
“QNAP releases one NAS model after another and same situation is also with their QTS system, where features and applications grow. The new TS-x53B series nevertheless takes a great surprise of innovations.”
Innovation - HEXUS (UK) (2017/08/22)
"For the enthusiast or small business seeking maximum flexibility in a compact form factor, it's hard to imagine a NAS as powerful or versatile as this."
Recommended - IT Pro (UK) (2017/08/22)
"The TVS-873 satisfies every storage need an SMB could possibly have. The 64GB model is competitively priced, it delivers good overall performance and QNAP’s QTS software offers a stunning range of storage features."
Gold Award - Harewareinside (Germany) (2017/08/18)
"The comprehensive functions from TS-251+ makes it an indispensable device for data collector, developer and office. You have access to the contents and the functions from anywhere through the Cloud function, e.g.: video streaming or remote camera monitoring. In addition, the possbility of connecting to television makes TS-251+ more ideal and help it to win a gold award from us."
Editor's Choice - PC Revue (Slovakia) (2017/08/16)
"Hardware equipment of the test NAS server is equal to desktop pc in middle class. His heart is dual core processor Intel Core i3-6100, sixth generation with tact 3.7GHz, 8GB operation memory DDR4 SDRAM. NAS server is supplied without disk, but he is conceived so that you can already in first configuration use, as far as possible, lates disk, best SSD."
Recommend 4-star - Datatid Techlife (Denmark) (2017/07/27)
"The quality of TS-231P is clearly reflected in the included software. Here it is extremely easy to put the NAS up to the world's tasks."
Captivating - PCLab.pl (Poland) (2017/07/19)
"We’ve awarded this device our “Captivating” badge – it looks great, offers high performance, lots of use-scenarios, passive cooling… and is very reasonably priced."
Bang for Buck Award - eTeknix (UK) (2017/07/14)
“The QNAP TS-231P is a solid choice for those who want performance on a budget. The performance figures speak for themselves and QTS backs it with functionality.”
Worth Buying - KitGuru (UK) (2017/06/28)
"Already a feature rich NAS, the TS-453B has a trick up its sleeve to add performance and a degree of futureproofing in the shape of a PCIe slot, the first NAS of its class to do so. This PCIe slot can house a 10GbE network, WiFi or USB 3.1 card for better connectivity or for the best of both worlds one of QNAP’s QM2 cards. "
Recommendation - (Germany) (2017/06/27)
"Drawing from the conclusion, TS-453A from QNAP provides an excellent platform to centralize file storage for home users. The user-friendly QTS interface and the feature-rich App Center allow TS-453A to meet the demand of not only home users but also small companies."
Product Review - Hardwareluxx (Germany) (2017/06/12)
"With the support of 10GbE connectivity on TS-1635, it was able to deliver high speed even when there were two clients accessing to NAS simultaneously."
Editor's Choice & Functionality Award - Donanimhaber (Turkey) (2017/06/12)
"The QNAP TS-431P is a NAS that gives the medium-high segment a RAID 5 setup, with a single gigabit port at 100MB / second, which can achieve around 200MB / sec read speed from dual ports, satisfying mid-to-upper segment users. I set up a center where I could safely store video and private data on the one hand, and stream content on the phone, tablet, television, and all through media transfer."
Recommended Award - Simply.Reviews (US) (2017/06/12)
"The TS-653B packs a lot into its compact dimensions and offers a high capacity with plenty of room to expand."
HEXUS APPROVED - HEXUS (UK) (2017/05/25)
"The new model, dubbed the TS-453Bmini, is armed with the hardware clout for AES-NI encryption and 4K video transcoding, making it a sleek and versatile all-rounder for users with high-capacity requirements."
TS-131P Review - CHIP (Germany) (2017/05/23)
"QNAP TS-131P has excellent performance in each category and there was no burning or crash during the test. High performance and multifunctions are the highlight of this NAS. TS-131P is considered to be a successful upgrade to the previous model, with afforadable price."
Gold Award - TECHTEAMG (UK) (2017/05/15)
"Very deserving of the Gold Award - brilliant NAS with an incredible number of features."
Performance - FrazPC.pl (Poland) (2017/05/08)
„WOW! Perhaps we should not be that enthusiastic about this device… but we are. Its performance (even with encrypted workloads) is, in simple words, pretty great. Functionality and expandability are important advantages. Refreshed design is also a plus – now no one will notice that this device next to TV is, in fact, NAS server. It’s almost perfect NAS for small and medium company… almost, because it’s quite expensive. But this purchase is definitely worth considering – especially if you’re planning to build advance NAS environment.”
Test winner - tivi (Finland) (2017/05/04)
"QNAP TS-251A-2G is the best-in-class device for comparison in many different ways."
Top Ten - Simply.Reviews (US) (2017/04/22)
"The quality build, the performance and features top out for any other NAS we have tested before, with the features and specification on offer the price becomes a no brainer as should be the choice to buy one."
Recommended - IT Pro (UK) (2017/04/17)
"The TES-1885U is a powerful storage appliance made all the more unusual with its dual OS support - a good choice if you want an appliance with plenty of storage options."
Fotoblogia Recommends - Fotoblogia (Poland) (2017/04/04)
"QNAP TS-231P is a proof that powerful NAS for home or small office applications can be reasonable priced. Two bays provide option of having multiple terabytes of data space (with data mirroring feature). Extensive set of available apps can be used to extend device's possibilities – not only in multimedia, security or cloud areas. TS-231P is equipped with several features known from business-targeted NAS devices, like Docker and LXC, hot-swappable HDDs or two Ethernet ports."
Fotoblogia Recommends - Fotoblogia (Poland) (2017/03/31)
"QNAP TVS-882ST2 NAS is a truly advance and powerful solution, which has much to offer – even for most demanding users. The device is refined and quite compact. It has 8 slots for 2.5” drives – you should definitely use SSDs because with these drives you can achieve really impressive performance and data transfer rates. I can definitely recommend QNAP TVS-882ST2 to anyone, who’s seeking extraordinarily advanced NAS solution."
Best Buy - (Poland) (2017/03/01)
"TS-251A was designed for home users – but it’s advanced specification will surely satisfy multimedia enthusiasts as well. QuickAccess is a nice feature will allows to connect QNAP NAS to PC directly, without the need of using traditional network connection. SD card reader is also a nice addition, but the list of non-typical features also includes in/out minijack port. QNAP guarantees that TS-251A model decodes 4k video in real time – decent hardware specification means good results in performance benchmarks."
5-Star - PC Review (UK) (2017/02/28)
"I can wholeheartedly recommend this NAS to anyone seeking a particular powerful all-in-one solution for their home or small office. We’ve been able to offload so many tasks on to this server, enabling us to downsize hardware to a single device running virtual machines."
Highly Recommended - Geeklingo logo (Australia) (2017/02/26)
"QNAP TVS-473 was a great product. If you are in the market for a NAS with additional features such as 10Gbps or Wireless capabilities (via optional cards), you will want to have this one on your shortlist."
PCAXE Diamond, PCAXE Advanced Design, PCAXE Formula - PC Axe (Serbia) (2017/02/25)
"QNAP TS-231P is a great NAS. This is the first time in PCAXE history that We awarded NAS with 3 awards - "PCAXE Diamond" for overall impression, "PCAXE Advanced Design" for  great futures, and "PCAXE Formula" because of QNAP TS-231P speed performance."
Bjork 3D Golden Bear Award - Bjorn3d.com (US) (2017/02/24)
"The TVS-682 is a very well designed NAS that packs tons of power in a very small footprint. Backed by a powerful processor and plenty of RAM with option to upgrade, the unit has plenty of processing power to deliver top performance."
Recommended Hardware Award - Modders Inc. (US) (2017/02/21)
"Finally there’s a device that breaks away from the standard hard drive model, adds extra features such as a built in network switch, dual 4k HDMI connections but, on the other it shows no 10 gigabit love to take advantage of the SSDs. Aside from total cost (NAS + SSDs), I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the TBS-453A as it performed in our testing flawlessly."
Recommended - Tek.no (Norway) (2017/02/18)
"QNAP TS-451A is undoubtedly one of the most versatile NASs we know about."
Techzine Silver - Techzine (Netherlands) (2017/02/16)
"In brief, this is just a good NAS that delivers value for money."
TS-231P Review - HEXUS (UK) (2017/02/14)
"QNAP's NAS expertise ensure that setup is a doddle, and with the popular QTS operating system the TS-231P is able to offer a rich and versatile feature set that covers many of the NAS essentials."
TVS-871T Review - FStoppers (2017/02/13)
"The TVS-871T is the perfect, all-in-one solution — end of story."
QNAP TS-451A Review - Hardwareluxx (Germany) (2017/02/07)
"As a middle class NAS, QNAP TS-451A has excellent system performance. It is definitely a good value for money in comparison to other NAS products."
Recommended Award - Simply.Reviews (UK) (2017/02/02)
"QNAP’s TES-x85U family is quite unique as no other NAS appliances offer the opportunity to play with two different operating systems and at no extra cost. The TES-1885U delivers a powerful hardware package at a good price, performs well over 10GbE and is a good choice for businesses that want a storage platform that stays with them when their demands change."
PC & Tech Authority Recommended - PC & Tech Authority (Australia) (2017/01/30)
"It does everything a server PC can do, with much less OS overhead. An overpowered NAS will change your life, whether you’re trying to operate a small business with a handful of staff, or just manage a massive collection of totally legitimate digital content."
TS-251A Review - TechHive (US) (2017/01/26)
"The TS-251A is a monster media and backup box that can serve your media setup, not just augment it. And with its vast array of other abilities, it’s easily one of the most versatile boxes we’ve tested."
Recommended Award - AVForums (UK) (2017/01/24)
“The QNAP TS-251A combines its duties as a networked attached storage device and a (virtually) fully fledged media player with a good degree of success.”
TS-453A Review - THE STREAMING BLOG (Australia) (2017/01/24)
"The all-new QTS-Linux combo NAS from QNAP offers a set of unique features made for storage seekers, IoT developers, and SOHO users. By giving support to an open-source platform that Linux is embodying, QNAP has made strides to integrate private servers with smart devices and IoT."
Good Product - Benchmark.pl (Poland) (2017/01/23)
"QNAP TS-451A is one of the examples of nearly perfect NAS device. It certainly will be appreciated by users that expect more than just data storage solution. TS-451A is much more than just typical network-attached storage – QTS (4.2.2 or 4.3) OS allows you to use as multimedia center, administration solution (DHCP, DNS, VPN), backup appliance or private cloud."
ES1640dc Review - Storage Review (US) (2017/01/19)
"Overall for the 11k starting point, the QNAP ES1640dc has a lot to offer in the entry-enterprise segment where budgets are tight, but demands for rich featuresets are also high."
TS-451+ Review - THE STREAMING BLOG (Australia) (2017/01/17)
"Intended mainly for small-scale businesses, small offices, and homes, the QNAP TS-451+ is an all-around NAS tower providing users with QTS compatibility, functionality, and raw power."
Recommended - Simply.Reviews (US) (2017/01/12)
"The TVS-1282 has something for everybody as it’s one of the most versatile and feature packed desktop NAS appliances available."
Worth Buying - KitGuru (UK) (2017/01/10)
"Thanks to the wizard-based setup and the graphically rich QTS OS, QNAP’s TS-231P is a pretty powerful, easy to set up and use 2-Bay NAS."
Value - Madshrimps (Belgium) (2017/01/05)
''The TS-531X NAS from QNAP was designed for low power consumption and can be successfully used in both home and SMB environments thanks to its multiple connectivity options. TS-531X does function with the latest QTS 4.2.2 version and is really easy to use.''
Recommended - IT Pro (UK) (2017/1/2)
"QNAP’s data protection features make it a great backup repository and its virtualisation apps are unbeatable. It delivers top NAS and IP SAN performance while the new QTS 4.3 software will make a great NAS appliance even better."
Worth Buying - KitGuru (UK) (2016/12/30)
"The QNAP TVS-473 is a powerful NAS for either home or small business and with its PCI-e slots and M.2 SSD support it also offers a good degree of future proofing in both storage and connectivity functions."
Editor's Choice and Value for Money - Thelab (Greece) (2016/12/06)
"QNAP TS-253A brings SMB NAS features to SOHO NAS models(household and small studio) with no charge - that means you can use those features for free. I cannot think of a reason not to choose it."
Highly Recommended - Geeklingo (Australia) (2016/12/03)
"The QNAP TS-531X is a solid NAS that will only be let down by the quality of drives you use with it. If you are looking for a new NAS and have SFP+ support on your current switch/router, the QNAP TS-531X is definitely one to consider."
Highly Recommended - GeekLingo (Australia) (2016/12/03)
"If you are looking for a new NAS and have SFP+ support on your current switch/router, the QNAP TS-531X is definitely one to consider."
Product of the year 2016 - IT Professional (Poland) (2016/12/01)
"IT Professional announced results of plebiscite for best IT products of year 2016. The winners were chosen by voting - QNAP TS-EC1680U-RP received the most votes from the readers and was awarded prestigious “IT Professional’s readers Product of the year” title. It has been recognized for capacity, performance and feature-rich."
Product of the year 2016 - IT Administracji (Poland) (2016/12/01)
"QNAP TDS-16489U received prestigious “Product of the Year 2016” title, awarded by IT w Administracji (renowned IT magazine, aimed for IT managers from public sector). The winner was chosen by readers and editors votes – QNAP’s product was appreciated for its exceptional performance, versatility and reliability."
EDITOR'S CHOICE - HWBOX (Greece) (2016/11/28)
"QNAP TS-251A is a pretty good solution for data backup with RAID 1 management. You can save the images captured from your smartphone directly to TS-251A. Moreover, you can easily upload your files from a USB drive to NAS in one touch(via QuickAccess Port), the TS-251A will take over automatically."
Best Buy - Ghidul DSLR (Romania) (2016/11/23)
"QNAP TS-451A is a strong performer with a great price tag, that is easy and intuitive to use. The QTS operating system is a greatly improved operating system versus other market solutions. The tons of applications and features of the QTS 4.3 makes this NAS a powerhouse that is hard to question on all fronts. We recommend it to photographers and videographers that need raw hardware power and easy to use interface. For them the SDXC card reader and the direct usb 3.0 connection to a personal computer will be a must have option."
TS-251A review - TechRadar (UK) (2016/11/22)
"We’ve had a play around with the QNAP TS-251A and we've been very impressed with it. Not only is it powerful and packed full of features, it’s also easy to use."
5 Stars Product - Computer Hoy (Spain) (2016/11/21)
"The QNAP TS-251A has been awarded the maximum possible score in a review published by one of Spain’s leading consumer tech magazine, Computer Hoy. The article gives the TS-251A a five star rating for Hardware, Connectivity and Software. Apps respectively, which in turn gives it top marks all round according to the reviewer."
Nice Product & Super Value for Money - Benchmark.pl (Poland) (2016/11/19)
"QNAP produced a device which offers really great functionality, although it is just a two-bay solution. Vast number of services, functions and innovative apps (like HD Station, Linux Station, virtualization), two HDMI ports and audio ports – those all are unique features which cannot be found in competing products. Very good network performance, easy to set-up and configure QTS system and mobile apps are also worth mentioning. Especially mobile apps – which work great in connection with cloud features and remote access."
TS-853A Review - TECHSPOT (Australia) (2016/11/15)
"QNAP's TS-853A is without question the most capable and complete NAS server we've come across and currently stands as today's best value high-end eight-bay desktop NAS."
Outstanding Award - TechSpot (Australia) (2016/11/15)
"QNAP's TS-853A is without question the most capable and complete NAS server we've come across and currently stands as today's best value high-end eight-bay desktop NAS."
Highly Recommended - HARDWAREBG.COM (Bulgaria) (2016/11/10)
"QNAP HS-251+ is a NAS model with quite complementary and useful features, strongly recommended for home users."
Best Home User NAS - TECHSPOT (Australia) (2016/11/09)
"We happen to test more NAS devices that we end up formally reviewing and without question right now the best NAS server for home users and small businesses is the QNAP TS-451A."
Mainstream - Madshrimps (Belgium) (2016/11/03)
''The TS-451A Dual-Core NAS with QuickAccess packs enough performance for home users and is also able to perform in SOHO environments. The product also introduces the QuickAccess USB port novelty, which allows us to operate the server as it would have been connected on the local network of the current PC, but physically connected via a regular USB 3.0 cable; this type of connection does also require a set of drivers to be installed from the QNAP website but it works flawlessly in the end.''
IT-Awards: Storage Insider 2016-Readers' Choice Award - Storage Insider (Germany) (2016/10/24)
"More than 36,000 insider readers voted the IT company of the year. QNAP wins in the category NAS Platinum / Rank 1."
Gold and Recommended - Moda a Foca (Portugal) (2016/10/15)
"This NAS model has an excellent quality of construction, in the various test scenarios had a good performance, well equipped not only at the level of software and hardware but also at peripherals level. However, I consider the value high, taking into account the models presented by the competition."
Test winner - CHIP (Czech Republic) (2016/10/01)
"Valuable device for very demanding or professional users who require maximum performance and a broad range of features. Besides it is also well equipped for home entertainment."
Worth Buying - KitGuru (UK) (2016/09/30)
"QNAP’s TS-451A is a very capable NAS equally at home as the central hub of a home entertainment setup or as the backbone of a small office’s file system."
Editor's Choice - iCreate (France) (2016/09/28)
"Tailor-made for professional photographers, video makers and film editors."
The Editor's Choice award and the Value for Money award - Thelab (Greece) (2016/09/27)
"The performance of TS-251A/2G is as good as what we learn from the product page, and TS-251A provides users great feasibilities."
Innovation Award - eTeknix (UK) (2016/09/23)
“The TS-251A is a true all-around wonder that can serve as your personal cloud, media center, backup target, and so much more.”
TS-451A Review - THE STREAMING BLOG (Australia) (2016/09/22)
"The NAS packs a serious punch in terms of hardware and the QTS software is fantastic. There is no reason that the QNAP TS-451A should not find a place within your home entertainment setup… go buy one."
Highly Recommended - GeekLingo (Australia) (2016/09/19)
"The consumer NAS market is fairly crowded with multiple products from multiple vendors fighting for supremacy. As a result, QNAP have continuously differentiated themselves from others through innovation and providing value-add functionality such as various QNAP applications including Virtualization Station and Ocean KTV. Likewise, the brand continues to satisfy the base consumer needs of data backup, media sharing and print sharing."
PC & Tech Authority Recommended - PC & Tech Authority (Australia) (2016/09/12)
"It’s the perfect unit for a very busy office or home environment where five or more PCs are accessing the unit at once."
Innovative Technoclogy Award - Benchmark  (Serbia) (2016/09/07)
"We believe that QNAP TS-453A deserves a very high recommendation from our side. Innovative Technology Award is valuable, and this time we are faced with a product that really worth it."
Innovation - HEXUS (UK) (2016/09/07)
"Building on an already comprehensive feature set, the addition of QuickAccess gives users direct access to data via USB 3.0."
Best on Test - MacFormat (UK) (2016/08/15)
"If you want an all-singing, all-dancing model that can run multiple services while streaming media, QNAP's TS-251+ comes out on top."
High-End Award - Madshrimps (Belgium) (2016/07/28)
"The TVS-882 High-Performance 8-bay NAS from QNAP delivers very good performances all across the board, beginning with transfer speeds throughout the network and ending with virtual machines which can be run in much better conditions than what we have seen with previous offerings."
Extreme Performance Award - eTeknix (UK) (2016/07/26)
"QNAP’s TS-453A is as powerful as it is unique. Whether you want to use it at home, office, or even a bar as karaoke center, it does the job and it does it great!"
Innovation - Hexus (UK) (2016/07/14)
"Relatively small, light and easily transportable, the TBS-453A targets a very particular customer seeking high-end NAS functionality to go."
Worth Buying - KitGuru (UK) (2016/07/06)
"The QNAP TAS-268 is a peculiar NAS that answers a question that we had not previously considered. If you use Android media devices and want a load more storage then Bingo, you have a result, TAS-268 is two devices in one and you can install Terabytes of storage with ease."
Best Buy - HKEPC (HK) (2016/06/22)
"QNAP TS-228 is an optimal solution for entry-level NAS users. TS-228 is a lightweight, easy to use and feature-rich networked storage center with RAID management function. Supporting Windows, Linux and Mac platform, the TS-228 enhances file backup, data synchronization and remote access simultaneously, not to say the 100MB/s transfer speed. More importantly, it’s a budget-friendly NAS model for home users."
Recommended - IT Pro (UK) (2016/06/20)
"The TDS-16489U appliances offer SMBs a powerful virtualization solution that’s easy to deploy and manage. There are no hidden costs as the Virtualization and Container Station apps are included as standard and you don’t have to factor in any per-core licenses."
Recommended - PC Pro (UK) (2016/06/15)
"A NAS drive for enthusiasts, with comprehensive features, bags of speed and generous storage capacity."
TDS-16489U Review - Simply Reviews - (USA) (2016/06/15)
"As a complete virtualization platform and application server, the TDS-16489U Double Server has a lot to offer as it’s more cost-effective than classic solutions that require separate hypervisor hosts and storage arrays. With dual E5-2600 v3 Xeons under the hood, it also has plenty of power on tap – our three test VMs barely woke them up."
RedesZone recommended product - Redes Zone (Spain) (2016/06/12)
"This is a NAS more than recommended for those who want a high performance NAS fully capable of both serving as a storage server and many other purposes. If we consider the features available of this model, along with the performance achieved during testing, the final assessment of Redes Zone is 10/10."
Platinum Recommended Product Recommended - ProfesionalReview.com (Spain) (2016/06/06)
"The QNAP HS-251+ is a device with a fantastic design, appearance and performance…..It’s not cheap but it’s a device that does two functions. NAS and multimedia centre….A 100% recommended purchase."
Best of the Best 2015 - PC Magazine/Russian Edition (Russia) (2016/06/01)
"PC Magazine Russian Edition - Best of the Best 2015"
TS-451+ Review - Neowin (USA) (2016/06/01)
"There's a lot to like about the QNAP TS-451+. If you want a no-frills storage box, this device can do that, but you'd be missing out on all of the extra connectivity options you have such as cloud access, streaming music to your desktop, mobile device, or Chromecast, and being able to directly attach and view media on your television."
Best Buy - PC World (Poland) (2016/06/01)
"The heart of the server is a quad-core AMD CPU with a 2 GHz clock. It is a very non-standard unit, because most business servers are equipped with CPUs from Intel. However, in terms of performance, AMD turns out to be just as good a choice. What’s important, it has a fast graphics circuit, and architecture more optimized for multimedia."
Quality - Komputer Świat (Poland) (2016/06/01)
"QNAP TS-251+ as a product of the company specializing in the NAS shows that it can be much better. With high speed, good equipment, a lot of security features and a wide selection of applications, it wins the Quality award."
Highly Recommended - GeekLingo (Australia) (2016/05/28)
"Positioned as the centerpiece of your digital experience, it’s a NAS that has evolved to provide gigabit switching with dual OS capabilities that enable it to function extremely well as a media center. Even if you don’t want to use the Linux capabilities of this NAS, the QNAP supplied media applications should be more than sufficient for even the demanding of media users. The form factor, ease of installation and use places this in the highly recommended category."
Technical Excellence - Winner - PC Expert (France) (2016/05/19)
"It's not easy to innovate on the Enterprise NAS market ! Functionally Speaking, all of them look similar. But in terms of innovation, QNAP manages to leap ahead of its competitors by offering creative and fresh ideas."
2016 Customers' Choice Performance - OMPETEC 2016 - Best in Show Award (Switerzland) (2016/05/11)
"A Compact, powerful NAS system with direct TV connection and 4K transcoding"
Recommended - IT Pro (UK) (2016/05/11)
"QNAP’s QTS software delivers plenty of data protection features and performance using Seagate’s new 8TB NAS drives is exemplary. The Linux Station could prove useful for developers and there are plenty of other virtualization features as well. With a price tag of under £600 for a diskless model, it’s a very good value NAS."
Must Have Award - LEGION HARDWARE (Australia) (2016/05/10)
"A very nice product from QNAP that changes the NAS game. TBS-453A looks nothing like a traditional desktop NAS and despite being extremely powerful, it is small enough to fit in a bag. This is why QNAP refers to it as a NASbook and like an Ultrabook you can take it with you wherever you go. We have no doubt that many businesses will find the size, silent operation, and weight of the TBS-453A invaluable."
Recommended - (Hungary) (2016/05/06)
"Overall QNAP TS-228 is a pleasant surprise. A great advantage of TS-228 is the software, which is almost perfect, and also the speed. We clearly give the "Recommended" award to the TS-228, and we suggest users to consider it while choosing a NAS for home."
Recommended - Exame Informática (Portugal) (2016/05/01)
"If you have basic networking concepts and want a reliable and functional storage system for your home, the TAS-268 is the answer you were looking for."
Highly Recommended - Geeklingo (Australia) (2016/04/28)
"We’ve reviewed a number of NAS devices that are targeted for the small to medium enterprise and the QNAP TS-563 has clearly been the best that we have reviewed so far. The benefits and convenience of Virtualization Station alone is enough to separate the QNAP range from their competitors but the added advantage of the AMD SoC used, 10GbE upgradability and support for a total of 16GB memory sets the TS-563 miles ahead."
Editor's Choice - HKEPC (HK) (2016/04/20)
"For SOHO and home users, TS-251+ provides high-performance hardware and complete QTS features. With Intel® quad-core CPU, expandable RAM (up to 8GB) and built-in HD Graphics, TS-251+ enables hardware accelerated transcoding and video display through streaming or via HDMI. Moreover, the intelligent QTS 4.2 operating system provides professional functions, including Virtualization Station, Linux Station, the newly released Hybrid Backup Sync, and so on."
PC & Tech Authority Recommended - PC & Tech Authority (Australia) (2016/04/13)
"When it comes to sheer performance and extra hardware features, the QNAP leads by a long way."
Golden Award - ProfesionalReview.com (Spain) (2016/04/06)
"QNAP has once again shown us that the QNAP TS-453A is one of the best devices we have tested so far this year."
Top Ten Award - Simply.Reviews (US) (2016/03/29)
"The TS-853A delivers a remarkable range of storage features with some of the best cloud backup provider support around. It’s very versatile and the new Linux Station adds yet another dimension to its capabilities."
TS-451+ Review - Bjorn3d.com (USA) (2016/03/20)
"QNAP NAS devices are always packed with plenty of features, and the TS-451+ is no exception. With the latest 4.2 firmware, the TS-451+ offers everything that you can get from the more expensive models that QNAP offers such as QvPC, virtualization, Container Dock, Qsirch and much more. So in terms of features, you are not missing anything."
Value Award - Simply.Reviews (US) (2016/03/17)
"The AMD SoC keeps power consumption to a minimum and it delivers an impressive performance over 10GbE."
TAS-268 Review - eTeknix (UK) (2016/03/17)
"QNAP’s TAS-268 fills a void with it’s unique combination of a NAS and an Android set top box in one device. That amount of functionality out of the box isn’t something that we have seen before."
Modders-Inc Must Have Award - Modders-Inc.com (USA) (2016/03/16)
"The QNAP TS-253A offers a bunch of advanced options to the user. Right out of the box you can have a media center with advanced features like DLNA, Web Server, SQL Server and even phpMyAdmin.  What I also found handy is the HybridDesk Station and Surveillance Station. The price vs performance vs features in this device is very well balanced. You do get what you pay for!"
Recommended - PurePC (Poland) (2016/03/14)
"QNAP TS-251+ comes with intuitive GUI and great functionality, which sometimes even exceeds what we can find in other 2-bay servers. For example, Virtualization Station(limited, but still), HD Station, and a greater number of applications available to install. A very nice add-on is the remote control, which we can easily navigate the mentioned HD Station. The device has a very good production quality and design. However, TS-251+ offers the greatest advantage - the price."
Multimedia Star - Technieuws (Netherlands) (2016/03/06)
"With the multimedia funtionalities, QNAP TS-453A is not only good for home users but also optimal for business applications. Moreover, the 4K streaming works smoothly."
Must Have Award - LEGION HARDWARE (Australia) (2016/03/04)
"Overall the QNAP TS-453A is without question the most capable and complete NAS we have come across yet. It’s class leading feature set makes the TS-453A the best value high-end 4-bay desktop NAS on the market today."
TAS-268 Review - CDRLabs.com (USA) (2016/03/03)
"If you're looking for a budget-friendly multimedia NAS, the QNAP TAS-268 is definitely worth your consideration. Designed specifically for the living room, this 2-bay NAS sports an elegant, vertical design and, thanks to its dual-core ARM processor, it delivers quiet and energy-saving operation."
Recommended - PClab (Poland) (2016/02/29)
"QNAP TS-251 is a really great equipment. Those, who have not yet tried using a NAS at home, should really try doing this! QNAP server is not the cheapest one, so I would advise investing in a simpler one, in the beginning. It's worth investing in QNAP though, because this company has extensive experience in NAS production, and their new version of QTS software is really worked out to the tiniest detail. The described model gets our recommendation award."
TechPowerUp Highly Recommended Award - TechPowerUp (USA) (2016/02/16)
"The fresh TS-453A is a richly featured NAS with strong multimedia capabilities, and QNAP's QTS OS is among the best currently available for NAS server."
Editor's Choice Award - eTeknix (UK) (2016/02/10)
“QNAP’s HS-251+ is probably the best looking NAS for your living room and at the same time it comes with plenty of performance and features that don’t leave many wishes open.”
TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP Review - Servethehome.com (USA) (2016/02/09)
"From time to time, we get NAS units in the lab that cut corners by using lower-end components, the QNAP TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP is not one of these instances. Instead, QNAP uses many of the components we hand-pick when we build our own test servers. Overall this unit performed extremely well for us and the value proposition put forth with the QNAP software suite is appealing."
Best of IT Award 2015 The best Network Storage Device - PCMarket (HK) (2016/02/02)
"The innovative QTS & Android™ dual-system TAS-268 is an unprecedented network storage center for file storage, backup and remote access. TAS-268 is the greatest multimedia NAS for SOHO users."
Top Product - DigitalPortal (Slovakia) (2016/02/01)
"QNAP TS-451+ comes with powerful functionality, so it is awarded the "TOP Product" by DigitalPortal.sk editorial team."
Recommended - IT Pro (UK) (2016/01/26)
"Good value, a great feature set and 10GbE readiness make this a solid future-proof NAS."
Editor's Choice - IT Pro (UK) (2016/01/25)
"The top-notch features and performance, SAS 3 support, expansion potential and price tag makes this 2U rack NAS the perfect A-Lister."
Performance Award - LEGION HARDWARE (Australia) (2016/01/17)
"The TS-451+ expands on the base model's capacities and with support for a quad-core processor and more memory it is now possible to run multiple VM clients simultaneously. It also supports a number of great features such as full 1080p on the fly transcoding, with 7.1 channel surround sound pass-through via the included HDMI output."
TS-451+ Review - Tom's Hardware (USA) (2016/01/14)
"All things considered the QNAP TS-451+ is a complete solution that takes advantage of QNAP's QTS software, the best NAS OS available today."
100% Kick Ass Award - 3dgameman.com (US) (2016/01/13)
"The TAS-268 is a 100% Kick Ass Product!" 
Recommended - HardwareHeaven (UK) (2016/01/12)
"QTS is a great OS and we very much like Qnap’s vision to add in Android. Plenty of flexibility, solid performance and quiet operation."
PCM2015 Best Performance - PCMarket (HK) (2016/01/12)
"With non-stop innovation, QNAP's NAS products support HDMI TV direct output, virtualization application and versatile features. QNAP TS-253A now even supports karaoke application which makes NAS a major home entertainment device."
TAS-268 Review - The Chris Voss Show (USA) (2016/01/11)
"We've always been impressed with QNAP products. The TAS-268, we highly recommend!"
TS-251+ Review - 01net MAGAZINE (France) (2016/01/11)
"Fast and rich in applications, it's the ace of NAS. This SOHO network-attached hard drive is a must-have for whoever is looking for performance and a maximum amount of functionalities."
Editor's Choice - Techmaniak (Mobimaniak) (Poland) (2016/01/08)
"QNAP TS-451+ is neither the cheapest NAS, nor the prettiest. But it has that something that many constructions miss – the reasonable performance combined with a good software back-end. This device is designed not so much for people who look for a universal server, but rather for all-in-one lovers. Because this is the way the tested device should be assessed. On the one hand – an efficient server offering data encryption and a wide configuration back-end, and on the other - a great multimedia player with transcoding video up to 1080p."
Value Award - IT Pro (UK) (2016/01/07)
"If you’re looking for a 10GbE-ready network storage appliance with a balanced combination of features, performance and price, then the TS-1263U-RP is well worth considering."
TS-563 Review - Tom's Hardware (US) (2016/01/07)
"After looking at the other NAS products in this price range, the targeted small business features, future upgrade path and existing performance, QNAP's TS-563 is the clear market leader."
Good Choice - Noticias3D (Spain) (2016/01/06)
"TAS-268, which specializes in multimedia and a special ability, thanks to its native Android ARM processor. If you are one of those who value flexibility and Android applications to use it on the TV, you should definitely be aware that we bring this NAS QNAP guys."
TS-451+ Review - Storage Review (US) (2016/01/06)
"The QNAP TS-451+ is an affordable (yet versatile) 4-bay tower NAS powered by 64-bit Intel Celeron quad-core 2.0GHz processor and 4GB of energy-efficient DDR3L RAM, which is expandable up to 8GB. In addition, it’s compatibility with QTS 4.2 provides a powerful NAS user interface with a plethora of useful multimedia, storage, virtualization and data security features."
Top Class - hifitest.de (Germany) (2016/01/01)
"With the HS-251+, Qnap has succeeded another big step toward the living room , not only due to its fanless design. Via its user interface, you can access data and files using your smartphone or on smart TV."
MUST HAVE AWARD - Modders-Inc.com (US) (2015/12/14)
"The QNAP TS-251+ is an impressive little NAS. The device has the ability to do a lot, and do it well. In my opinion, the media/desktop features are the most impressive features of this NAS."
Best Buy - PC World (Poland) (2015/12/04)
"The server’s greatest asset, apart from high performance, is its rich and intuitive software. It allows, for example, transforming the device into a multimedia player (QNAP also has a HDMI port and a pilot attached), a VPN server, WWW, P2P client, DLNA media server, or SQL server."
TS-563 Review - We Got Served (US) (2015/12/14)
"The QNAP TS-563 is the first AMD-powered NAS we've reviewed and it's a decent debut for the platform. Those looking for a good value, high capacity NAS with strong performance will find a lot to love."
Editor's Choice - PC Expert (France) (2015/12/03)
"A swift storage solution with numerous advantages"
Product of the year 2015 - IT Professional (Poland) (2015/12/01)
"TS-EC1680U-RP is a device designed for medium business, the capacity, efficiency and also the abundance of functions available.   Its great strength is QTS operating system – the number of services, functions and plug-ins strengthen the device’s potential is almost unlimited."
IT Professional – Recommendation (Poland) (2015/12/01)
"Year after year QNAP improves its position on the market of NAS solutions, not only thanks to advanced and efficient solutions they offer but also thanks to their continuous introduction of new functionalities in the QTS software. TVS-EC1580MU-SAS-RP represents the newest NAS storage line and allows to use advanced mechanisms available in the new version of QTS 4.2 software."
Editor’s Choice - Mój Mac Magazyn (Poland) (2015/12/01)
"With numerous additional applications and add-ons, QNAP TS-251+ may be used as a multimedia center for secure storage of all our photos, music and videos. Multimedia may be transmitted through AirPlay on Apple TV and through LNA on SmartTV. When we plug our TS-251+ directly to a TV or monitor, we will be able to use it as a separate player with bundled remote control.”
Editor's Choice - HKEPC Hardware (HK) (2015/11/30)
"QNAP TVS-871T is the world's first all-in-one Thunderbolt DAS, NAS, and iSCSI SAN storage solution. With both Thunderbolt and built-in 10GbE, the TVS-871T fully supports 20Gbps ultra-fast data transmission making it ideal for 4K digital workflows. Connect the TVS-871T to a network switch for real-time digital video editing, 4K video transfer, or use the high throughput for bandwidth intensive applications like voice and video. The TVS-871T is an agile, flexible, scalable NAS solution."
Hexus Approved Award - Hexus (UK) (2015/11/27)
"QNAP's latest solution is well suited to bringing NAS-based multimedia content to a big-screen TV without the need for an intermediary device."
Recommended Product - Hispazone.com (Spain) (2015/11/25)
"Compact, powerful and completely silent. The QNAP HS-251+ is one of the most interesting ‘gadgets’ that I have had in my hands in recent weeks. A fully self managed combination of a good HTPC and a high performance NAS. The quality of its hardware drives its double personality and it does it with excellence."
Modder's Inc Must Have Award - (USA) (2015/11/22)
"The features, functionality, and price earns the QNAP TS-563 NAS the Modders-Inc Must Have Hardware award. If you are looking to purchase a NAS with more than two bays, give the TS-563 a peek."
2015 PCtipp Spezial Ausgabe TOP 100 - PCtipp.ch (Germany) (2015/11/20)
TS- 212P
"PCtipp chooses the Top 5  out of  Top 100 products from across 20 categories every year. QNAP have managed to be the Top 5 with the TS-212P." 
TVS-1271U-RP Review - (USA) (2015/11/18)
"The QNAP TVS-1271U-RP is a 4th generation NAS storage solution designed for data backup, file synchronization, and remote access. Ideal for SMB use cases, it also features cross-platform file sharing, a wide-range of backup solutions, iSCSI and virtualization scenarios, as well as all kinds of practical business functions." 
TS-251+ Review - Lon Reviews (USA) (2015/11/15)
"Very feature rich, very nice turnkey package that also adds a lot of cool virtualization things to the mix too."
90 Kick Ass - MaximumPC (US) (2015/11/12)
"There are NASes, and then there are uber-NASes. The QNAP TVS-EC1080+ is one such uber-NAS. Pitched as an enterprise-level unit, the TVS-EC1080+ packs in killer hardware features, as well as a host of applications that users should find useful."
Editor's Choice Award - TechPowerUp (US) (2015/11/11)
"The TS-451+ performs very well, and QNAP's support is excellent. This one should be at the top of your list if you need a fast NAS with top-notch multimedia capabilities."
TS-251+ Review - TheChrisVossShow.com (US) (2015/11/09)
"We've always been very impressed with their products. They do a kick butt job!"
Must Have - KitGuru (UK) (2015/11/09)
TS-453 Pro
"The software is an absolute triumph and balances function with ease of use to a very pleasing degree. This is backed up by a processor that is fast enough to make the NAS snappy and responsive."
Five Stars - Rincon De La Tecnologia (Spain) (2015/11/04)
"The TS-563 is a powerful NAS that incorporates dozens of additional features more than a traditional NAS."
TS-453mini Review - We Got Served (US) (2015/11/02)
"Packed with features and performance to match, the QNAP TS-453mini is a brilliant, compact NAS that's equally comfortable at home or in the workplace."
EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD - ComputerShopper.com (US) (2015/10/29)
"Overall, this is an extremely well-appointed—and very fast—NAS enclosure.  It's one of the best NAS enclosures we've had the pleasure of using and testing, and we're unable to comprehend how another consumer-grade NAS could really offer much more in the way of features, especially in a two-bay design."
TVS-871 Review - Storage Review (US) (2015/10/26)
"The TVS-871 is a feature-heavy NAS with competitive performance numbers and plenty of security; in addition to its many backup capabilities, its data can be encrypted and the system can be used with Surveillance Station. QTS Storage Manager, App Center, and IT Management Station help keep the many functions of the TVS-871 centrally organized and easily accessible to administrators."
Bang for Buck Award - eTeknix (UK) (2015/10/26)
“QNAP’s TS-251 Turbo NAS offers more features and performance than you would expect from the price. A small yet scalable multimedia genius that should satisfy most prosumers needs.”
TAS-168/268 Review - PC3 Magazine (HK) (2015/10/20)
"TAS-268 is currently the most ideal TV box for BT download on the market. With the app for BT download as well as 4TB storage on the NAS, TAS-268 is totally different from other TV boxes. The Android system works smoonthly even with NAS system running concurrenrly."
Gold Award - Vortez (UK) (2015/10/20)
TS-231 / TS-451
"QNAP’s TS-231 and TS-451 are two stylish NAS units which are ideal for any home network environment. If you’re looking to get the most out of your network and require innovative features at your finger-tips then look no further!"
TS-563 Review - HKEPC Hardware (Hong Kong) (2015/10/19)
“QNAP TS-563 is a high-performance AMD powered NAS, with 10 GbE readiness and quad-core processor. The traditional 1 gigabit Ethernet card restricts the read speed of a NAS down to 110MB/s. But if installed with a 10GbE network adapter, the TS-563 can deliver read speed over 800MB/s. Moreover, the TS-563 supports expansion enclosures. These features makes the TS-563 an ideal choice for SMBs or enviroments that demands transmission of volumes of data.”
TS-563 Review - (USA) (2015/10/18)
"The QNAP TS-563-8G is a fairly unique NAS. The TS-563-8G has the fastest 10 GbE File Copy Read performance that we've see for all RAID level."
Editor's Choice Award - (US) (2015/10/06)
"By moving the drive bays from the front to the top, QNAP's new device takes up less desktop space than most other 4-bay NAS servers. Also, with its piano black finish, whisper quiet heat exhaust and skyline LED, the TS-453mini is just as much at home in the living room as it is in the office."
TEST WINNER - Alt om DATA (Denmark) (2015/10/15)
TS-253 Pro
"Powerful NAS with lots of features and versatile functions for companies and home users alike, and features a really clear user interface."
TS-453mini Review - Tom's Hardware (US) (2015/10/12)
"Looking specifically at the TS-453mini now, this model is like a designated hitter: You can put it anywhere in the lineup. QNAP placed this model in the SMB class, but it's just as comfortable in a small office as it is under your television. It's a versatile NAS that packs more features than the competition."
PCM2015 Best Value - PCMarket (HK) (2015/10/06)
"TAS-268 features built-in Android and QTS NAS system that combines shared folder and QNAP apps. Very useful with appealing price!"
Best NAS boxes for small business - Netwotk World (US) (2015/10/01)
"If you're looking for a desktop Network Attached Storage device, the current crop of NAS appliances should make you happy."
Gold Award - (Malaysia) (2015/10/01)
"Behind every could is a silver lining, but in this case, behind your personal cloud is the powerful QNAP TS-251C storage solution."
TS-451+ Review - Anandtech (US) (2015/09/29)
"QNAP's firmware has been improving by leaps and bounds with every release. QTS 4.2 has brought in a host of new features. The TS-451+ is pretty flexible and provides a large number of add-ons as well as third party apps.   Obviously, QNAP's transcoding functionality that takes advantage of Intel's Quick Sync engine is present in the TS-451+ also. Along with the Hybrid Desk app (Chrome / Kodi etc.) and QvPC technology, the NAS can be used just like a PC for most purposes."
Best Buy - HKEPC Hardware (HK) (2015/09/25)
TAS 168/268
"The TAS-x68 series not only provides HDMI output but also supports H.265 (4K) hardware decoding, a feature not widely adopted by even the latest Intel Braswell powered NAS on the market. This makes TAS-x68 a much more appealing NAS to try."
TS-453mini Review - SmallNetBuilder (US) (2015/09/23)
"If your physical desktop space is limited, QNAP's TS-453mini could be the NAS for you."
TVS-863+ Review - Tom's Hardware (US) (2015/09/23)
"The TVS-863+ is a good fit for business use and offers powerful features at a great price point."
Recommendation Award - Alt om DATA (Denmark) (2015/09/22)
"Powerful NAS for SMB market that supports all sorts of opportunities for the company and also for serious home users with 4K video playback."
Gold Award - Andrews Reviews (UK) (2015/09/15)
"QNAP continue to impress with their new units, refreshed software and overall performance with the TS-231 a particularly likeable solution that punches above it's weight."
Recommendation - allround-pc.com (Germany) (2015/09/14)
"QNAP TS-453mini is a powerful NS server thanks to its great QTS 4 NAS OS. The intelligent wizard makes the installation simply and easy, and the disk insertion can be done quickly. Not only the software is good, the hardware is well-designed and makes it an ideal server to handle CPU-demanding tasks such as video transcoding or virtualization for various use."
8/10 - Simply Reviews (US) (2015/09/09)
"The TS-563 scores well for value as it costs around $60 less than Synology’s DS1515+ and has the added bonus of being 10GbE ready."
C.O.D Editor's Choice Award - Computing On Demand (US) (2015/08/28)
"QNAP handles its business.  The TVS-863+ steals the show, making it a top choice for those of you looking for an affordable 8-bay solution that can handle both business and personal needs." 
Best Buy - Home Cinema Choice (UK) (2015/08/26)
”If you’re after powerful Network Attached Storage that your connected TV will look up to, it’s a compelling proposition.“
90/100 - Maximum PC (US) (2015/08/25)
"All in all, QNAP’s TS-451 is a great solution for homes and small offices that need more than just a disk backup. The device works well as a home media server, a backup center, a tool for file sharing, and so on."
Gold Award - Hardware Heaven (UK) (2015/08/18)
"QNAP’s OS has evolved hugely over the last few versions and while the base experience was always solid, the latest OS is fantastic. Responsive, easy to maintain, simple to set up and all running on impressive NAS hardware."
Test Winnder - www.vergleich.org (Germany) (2015/08/15)
TS-253 Pro
"In terms of professional NAS servers, this model from QNAP got everything you need. The design is simple and the performance is convincing. Absolutely recommend for purchase!"
Bjorn3D Golden Bear Award - (US) (2015/08/15)
"QNAP continues to deliver top-notch build quality NAS with the TVS-471. The unit offers plenty of features for both the enthusiasts and the average consumers. Not only that it is packed with tons of tricks and features, it is also backed with powerful hardware in order to deliver a good user experience."
4 stars - TechRadar (UK) (2015/08/13)
"Well-made and very scalable, the TVS-1271U-RP is a welcome addition to the QNAP NAS family, offering additional server-like features to complement solid file sharing, backup and cloud syncing capabilities."
TS-453 Pro-Enhancing your working productivity - PCMarket (HK) (2015/08/11)
TS-453 Pro
“Tools that satisfy your needs are the key to doubling your efficiency at work. For instance, adopting a cloud storage solution helps enterprises greatly increase productivity. QNAP TS-453 Pro is your top choice if you are looking for a high-performance NAS.”
Must Have Award - KitGuru.net (UK) (2015/08/11)
"It is very satisfying to see the way that QTS pushes forward the main features while keeping everything else at one remove, without making you dig through endless menus and sub-menus to find what you want. It is a fine balancing act and QNAP has pulled off a very neat trick with this software."
TS-853 Pro Review - Home Theater Forum (US) (2015/08/07)
TS-853 Pro
"In the TS-853 Pro QNAP has built a screaming fast NAS with many features that business and home users will appreciate. While the product may be targeted primarily to the business user, there is no question that the home entertainment enthusiast will find a great deal to enjoy. For those of us looking for a home solution that combines media management, storage, utilities and can perform at extremely high levels supporting playback on multiple TV’s at once, the TS-853Pro is without a doubt a fantastic choice. Recommended."
TS-453S Pro Review - HKEPC (HK) (2015/08/03)
TS-453S Pro
"QNAP TS-453S Pro is designed to work with 2.5" SSDs. The enhanced read/write speed is proved to be more effective than processor upgrades."
TS-253 Pro Review - Dailygame.net (US) (2015/07/31)
TS-253 Pro
"The TS-253 Pro unit is an amazing tool for office and well as home use. It is a fantastic option for small businesses with limited capacity requirements that still want performance centric profile and a wide array of features."
Excellent Choice Award - Hardware.Info (Netherlands) (2015/07/28)
"The TS-453mini is more for home users judging by its appearance. Its vertical design makes it easier to fit in smaller spaces like many business settings. On the other hand, its smaller footprint also suits the living room perfectly. QNAP even outwins its competitor Synology with the slightly more luxurious-feeling plastic of the NAS."
Performance Recommendation - Mad Shrimps (Belgium) (2015/07/28)
"The performance remains quite solid even after activating encryption and the NAS can be used very well without the need of a PC, by simply using the remote it has bundled for free or we can also connect a keyboard/mouse combo for easier browsing."
Silver Bear Award - bjorn3d.com (US) (2015/07/23)
"Not only that the TVS-463 is one of the prettiest NAS on the market with its gold metallic look, it is also packed plenty of features. Clearly, QNAP’s plan with the NAS is not just a little box that you toss to the corner of the room but the all-in-one system that compliments everything you own."
Editor's Choice - Bytheway (Greece) (2015/07/23)
"Since I have a long experience with other companies dealing with home/office devices, I can tell you that the difference is chaotic . I have great confidence that the QNAP TS-453mini is a trouble-free device that does everything."
Thumb up - Computer (Czech) (2015/07/21)
"Powerful yet efficient and quiet NAS, ideal for both office and home."
Innovation Award - eTeknix (UK) (2015/07/19)
“The QNAP TS-453mini is everything you know from other NAS’, just a little bit better and a little bit smaller – and it’s quite the looker at the same time.”
TS-453mini Review - e-zone (HK) (2015/07/16)
"TS-453mini features its slim design while keeps the hardware sepcification of TS-453 Pro. A truely great work!"
95 Kickass Award - Maximum PC (US) (2015/07/15)
"The enormously capable TVS-871 will serve multiple PCs and devices simultaneously, handle a myriad of tasks, and not even even break a sweat."
4 stars - Expert Reviews (UK) (2015/07/11)
"The TS-453mini is a brilliant four-bay NAS; it's compact and barely makes a sound, yet is powerful and has one of the most comprehensive NAS operating systems we've seen."
Gold Award - Andrews Reviews (UK) (2015/07/09)
"QNAP continue to impress with their new units, refreshed software and overall performance with the TS-453 mini effectively combining an extremely capable NAS with a powerful PC, and doing so very well."
Excellent Award - PCMag (US) (2015/07/08)
"If you're looking for a speedy NAS for SOHO or SMB use that can be customized to run more automatic tasks, the QNAP TVS-463 is a very good choice, particularly if you're willing to go down the rabbit hole with eyes wide open and keep up with software updates, download apps, and keep on top of its administrative functions." 
4 Stars Award - TECHTEAMGB (2015/07/03)
"This is a great NAS with a lot of features, especially that Dual Gigabit Ethernet, something I really like to see on NASs. The software is really mature and has a lot going for it, as well as the mobile apps too. The box itself looks nice and would fit in a home nicely, on a shelf or in a cabinet – and is pretty fantastic at streaming files to multiple devices!"
Best Buy - Home Cinema Choice (UK) (2015/07/02)
"As a NAS, the HS-251 performed flawlessly. Responsive to drive, it never failed to serve what was requested to a number of devices ranging from a A.C. Ryan media streamer to a Cambridge Audio Blu-ray player – among the content was JPEG images, FLAC audio files, ISO DVD images and TV transport streams. The onboard media player is also excellent."
Editor's Choice - micro mart (UK) (2015/07/02)
"QNAP looks like it may have trumped the competition with the TS-453mini. It’s a superb four-bay NAS unit, with a surprisingly good twist and plenty of extras to keep you interested for years to come."
Hexus Recommended Award - Hexus (UK) (2015/07/01)
"Bottom line: retaining almost all of the functionality of the TS-453 Pro, QNAP's compact TS-453mini is a good choice for anyone seeking a four-bay NAS that's both stylish and brimming with features."
TS-453mini Smart Home-Multimedia Center - PCMarket (HK) (2015/06/30)
"NAS has been considered only a data storage solution, and thus only suits office environments. But in fact, there have been a number of NAS products targeting home users. The QNAP TS-453mini is exactly an example. It is a 4-bay model with a stylish glossy look in black. Featuring a vertical design that takes up less space than traditional 4-bay NAS products, the TS-453mini blends well in your living room."
9.2 Review Score - We Got Served (US) (2015/06/30)
"A premium network attached storage server for the true enthusiast, prosumer or small business IT Pro, the QNAP TVS-871 delivers on all fronts. Advanced hardware capabilities, a swathe of value-added features and performance that simply blows away its competitors. This is a serious NAS, and it's seriously good."
100% Kickass Award - 3dGameMan (US) (2015/06/30)
"Connect a TV/monitor, keyboard and mouse and you have yourself a HTPC setup or if you prefer a business class NAS, this one is a very impressive NAS!"
Rating 5/5 - Network World (US) (2015/06/29)
"This NAS is fast, well-priced, and incredibly well-featured. And it's wrapped in gold."
TechteamGB approved award - TECHTEAMGB (UK) (2015/06/29)
"Fantastic NAS, with a whole load of features available, great styling and great value!"
Gold Cup - Manu Reviews (Spain) (2015/06/23)
"Without doubt a great device in terms of value for money."
Recommended Award - Simply Reviews (US) (2015/06/18)
"The TS-453mini surprises on a number of counts as it’s packed with features and delivers a performance that belies its compact dimensions."
Gold & Recommended Award - HS-251 (Switzerland ) (2015/06/12)
"This unit ships completely fanless and the only thing you will hear are the hard drives and should you choose to install SSDs, then there will be no noise at all."
The Best NAS for Home Users - The Wirecutter (US) (2015/06/12)
"It was one of the fastest we tested, and it was the fastest in write speed of the entire group. It offers hardware more powerful than that of most NAS devices in its price range, it has upgradable RAM, and it comes with flexible, powerful software that does everything most NAS users need."
Golden Tachometer Award - Benchmark Reviews (US) (2015/06/10)
"The construction quality of the TVS-863+ reflects a device that is built to run 24/7 indefinitely, plus look good doing it."
TS-453mini Review - HKEPC Hardware (HK) (2015/06/10)
"The streamlined QNAP TS-453mini is more compact than most 4 Bay products on the outside. On the inside, the quad-core processor delivers a power-saving and smooth experience."
Extreme Performance Award - eTeknix (UK) (2015/06/08)
TS-453 Pro
“QNAP’s TS-453 Pro is probably one of the nicest and well rounded NAS units on the market. You get plenty of performance, massive amount of options and can save yourself the HTPC altogether. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s worth every penny.”
Value Award - Simply Reviews (US) (2015/06/08)
"Overall performance is good, the QTS software offers excellent backup and replication utilities and it’s very good value as well."
TVS-463 Review - Gamberhub.TV (US) (2015/06/05)
"TVS-463 is truly one of the best NAS solutions by QNAP. It supports proper system backup, virtualization, complete multimedia support."
2015 Computex Best in Show Award - Tom's Hardware (US) (2015/06/05)
"This year, QNAP took another step forward with the new TVS-871T as well as three other Thunderbolt 2 enabled products.........The new interface feature coexists with traditional Ethernet, in this case dual 10GbE for large office environments or smaller multimedia production environments."
Gold Award - Hardware Heaven (UK) (2015/06/03)
"Solid build quality, nice design, feature packed and good potential for expanding. This future proof NAS with intuitive OS wins our gold award."
Gold Award - Actualidad Hardware (Spain) (2015/06/03)
"We can say that QNAP TS-251C is an interesting NAS for its features and performance thanks to the QTS operating system, which includes an infinity of applications for all occasions, and also for its attractive design with the minimalist touch."
Very Good - PC Magazin (Germany) (2015/06)
"The new 4-bay NAS QNAP TS-431+ offers more than 30 terabytes storage space for and provides a variety of features, services and applications."
Awesome Award - XtremeSystems (US) (2015/05/31)
"While most NAS units aim to fit 3.5-inch hard drives and be hidden out of sight, this model is designed to sit right up on your desk and fit in with your other computer equipment. Offering a better design, a smaller footprint, and lower noise output,the TS-453mini works in areas most full-size NAS units can't."
Recommended - Impressive (9/10) - TEK.no (Norway) (2015/05/26)
"This is our new favorite NAS."
Wow! 9/10 - PCReviews (Spain) (2015/05/25)
"QNAP QGenie is an incredibly practical and versatile device. Without doubt it’s a companion we should have with us always when travelling or in our daily lives."
TVS-471 Review - Streaming Media Producer (US) (2015/05/18)
"The TVS-471 is a great setup that gives lots of functionality to a media professional."
4.5 out of 5 - Alex Wise (Australia) (2015/05/15)
TS-453 Pro
"The device runs quietly and is constantly being updated with new firmware releases and the availability of new applications. It might sound corny but I sleep better at night knowing the QNAP is included in my backup workflow."
5 out of 5 - Tablet PC (Germany) (2015/05/15)
"Conclusion: easy to set up with versatile applications."
Very Good - Digital Home (Germany) (2015/05/15)
"The TS-215C Turbo NAS is the ideal and particularly inexpensive complement to the multimedia home. You also have the possibility to backup and enjoy a private cloud with up to 8 TB of storage capacity."
PCM2015 Best Value - PCMarket (HK) (2015/05/12)
"Powered by Celeron instead of Atom CPU, TS-251C is speedy and highly expandable. With the QTS NAS OS, TS-251C provides various apps and features that will definitely impress the users."
Best Performance Award - Tweak Town (US) (2015/05/12)
"QNAP's TVS-463 NAS is as solid as they come with top tier performance and a plethora of features."
Hexus Recommended Award - Hexus (UK) (2015/05/06)
"...with a polished QTS operating system, the TS-451's full complement of useful functions are made accessible to novices and experts alike."
Editor's Choice - micro mart (UK) (2015/05/06)
"However, the additional HDMI port and media-level features gave the QNAP the slight edge over Synology this time around, from the point of view of the home user at least."
Platinum Award - Nikktech (US) (2015/05/05)
TS-453S Pro
"Using 2.5" drives instead of the larger 3.5" ones automatically means that you get to have a smaller enclosure (thus ideal for places where space is really limited) but that's not all since there are other benefits as well such as reduced power consumption, temperatures and noise levels thanks to the drives inside." 
94/100 - COM! Professional (Germany) (2015/05/02)
"QNAP NAS not only have the most comprehensive features in the test, but also provides the highest transfer speed."
Editor's Recommendation - IT w administracji (Poland) (2015/05/01)
"QNAP TVS-471 is a versatile device with almost unlimited capabilities."
Best Performance Award - PC Word (Poland) (2015/05/01)
TS-453 Pro
TS-453 Pro, even without an active Link Aggregation, has proved to be a very efficient server and great device for data storage. Once this function is enabled, its efficiency may increase up to four times (for 100 to 400 MB /s).
TS-251C Review - HKEPC Hardware (HK) (2015/04/24)
"QNAP TS-251C is powered by the new Intel Bay Trail processor, which significantly reduces power consumption without compromising the high performance of smooth UI control and video streaming. This 2-Bay model is perfect for consumers requiring high capacity and RAID function."
TVS-463 Review - (US) (2015/04/20)
"#2 rank for a new NAS platform isn't too shabby. But when you consider the TVS-463 is currently $240 cheaper than the #1 ranked Intel i3 powered ASUSTOR AS7004T, that could definitely influence some purchase decisions."
Highly Recommended Award - TechPowerUp (US)(2015/04/20)
"QNAP did well to use an AMD SoC with their new NAS line since the GX-424CC is strong and performs well while also incorporating a GPU, which is handy in even a NAS, especially since this one includes not one but two HDMI ports with mirrored display support. Another interesting feature of all TVS-x63 units is their 10GbE support through an optional expansion card and the ease with which the memory can be increased to upwards of 16 GB. These units also look very nice thanks to their high-quality golden finish, which sets them apart from QNAP's other NAS offerings."
HZ Gold & Performance Recommendation - HardZone (Spain) (2015/04/19)
"This QNAP TS-251C offers us all the advanced features that we expect from QNAP but surprisingly it comes from a compact, silent and high performance system."
Performance Award - Simply Reviews (US) (2015/04/16)
"The TS-853U-RP offers a high capacity for a price small businesses will approve of."
Very Good - Professional Audio Magazin (Germany) (2015/04)
TS-253 Pro
"In our test, QNAP TS-253 Pro was proved to handle the daily purposes well and ensure that the music data is saved in high class."
Special Award - XtremeSystems (US) (2015/04/11)
TS-453S Pro
"I think you would be hard-pressed to find an alternative with as many features in such a compact unit .If there was a performance-to-size ratio chart, this NAS would have been on top."
TVS-463 Review - (US) (2015/04/11)
"The QNAP TVS-463 is definitely the best all-around network storage device and media box that we’ve tested."
Bang for Buck Award - eTeknix (2015/4/10)
“QNAP has created one of the best SOHO NAS’ when looking at the performance vs price. It’s packed with feature, has a good performance, and doesn’t even cost much. That’s a winner.”
Platinum Medal - Profesional Review (Spain) (2015/04/09)
"If you are looking for a good, affordable and attractive NAS with options to install two high capacity hard drives and a stable and user friendly operating system, the QNAP TS-231+ is the ideal candidate."
TVS-463 Review - (US) (2015/04/08)
"Part of me is amazed and part of me is a little overwhelmed with the massive number of applications and capabilities in this amazing little box.  It is kind of the Swiss Army knife of NAS boxes and I could likely spend the better part of a month learning all it can do."
Score 8.6 - InfoWorld (2015/04/08)
"The beefy QNAP TVS-EC880 delivers better performance under heavy workloads."
Gold Award - IT-Connect (France) (2015/04/07)
TS-253 Pro
"A versatile NAS for both companies and SOHO"
Recommended Product - PCdeMano (Spain) (2015/04/05)
TS-453S Pro
"This TS-453S Pro not only takes up very little space and hardly makes any noise, but is also great for storing files and using as an alternative to your PC with virtualization technology to run your preferred OS, etc. "
TVS-463 Review - (US) (2015/04/05)
"Overall the QNAP TVS-463 is a definite home run in all aspects of the Home and small business NAS."
Leadership Award - XtremeSystems (US) (2015/04/03)
"The QNAP TVS-863+ impressed on my testbench with some solid performance figures. With dual Gigabit LAN out of the box and 10GbE LAN, the TVS-863+ lacks nothing by today's standards. The speeds were amazing and there weren’t any hardware limitation that bottlenecked my traffic...When equipped with an 10GbE, read and write performance increases dramatically. Enough so to make the TVS-863+ the fastest NAS solution I've ever tested."
Best in test - PC för Alla (Sweden) (2015/04/01)
"Works perfectly. Good performance. Easy to use interface yet with lots of possibilities."
10/10 - ElektronikTest.dk (Denmark) (2015/03/26)
TS-853S Pro
"It delivers extremely good performance with very low power consumption, and very low noise level. It has been able to stand in my living room without making noise even while under load. We gave it score of 10 because QNAP continues to surprise us with good and innovative solutions. In this class, I dont see any competitors, as no one else have created anything alike that matches its hardware and size."
PCM IT Award 2014 The best Network Storage Device - PCM (HK, China) (2015/03/24)
TS-453 Pro
“Featuring the Bay Trail quad-core processor, TS-453 Pro supports QNAP’s exclusive QvPC technology and has 4 Gigabit LAN ports and 3 USB 3.0 ports. With its versatile functions and intuitive user interface, the TS-453 Pro makes remote access of data much more simple.”
8/10 Very Good - TEK.no (Norway) (2015/03/16)
"QNAP HS-251 is a rather special NAS. With its unconventional form factor and fanless existence, it is not a network storage you need to hide away because of noise or a bad appearance. And that is good. If you put this eyecandy in the TV bench or getting it hooked up to one or another screen, it can take the role of media center in addition to doing its regular NAS duties."
Very Good - Pictures (Germany) (2015/03/15)
TS-253 Pro
"All settings can be made via a web browser. QNAP NAS can be configured individually and the basic settings are easy."
Very Good - Android Magazine (Germany) (2015/03/15)
"The TS series NAS of QNAP provides plenty of space for your music, photos, videos and notes, making your files on a personal cloud accessible over network for you to view, listen, read, and share."
QG-103N Review - HKEPC Hardware (HK) (2015/03/13)
"......the support of personal cloud enables users to access data stored in QGenie even when it's not around, a best-in-class product on the market!"
Recommended Award - Simply.Reviews (US) (2015/03/11)
Along with its gold chassis, there’s a lot to like about the TVS-863+. It’s 10GbE ready out of the box and delivers a good performance while its updated apps include an excellent range of backup utilities.
TS-453 Pro Review - Tom's Hardware (US) (2015/03/11)
TS-453 Pro-8G
"This is among the fastest NAS servers we have ever tested, and it easily smokes the competition in transfer speeds and power consumption, and it easily smokes the competition in transfer speeds and power consumption.This NAS addresses not only SMB environments, but also enthusiast home users."
Best in test 2015 - Datormagazin (Sweden) (2015/03/09)
It has a design that both stand out and blend into the modern home. There is also a complete NAS device in terms of the range of functions. You get, among other things, a user-friendly interface, good selection of apps, excellent cloud integration, good features for backup and the ability to run virtual machines. Add to this in this context a really attractive price tag.
Recommended Award - 59 Hardware (France) (2015/03/04)
"Much faster than its competitors in this segment."
Recommended Product - Noticias3D (Spain) (2015/02/23)
"One of the best NAS we have ever tested!"
5/6 stars - Computerworld (Denmark) (2015/02/20)
TS-453 Pro
The QNAP server will hit the spot for those who want HDMI connector with XBMC, continuous transcoding of video and professional features such as virtualization.
100% Kickass Award - 3dGameMan (US) (2015/02/16)
The QNAP HS-251 is the "NAS" to have for your man cave. It's basically an outstanding 2-Bay network attached storage device, but is super slim and fits in perfectly with home audio/video equipment. Believe me, it's what you've been waiting for!
Gold Medal - Profesional Review (Spain) (2015/02/16)
"If you are looking for a NAS that will last for many years with great quality, good components and the possibility to install up to 16TB, then the QNAP TS-431 is one of the best options on the market."
Technical Excellence Winner - PC Expert (France) (2015/02/11)
TS-453 Pro
"Dazzling capabilities and versatility"
8.7 Rating - We Got Served (USA) (2015/02/11)
TS-653 Pro
"Whether you’re a home user searching for a high-capacity storage device with a decent engine, or a business administrator seeking easy integration and powerful features, the QNAP TS-653 PRO makes an excellent choice.  The QTS operating system remains one of the most feature-packed platforms on the market today and QNAP’s continued investment in software development delivers regular enhancements."
4/5 stars - Alt om DATA (Denmark) (2015/02/10)
"TS-431 is a NAS that can be used for many purposes. It has a really good user interface and good performance, though not breaking any boundaries."
TS-231 Review - PCMarket (HK) (2015/02/10)
"TS-231 is QNAP's latest model designed for home as well as SOHO users. It is also one of the most budget-friendly solutions for entry users"
Great Purchase - Hard-H2O (Spain) (2015/02/09)
"After having the opportunity to try out this NAS during several months, we are convinced that if you are looking for a hybrid between work and leisure use, you won’t regret…..QNAP boosts its NAS with new Celeron CPUs, up to 8 GB RAM, HDMI port, up to 24 TB of storage and a spectacular operating system QTS with great features, performance and usability."
HS-251 Review - TechHive (US) (2015/02/04)
"The HS-251 is fast and quiet, great with multimedia, and looks good in the entertainment center. I can readily recommend it to anyone who wants to merge their home networking and online multimedia with their home theater."
TS-453 Pro Review - EDI (France) (2015/02/02)
TS-453 Pro
"The TS-453 Pro is among the most silent NAS we have tested over the past few years, even when working at full charge."
HS-251 Review- recordere.dk (Denmark) (2015/02/01)
"As a dedicated HD media center, HS-251 is also a silent server that can stand by the TV - ready for hours of entertainment for the family."
5 Stars Award - PC & Tech Authority (Australia) (2015/01/27)
TS-853 Pro
"This NAS is only really limited by your imagination and once running will instantly become the central hub for everything in your life from file storage, to virtual machines and home security."
8.8 rating - We Got Served (2015/01/28)
TS-470 Pro
"Small businesses and media enthusiasts will love raw horse power delivered by the QNAP TS-470 Pro, enabling advanced features such as desktop virtualization and high-definition, real-time video transcoding. If you're still running an Intel Atom-based NAS, it's time to upgrade."
Score 4.5 - eReviews.dk (Denmark) (2015/01/25)
"A device that's packed with features in a neat design and fits in the Danish home with an extremely reasonable performance."
Recommended Product - Noticias3D (Spain) (2015/01/16)
TS-453S Pro
"Easy installation with software that has high performance, infinite services, virtualization at a click, the possibility to use it as a PC via HDMI (with keyboard & mouse) and with a TV tuner and remote control, etc. The possibilities of this product are enormous."
Editor's choice - PC Expert (France) (2015/01/12)
"The most powerful two-bay NAS that we tested in terms of reading and writing performances."
Top 20 Promising Government Technology Solution Providers - CIO Review (US) (2015/01/08)
"With NAS, many government companies have had a positive rise in their work productivity, enjoyed hassle free sharing and transfer of sensitive information and important files across multiple departments."
Editor's Choice - 01Net (France) (2015/01/02)
QGenie is a wonder that is proving both useful and easy to use.
Recommended Product - Hispazone (Spain) (2015/01/02)
TS-453S Pro
"A powerful and compact NAS with a modern processor. It not only delivers high performance for data transfers and management but also has a graphics card to accelerate 1080 video with quality and efficiency, making this device a perfect companion for a TV or smart TV."
Most Innovative Vendor – Italian Channel Awards (Italy) (2014)

QNAP constantly strives to provide the most advanced network storage solutions available, and has been recognized as the "Most Innovative Vendor" in the first edition of the Italian Channel Awards. These awards were created by the leading Italian magazine ChannelCity to reward the best IT manufacturers and distributers operating in Italy.

Over 150 managers from various IT vendors and distributers attended the gala event, and the award winners were decided based on the votes from thousands of consultants, resellers, system integrators, and other operators within the Italian IT industry.

8.8/10 - Cachem (France) (2014/12/24)
TS-253 Pro
"The TS-253 Pro is an all-in-one, powerful and multifunctional NAS coming with high quality hardware and finishes. This device is certainly the best 2-bay NAS on the market."
Best Features Award - Tweak Town (US) (2014/12/09)
TS-653 Pro
"The TS-653 Pro continues QNAP's tradition of bringing innovative features to the market first. The new Virtualization Station feature is a good example of a truly useful feature that QNAP brought to the market, and in time, I'm sure it will be copied across the market."
2014 IT Month Innovative Products - Taipei Comuter Association (Taiwan) (2014/12/08)
HS-251 has won the honorable 2014 IT Month Innovative Products in System & Software Application category.
2014 IT Month Innovative Products - Taipei Comuter Association (Taiwan) (2014/12/08)
QGenie has won the honorable 2014 IT Month Innovative Product in the Consumer Product category.
Gold Medal - Profesiona lReview (Spain) (2014/12/08)
"Our impression toward the QNAP QGenie was fantastic: firstly for its small size and lightweight design, we can carry it as a mobile phone in our pocket or bag. It’s really powerful with a single core 600 MHz processor, 64MB RAM, 32 GB of internal SSD memory, SD connections, USB and a screen that gives us all the system information we need."
8.5/10 - Cachem (France) (2014/12/08)
"We find in this device all the know-how of the manufacturer and that is a good news. This 4-bay NAS proves to be surprising and its specifications are reassuring... The TS-451 has all the qualities to become a reference model."
Must Have Award - (US) (2014/12/08)
"The QNAP TS-451 is one of the fastest NASes that I have tested to date. After setting up the unit for benchmarking, I placed the TS-451 on the network and moved the shared files to it and over the last couple of weeks there have been no complaints. Currently in my household there are 6 people all with at least one PC. If you are looking for a powerful, small, and elegant NAS the QNAP TS-451 should be on your list. With all the features and capabilities this little box can provide, I don’t think you will be disappointed."
Good Choice Award - Noticias3D (Spain) (2014/12/04)
"If you’re not looking for virtualization applications or for an extremely high performance as offered by the TS-x51, this NAS will not disappoint you, given that its performance is much better than those models with Atom. It also allows for running various tasks at the same time without slowing down the performance and consums less than 15W (with SSD)."
HEXUS Innovation - HEXUS (UK) (2014/12/02)
TS-453 Pro
"QNAP's TS-453 Pro is a box of tricks that's fast, well built, easy to use and genuinely helpful in more ways than one."
2014 Product of the Year - IT Professional (Poland) (2014/12/01)
"What distinguishes QNAP from its competitors is it high performance combined with the affordability."
Product of the Year 2014 - PC World (Poland) (2014/12/01)
The TS-421 has won the honorable 2014 PC World Product of the Year award. 
Recommended Award - 59 Hardware (France) (2014/11/24)
"Without a doubt, a robust, reliable and efficient device."
5 Stars & Recommended Product Award - Todo HTPC (Spain) (2014/11/24)
"HS-251 is an ideal product for those who are looking for a storage system and a HTPC in the same device. Considering its sleep design and the QTS software, this is the benchmark in the market."
QGenie Review - Rue du Commerce (France) (2014/11/20)
To design the QGenie, QNAP applied the know-how and expertise that made its Turbo NAS successful. Featuring multiple functionalities (hot spot, backup battery, powerful USB 3.0 stick, mobile NAS, SDXC reader, access point, Multimedia server, myCloud), QGenie is truly a Swiff Army Knife device for digital nomads.
Platinum Award - Nikk Tech (US) (2014/11/17)
TS-653 Pro
"Overall the TurboNAS TS-653 Pro-8G by QNAP is a performance beast with a vast array of features and connectivity most NAS servers in the market would be jealous of..."
Simply.Reviews 2014 Recommended Award - Simply .Reviews (US) (2014/11/14)
TS-EC880 Pro
QNAP’s new TS-EC880 Pro combines an impressive range of storage features with some potent hardware. QNAP has an app for everything, it delivers top performance over 10GbE and the high expansion capabilities make it a solid, long-term investment.
Editor's Choice Award - Computing On Demand (US) (2014/11/09)
"The TS-451 really demonstrates its superiority when you consider its multimedia capabilities. Built-in transcoding functionality really enhances its position. Now, serving up multimedia files to your mobile devices or your underpowered devices is easier than ever. The quality is top notch and having on-the-fly transcoding as well as offline transcoding makes the TS-451 almost untouchable."
Supreme - Hifitest.de (Germany) (2014/11/1)
"QNAP HS-251 fits in the living room perfectly in terms of both hardware and software. The design is well done, so is the user interface, making the NAS a real media player."
PC World Recommends - PC World (Poland) (2014/10/30)
"If you need a quiet NAS server for multimedia purposes, you will hardly find any better than QNAP HS-251. Even its chassis looks more like a modern media player rather than a storage device. Thanks to XBMC software support, you can connect the HS-251 to a TV set through a HDMI cable and watch movies on the big screen."
HS-251 Review - Tech4u (Italy) (2014/10/30)
"HS-251 is a HD media cneter in the form of a compact, quiet NAS with versitile features."
Gold Award - Hardware Geek (Italy) (2014/10/29)
"The TS-251 is a small NAS with the functionalities of high end NAS designed for advanced home users and combines classical NAS features with various multimedia functions. The HD Station makes it possible for the TS-251 to be connected to a TV, turning it into a complete multimedia center, ranging from video playback to internet browsing."
Gold Medal, Recommended Product– Performance & Design - HardZone (Spain) (2014/10/27)
"Given that we liked the HS-210 a lot, this HS-251 delighted us. It’s an improved version in every aspect, and thanks to the hardware enhancements, everything operates much more smoothly and quickly."
Wow! 5 Stars Award - PCReview.es (Spain) (2014/10/26)
"I have tested many multimedia servers but none so complete as the QNAP HS-251 Silent NAS. The possibilities it offers are incredible as much for businesses as for the whole family. Its design is magnificent and the fact it doesn’t make any sound is a big point."
9.0/10 The Holy Grail? - Cachem (France) (2014/10/25)
"QNAP offers once again a superb 2-bay NAS. The HS-251 is fast, comprehensive and will easily find its way to your living room next to your TV."
PCMag Editor's Choice Award - PCMag (US) (2014/10/20)
"It's rare for a NAS device to ace all three categories (performance, features and price), but QNAP's TS-251 NAS comes closer than just about any two-bay SOHO NAS I've tested. This dual-drive NAS offers excellent read/write performance, solid fault tolerance, and a sweet set of features, all of which make it a multimedia content storage star for home or small office networks."
Gold Award & Top Choice - Andrews Reviews (UK) (2014/10/20)
"QNAP continue to impress me with their new units, refreshed software and overall performance with the TS-451 effectively becoming a nas, htpc and virtual pc all in one.  All these new features truly add value and make the 451 a compelling choice that has perhaps stolen a lead on others and points the way forward."
Gold Award - Inside Hardware (Italy) (2014/10/16)
"The read-write performance of the TS-251 is very excellent, together with the overall performance making it the best NAS. Thanks to the excellent hardware, the operating system is very responsive, fast and fluid, allowing the TS-251 to handle various features without significant slowdowns."
Simply Reviews 2014 Recommended Award - Simply Reviews (US) (2014/10/15)
TS-853 Pro
QNAP’s TS-853 PRO delivers superb performance and features. Quite frankly we are at a loss as to what the competitors will do to top QNAP, if only to just clone. The price point is not half bad either. All in all a great NAS for both business and home users and highly recommended. QNAP deservedly wins our first Recommended award.
Excellent - Chip Heimnetz & NAS 2014 - CHIP (Germany) (2014/10/15)
"A very quiet NAS with extensive features and great performance."
100% Recommended - Actualidad Hardware (Spain) (2014/10/13)
"We can say that QNAP HS-251 is an excellent NAS thanks to its minimalist design, structural quality, operating system, performance, applications and silent operation."
Gold Medal Award - Professional Review (Spain) (2014/10/08)
"For its impressive aesthetics, portability and innovation, we give QGenie the gold medal."
Golden Tachometer Award - Benchmark Reviews (US) (2014/10/02)
"The QNAP TS-451 Turbo NAS is part of a new hardware platform for QNAP that brings a high level of performance to the small tower-based format, at a lower cost than was possible before. The four new TS-x51 towers are being promoted as home-based NAS servers, based on their high performance, low cost, and a bunch of new software functionality that is ideal for the modern home."
9.5/10 & Recommended Product - PCdemano.com (Spain) (2014/09/28)
"If you want to buy a beautiful, attractive NAS which is as fast as the best Synology can offer, and can be used as a media player in your living room, this HS-251 is the one you have been looking for."
Gold Award - HwT.dk (Denmark) (2014/09/23)
"The fanless solution functions very well and you can only hear the humming of the hard drives and compared to other NAS, I find the sound isolation good...you get the feeling that QNAP has put a lot of effort and time in making a good well thought out product of good quality. The HDMI port paired with QTS and XBMC not only gives a NAS with many functions, but also a multimediacenter for the living room."
Rating 5/5 - Network World (US) (2014/9/19)
"I can report that the system is thoroughly and completely epically awesome. I am absolutely sold on this product. It's fast, flexible, incredibly useful, and solidly built. QNAPs Virtualization Station gets a Gearhead rating of 5 out of 5."
Platinum Award - Professional Review (Spain) (2014/09/18)
"If you are looking for a 4 bay NAS with an excellent operating system, virtualization, HTPC and remote control, the QNAP TS-451 is your ideal choice."
Editor's Choice Award - Techpowerup (US) (2014/9/15)
"With its impressive performance, great looks, and huge feature set, it is the NAS server for enthusiast users or a small business environment." 
Editor's Choice Award - CDRLabs (US) (2014/9/15)
"The QNAP TS-470 is an excellent choice for the small or medium-size business looking for a secure, scalable, and reliable NAS solution...one of the best things about the TS-470 is the ability to extend its functionality to meet a business' growing data storage need. "
Leadership Award - XtremeSystems (US) (2014/9/14)
TS-453 Pro
"The TS-453 Pro offers excellent build quality, strong read and write performance and an impressive feature set,all in an attractive looking chassis."
Platinum Award - Nikk Tech (US) (2014/9/9)
"...the TS-451 is a better solution since it's just as fast, has less power requirements and ontop of that it's also quieter."
I'm Special Award - XtremeSystems (US) (2014/9/6)
"I was extremely impressed with the quality of video playback, longevity of the battery (10 hours!!), and just the overall ease of use."
TS-451 Review - Storage Review (US) (2014/9/4)
The QNAP TS-451 NAS is a powerful NAS for home, small, and medium businesses. It is the company's first consumer-grade NAS with virtualization technology and has HDMI connectivity for streaming media in HD.
4 Star Award - apc (Australia) (2014/9/4)
TS-569 Pro
"It’s fast and slick, and essentially just like running a native OS...and in QTS there’s an absolute heap of apps you can download and install, which can drastically expand what the TS-569 Pro can do."
5 Star Award - PCM Magazine (Netherlands) (2014/9/1)
TS-251 & HS-251
"QNAP merges a NAS with a HTPC!"
Recommended Product - Noticias3d (Spain) (2014/8/27)
"QNAP TS-451...has a much more powerful processor than previous models, adds the virtualization applications, and provides users with infinite possibilities."
Silver Award & Design Award - Xtreme Hardware (Italy) (2014/08/26)
"The QNAP HS-251 is certainly a valid product with very interesting technical specifications when it comes to quality and contents. The excellent QTS 4.1 operating system allow us to get the best NAS experience and multimedia contents thanks to the integrated HDMI Port."
Editors Choice Award - speicherguide.de (Germany) (2014/8/22)
TS-470 Pro
"Due to the good performance and high functionality, we give QNAP TS-470 Pro the speicherguide.de Editor's Choice."
Recommended Award - 59 Hardware (France) (2014/8/18)
"In terms of performance, the QNAP TS-451 is the fastest 4-bay model we have tested so far. Its speed is impressive in all cases and will meet the needs of the most demanding users."
TS-451 Virtualization Station Review - Anandtech (US) (2014/8/18)
"QNAP's Virtualization Station is a well-rounded compelling offering that helps them stand out in the COTS NAS market for SMB, SOHO and home consumers."
Score 9 - Neowin (US) (2014/8/17)
“There's no question that QNAP has taken home NAS devices to the next level with the inclusion of virtualization.”
Gold Award - BuyCOMs (Thailand) (2014/8/15)
"We tested QNAP TS-451 with two 4TB HDDs and configured RAID 0 for hthe ighest speed and we’re very impressed by the performance."
Highly Recommended - Computer Audiophile (US) (2014/8/7)
“Overall, the HS-251 from QNAP…really good product. I recommend it!”
Gold Performance Award - Techstation (Italy) (2014/8/4)
"This NAS is comprehensive and powerful. You can simply tell from its hardware and unique solutions such as real-time transcoding."
Best Performance Award - Tweak Town (US) (2014/8/4)
“Overall, this unit is certainly a NAS the typical home user would enjoy. It encompasses what we have been wanting for years, and it has finally been delivered in a small, lightweight box labeled TS-451.”
Editor's Choice - By the Way (Greece) (2014/7/31)
"If you need a NAS and you dislike the annoyance of any fan, HS-251 is the product for you."
Recommended Product - Alexi's TechBlog (Spain) (2014/7/29)
"TS-420 is not only a professional product but a tool that perfectly meets household needs..."
TS-451 Review - Anandtech (US) (2014/7/28)
“With the TS-451, QNAP has delivered a NAS that can handle a large number of simultaneous connections without drop in performance, a pre-requisite for a powerful media server.”
TS-212 Review - BAQUIA (Spain) (2014/7/25)
"If you are thinking of buying any home servers with multimedia applications, this is definitely a good option."
QNAP QTS 4.1 Review - SmallNetBuilder (US) (2014/7/24)
QTS 4.1
QNAP's QTS 4.1 upgrade adds a laundry list of new features to what was already a good NAS OS. The most significant changes to the OS are "under the hood" and relate to features added to make the QNAP's products attractive to enterprise customers.
Recommended Product - Noticias3d (Spain) (2014/7/18)
"HS-251 is definitely a good choice to start in the field of multimedia servers, especially when you are looking for a silent device with low energy consumption and easy management."
9.3/10 - Apfeleimer.de (Germany) (2014/7/17)
"The form factor and design fits the living room perfectly. The fanless design makes it a perfect silent NAS yet without compromising its functions."
HS-251 Review - The Chris Voss Show (US) (2014/7/16)
“It's a beautifully designed box which is perfect for your entertainment center!”
Remarkable Product & Recommended Product - IT files (Romania) (2014/7/15)
"QNAP HS-210 is a remarkable device that aims at highly demanding users looking for a model with maximum versatility."
Excellent Award - Heimkino (Germany) (2014/7/15)
+ Quiet during operation
+ Easy installation
Golden Award - Nikk Tech (US) (2014/7/10)
“Overall although the TS-121 is aimed at home and small office use it still is very fast and offers the features, OS and support only a manufacturer like QNAP can offer.”
Excellent Award - XtremeSystems (US) (2014/7/8)
“Its supremely simple configuration and easy management is definitely something your generic system cannot do.”
Product Excellence Award - BenchmarkHarware.com (Spain) (2014/6/26)
“The fanless design is one of the most important features because few solutions on the market offer such a low noise level (15dB).”
Editor's Choice - C.O.D (US) (2014/6/23)
"This 4 bay NAS is loaded with features and is an absolute rocket when it comes to reading and writing data."
Recommended Award - CHIP.PL (Poland) (2014/06/15)
“HS-210 is a well-made, attractive NAS we can simply place in the living room under the TV.”
Score 8 - ElektronikTest (Denmark) (2014/06/02)
“…I think it works extremely well and handles all tasks fine.”
HS-210 Review - Naseros (Spain) (2014/05/28)
“…the HS-210 has more than enough power to perform all the functions required for a home NAS but also has a very delicate design and elegant aesthetics.”
Editor’s Choice - By the Way (Greece) (2014/05/16)
“QNAP HS-210 is a high-quality product, both in terms of hardware and software.”
Score 9.5 - Cachem (France) (2014/05/13)
“TS-470 Pro is fast, functional and multipurpose. Its high-end configuration allows it to overcome previously known limits.”
8.2 - Apfeleimer.de (Germany) (2014/04/25)
“The fanless NAS is silent during operation yet provides almost all the functions that can be found on modern network storage.”
Editors Choice - PC Press (Serbia) (2014/04/01)
“...HS-210 with its reliable & efficient performance and flexible configuration can satisfy the growing needs of both basic and advanced users.”
HS-210 Review - HD Blog (Italy) (2014/03/28)
“HS-210 is a high-level product with good quality in both the hardware and the software.”
Gold Award – HWGeek (Italy) (2014/03/25)
“QNAP lives up to its reputation, confirming the performance and quality of its products with impeccable care in the selection of materials.”
Recommended Product Award - Noticias3D.com (Spain) (2014/03/24)
“Unlike other NAS, HS-210 is created for the living room with a good balance between features, utilization, resources, energy consumption and temperature.”
100% Recommendation - Actualidad Hardware (Spain) (2014/03/21)
“It is a great NAS designed for home. We can keep our backups, install a large selection of apps, and enjoy home entertainment all in one device, and the best thing is—it is completely silent.”
Overall Score 9 - ElektronikTest.dk (Denmark) (2014/03/20)
TS-670 Pro
“It is clearly one of the most accomplished NAS, particularly on the hardware part.”
Gold Award & Design Award - InsideHardware.it (Italy) (2014/03/04)
“The sophisticated and elegant design goes well with the environment. It fits the modern and elegant living room perfectly.”
I'm Special Award - XtremeSystems (US) (2014/03/04)
“The HS-210 delivered high data-transfer speed in my tests. Coupled with its broad functionality, this makes it a very appealing buy.”
TS-220 & TS-221 review - Hardware Magazine (France) (2014/03/01)
TS-220 / TS-221
“Stable and fluid, the system makes it even easier to manage NAS and corrects previous multimedia capabilities and mobile applications deficiencies.”
Great Product - CHIP (Italy) (2014/03/01)
TS-269 Pro
“The TS-269 Pro is a great NAS when it comes to performances and functions. The QTS operating system is particularly brilliant on this model, and the possibility to expand the functions makes it the perfect fit for any use.”
5 Stars - White-Out- Reviews (US) (2014/2/28)
“This is a fanless, silent, and slick looking network attached storage and that makes it perfect for the home theater.”
TS-870 Pro Review - E.D.i (France) (2014/02/28)
TS-870 Pro
“Ideal for SMB with high storage needs, this 8-bay NAS by QNAP has the advantage of a wide range of features thanks to its compatibility with QTS 4.1.”
Very Good Award - PC Magazin Professional (Germany) (2014/2/27)
“The QNAP TS-470 is a well-engineered and dependable NAS for different applications. TS-470 offers you sufficient performance for professional use.”
HS-210 Review - Computer Idea! (Italy) (2014/02/26)
“QNAP HS-210 is modern, stylish, and perfect for any living room, surprising us by its silence: only 15 decibels of ambient noise!”
HS-210 Review - Xataka Smart Home (Spain) (2014/02/21)
“QNAP HS-210 is a different NAS, not only for its look, but also for its fanless design which reduces annoying noises.”
Editor’s Choice - QuickPC (Thailand) (2014/02/18)
“We have been used Home/ SOHO NAS for a long time and seen the revolution of features of QNAP. We’re highly impressed by the performance when testing QNAP TS-212P.”
Rating 89% - Tweak Town (Australia) (2014/02/14)
“This is a good start to the HS product family, and an innovative design. QNAP keeps pushing forward into new areas, and we like watching the progress.”
100% Kickass Award - 3dGameMan (US) (2014/2/14)
"With the powerful software and excellent hardware, it's one of the most feature rich and powerful NAS devices on the market."
5 Stars - FERBRZ (Brazil) (2014/2/13)
"QNAP’s TS-220 multifunctional NAS is easy to set up, and it offers several useful functions with great performance..."
Greatest Bits Award - AUDIOSTREAM (US) (2014/2/12)
"If you want to have your NAS near your hi-fi, the HS-210, with its fanless near-silent performance, will be a welcome addition."
Score 8.7 - Infoworld (US) (2014/02/12)
“The QNAP TS-1279U-RP is rich in features and provides plenty of value for the cost.”
Golden Award - NikKTech (US) (2014/2/10)
"Thanks to its performance, specifications, 10GbE compatibility and vast number of features it gets our Golden Award with ease."
Vote: 8/10 - ReHWolution (Italy) (2014/02/10)
“What makes HS-210 special is the fanless and thick soundproof metal design, which makes it really quiet.”
HS-210 Review - The Chris Voss Show (US) (2014/2/5)
“I like the HS-210, the Silent NAS. It works like a charm!”
5 Stars - Stuff (Singapore) (2014/2/5)
"The QNAP TS-212P is a refreshingly straightforward entry in the complex business of NAS drives, and we love its ease of use and its array of useful available apps."
Gold Award - Gadget Gear (Netherlands) (2014/2/2)
"The HS-210 not only looks nice and quiet, but also provide smooth performance."
Outstanding Award - CHIP (Malaysia) (2014/2/1)
"QNAP’s TS-670 Turbo NAS is expandable, easy to setup and packed with features. Just what any office needs."
Editor's Choice - StorageReview (US) (2014/1/28)
"Incredible performance from a 4-bay prosumer NAS." "Offers SSD caching to increase performance with mixed SSD/HDD hardware."
Recommended Award - hard-h2o (Spain) (2014/1/24)
“QNAP HS-210 is beautifully designed, quiet and energy-efficient with easy installation and hassle-free setup."
Recommended Award - 59 Hardware (France) (2014/1/17)
"The most revolutionary design is the support for SSD cache which has demonstrated a significant increase in performance."
Review of HS-210 - Habitat & technologies (France) (2014/1/15)
"HS-210 takes advantage of the QTS software, with its recent update improved the usability, and all features expected by individuals and professionals."
Gold Award / Top Choice - Andrews Reviews (UK) (2014/1/15)
"The latest software provides many new features in a clean, modern and intuitive interface making the TS-470 extremely versatile."
Highlight - MAC REWIND (Germany) (2014/1/14)
“QNAP has recognized the current trend and become the first NAS-producer to offer a fanless two-bay storage device. This clearly deserves two thumbs up!”
Review of HS-210 - 59 Hardware (France) (2014/01/09)
"QNAP offers a successful multimedia entertainment solution thanks to the HS-210 NAS. We are very impressed with its unique horizontal design which makes it fit perfectly in our home theater."
Review of HS-210 - Cachem.fr (France) (2014/01/04)
"To be honest, I've been expecting this kind of NAS for a long time: a model that we finally don't have to hide in a corner.” “Fanless, HS-210 is quiet. We can only applaud this major manufacturer initiative."
Bronze Medal Award - Sabios del PC (2014/1/2)
"The QNAP HS-210 NAS is very focused on use in the home and easily fulfils users’ needs, with great software that can be expanded using apps and which offers us unlimited possibilities."
HEXUS Approved - HEXUS (UK) (2013/12/27)
"There's a wealth of functionality on offer - we recommend trying out QNAP's Live Demo (http://demo.qnap.com:8080/cgi-bin/) to see QTS in action for yourself - and on the whole we've come away impressed with the software experience."
Golden Tachometer Award - Benchmark Reviews (2013/12/23)
"The combination of a 2.6 GHz Celeron CPU and 10GbE networking really puts the TS-470 Turbo NAS on solid footing that can hold its own in almost any SMB environment."
Very Good - ITespresso.de (Germany) (2013/12/20)
"QNAP TS-470 comes with a great amount of function; however, it is still quite easy to handle thanks to the excellent QTS 4.0 operating system."
Best Choice - WINMAG PRO (Netherlands) (2013/12/18)
"TS-870 is VMware Ready, Citrix Ready, and compatible with Microsoft Hyper-V. You can also use it for the multimedia purpose with it's HDMI port."
TS-221 review - OCstation (Thailand) (2013/12/18)
"Software is easy to use, even for users who have no knowledge about admin or server before. You can install and config permission easily."
Best tech products of 2013 - PC World (2013/12/10)
TS-469 Pro
"The QNAP TS-469 Pro is a fast, four-bay NAS box with a boatload of features, including the ability to function as a direct-attached multimedia playback system for your home entertainment center."
Editor's Choice - TechPowerUp (2013/12/10)
"TS-470's performance then not only smoked the competition, but also all QNAP servers I have tested in the past. I expected a performance improvement with the new generation of NAS servers, but not one as huge as that of the TS-470."
Very Good - Clubic (France) (2013/12/09)
TS-269 Pro
"With its HDMI port and blazing performance, QNAP TS-269 Pro is undoubtedly the top product in the market."
4 Starts - MuyComputer (Spain) (2013/12/05)
"TS-221 is a NAS with endless possibilities and will undoubtedly meet the needs of the most demanding home users, and also fits in professional environments as small offices."
Reader's Choice Award - IT Professional (Poland) (2013/12/2)
TS-1079 Pro
"Supports cloud services, digital media applications, snapshots of iSCSI LUNs and more functions that go beyond the capabilities of a typical NAS."
Silver Award - BuyCOMs (Thailand) (2013/12/1)
"QNAP TS-221 NAS is very easy to use, and the File Station, Photo Station, Music Station, Video Station and DLNA is very useful for data browsering and file sharing."
Gold Award - BuyCOMs (Thailand) (2013/12/1)
"QNAP TS-269L NAS is a well designed centralized storage with rich features."
APH Recommended Award - APH Networks (2013/11/29)
"Performance is mind blowing across the board in our tests -- with a pants peeing speed across the board in our benchmarks over Gigabit LAN, it really comes an interface problem... You can't possibly get any faster than this."
4 Starts - le Comptoir de Hardware (France) (2013/11/29)
"QNAP Turbo NAS TS-569L is a strong ally for storage and protection of your personal and office data."
Overall Score: 8 - ElektronikTest.dk (Denmark) (2013/11/18)
"I am crazy about the way they have built their QTS up as it is very easy to navigate and has some good and useful information on the front and in the little menu you can pull out the right side."
High End - Madshrimps (Belgium) (2013/11/18)
"While we have tested the NAS in a home environment while using a single LAN connection and RAID 0 SSDs, QNAP have obtained while using a 4-port Link Aggregation setup up to 450MB/s reads and 432MB/s writes, which really makes this product a storage monster."
Editor's Choice - TweakTown (2013/11/17)
"It certainly brings another option to the market for SMB users that want a storage solution that offers tremendous options and blazing performance."
Golden Award - Profesional Review (Spain) (2013/11/15)
"If you are looking for a quality, silent NAS with two hard drive bays, great operating system and a remote web management interface, QNAP TS-221 should be your favorite choice."
Editor's Pick - hwbox (Greece) (2013/11/15)
"With a great UI, a powerful integrated App Center loaded with tons of free apps, the QTS 4.0 can fulfill not only home users' needs, but also the needs for use in a small office environment."
Rating: 18/20 - LinuxLookup (2013/10/23)
"With a simplistic setup, intuitive web based user interface, abundant feature sets and considerable number of free add-on applications the QNAP TS-421 NAS is entirely capable of meeting storage demands of personal use and small to medium business."
5 Stars Award - News And Reviews (UK) (2013/10/14)
TS-469 Pro
“The TS-469 Pro is a whole lot of NAS for your money and a workhorse of a server that meets all the requirements of today’s modern SMB IT environments.”
Editor's Choice - Tweak Town (2013/10/9)
TS-669 Pro
"The TS-669 Pro is designed for small business use, but it's powerful enough to reach into the next tier and packed with features that also makes it desirable for home users as well."
TEST QNAP TS-269L - MEN's UP (France) (2013/10/9)
“Our full-scale test has allowed us to verify the high stability of this QNAP which never crash and very quiet.”
Recommended Award - PC & Tech Authority (2013/9/28)
"With added backup functionality for your networked devices, remote access, and speedy performance, this is one of the best devices of its kind that we’ve seen."
Editor's Choice Award - PROHARDVER (Hungary) (2013/9/12)
"The new QTS 4.0 operating system showed us things we didn't expect from a home NAS."
Pixelmania Award – Pixelmania (Netherlands) (2013/9/05)
"The QNAP TS-221 is easy-to-use, fast and praised for its professional features. With those features, users can securely store and manage their digital contents and back them up on third party cloud services via a web browser."
Review of QNAP TS-221 Turbo NAS – Cachem.fr (France) (2013/8/12)
"QNAP provides a complete product for 300€.. We love the quality, the good connectivity and the QTS 4.0.1 which brings a breath of fresh air on the usual QNAP NAS."
4 Star Rating - PCWorld (US) (2013/8/9)
TS-469 Pro
”The QNAP TS-469 Pro is a feature-rich and extremely capable NAS box for small businesses and workgroups.“
Review of QNAP TS-421 - Zebulon.fr (France) (2013/8/9)
"With its reasonable power consumption and its almost perfect silence, it should delight all its users."
4 Star Rating - Datatid (Denmark) (2013/8/6)
“As NAS servers become more and more common, the user-friendly and intuitive design is getting more and more important. NAS devices are now not oriented towards geeks alone, but also appeal to the broader mainstream. QNAP is certainly a first mover in this development.”
Best Value Award - TweakTown (US) (2013/8/1)
“I'm really not sure what I'm more excited about, the TS-421 bringing good consumer performance or the new QTS 4.0 software that makes the unit easier to use.”
1st place - Chip Test & Kauf (Germany) (2013/08 - 2013/09)
TS-119P II
”Fast and quiet NAS with many good features. TS-119P II provides high transfer rates with excellent values ​​of more than 100MB/s reading and about 80 MB/s writing speed.“
Highly Recommended - TechPowerUp (US) (2013/7/27)
”To close, the TS-421 features QNAP's new and impressive QTS 4.0 firmware. It is fun to use and will even help novice users operate the NAS in the most efficient way.“
Best Choice - HD Fever (France) (2013/7/26)
"What we expect from a NAS is great performance, reliability, and easy to operate. From this point of view, the TS-469L is simply exceptional."
Cowcot Gold Award - Cowcotland (France) (2013/7/25)
“The QNAP TS-269L is a nice product. It has many competitive advantages, and great amount of functions that we're unable to list completely.”
4 Stars Award - cnet (US) (2013/7/25)
TS-469 Pro
“The QNAP TS-469 Pro NAS server offers great performance, a practical design, and a vast number of features.“
Brand of the year 2013 - PC-WELT (Germany) (2013/7/22)
1st place: Brand of the Year, 2013, Home/SOHO NAS Category
1st place: Brand of the Year, 2013, SMB NAS Category
1st place: Technology-winning, 2013, Home/SOHO NAS Category
1st place: Technology Winner, 2013, SMB NAS Category
Rating: 8.9 - InfoWorld (US) (2013/7/19)
"For the home user, the QNAP TS-669L offers a ton of usability in a compact and attractive package. For the business user, it offers a wide variety of services in a single box. However you choose to use the TS-669L, it will likely be a positive experience."
Score: 4.5/5 - Techday (New Zealand) (2013/7/18)
TS-469 Pro
“QNAP’s TS-469 PRO is one of the best servers available right now with a slick presence and quick access-speeds.”
4 Star rating - Wegotserved (US) (2013/7/14)
“From a software perspective, it is hard to beat what QNAP provides in QTS 4.01.”
BRONZE Award - Hardware.info (UK) (2013/7/13)
“The new QNAP TS-220 made a very nice impression. It's a versatile NAS thanks to the QTS 4.0 firmware, it has a good range of connectors and the chassis is practical.”
Score 9/10 - Thinkcomputers (US) (2013/7/8)
“I’m really impressed with the new layout for the control panel. Rather than an old frame or list paradigm like previous revisions, QTS 4 opts for a desktop-like feel.”
Recommended - PC World (Hungary) (2013/7/7)
"We've tested one of the best network attached storage of its segment."
10/10 Award & Editor’s choice – Umlan Reviews (US) (2013/7/5)
“The bottom line is that if you are looking for a well designed and over all well features NAS for home office and or entertainment uses, please keep TS-269L in consideration as you won't be disappointed.”
9/10 Award – Umlan Reviews (US) (2013/7/5)
“You don't have to be an IT Professional to get the most out of TS-421; however, if you are looking to do some custom work TS-421 does not limit you either.”
"This QNAP TS-421 is really efficient. It has a nice processor and enough RAM to maintain a good pace of work - even when multi-tasking."
Supreme Value and Performance Award - LegionHardware (Australia) (2013/7/3)
TS-221& TS-220
“Overall we have been impressed with the build quality, performance features and value of the QNAP TS-221 and TS-220. We highly recommend either product for those looking at purchasing a quality 2-bay NAS.”
Recommended - Hard-H2O(Spain) (2013/7/2)
“The QNAP TS-221 is everything you need as a server for your home and it is easy toget started, use and maintenance.”
Review of QNAP TS-421U - E.D.I (France) (2013/6/28)
”Not only is it notably rich in features, QTS 4.0 also offers a natural approach in instructing users in how to get the most from them.“
Editors' Choice – Macworld (UK) (2013/6/28)
"With potential for up to 48TB of storage, this rack-mounted NAS is aimed at small businesses seeking power on a budget."
Mainstream Recommendation - Madshrimps (Belgium) (2013/6/20)
“The TS-421 is a powerful yet easy to use network storage center for data storage, backup, synchronization, remote access, and home entertainment.”
4-Star Award – PC Advisor (UK) (2013/6/20)
“The QNAP TS-1079 is one very powerful, well-specified NAS unit, suitable for businesses and well-heeled power users who don't wish to install network racks.”
Recommended - A-List Award - PC Pro (UK) (2013/6/12)
“If you want an eight-bay rack-mount NAS appliance with power redundancy, an unbeatable range of features and tip-top 10GbE performance, the QNAP TS-870U-RP is a cracking choice.”
Golden Award – Nikktech (US) (2013/6/10)
“…it’s very quiet, has very good specifications, a wide range of features and the design of the new QTS 4.0 will certainly appeal to people who wanted an improved OS…”
Golden Award – NikkTech (US) (2013/6/10)
“Good performance, plenty of features, great build quality and an equally good price tag are the reasons as to why we give the TurboNAS TS-420 by QNAP our Golden Award.”
TS-470 Pro Review - blog ferbrz (Brazil) (2014/06/05)
TS-470 Pro
“The device is simply wonderful and deserves praise.”
Product of the year - HwT.dk (Denmark) (2013/6/4)
“All in all, this QNAP TS-220 performed solidly and built with great quality…”
Golden Tachometer Award - Benchmark Reviews (US) (2013/6/4)
“The performance of the QNAP TS-870U-RP Turbo NAS server was very impressive, and it certainly lived up to the marketing tagline for the new TS-x70 product line; “Economical yet Powerful 10GbE-capable NAS.”
Editor's Choice - CDRLab (US) (2013/5/29)
“The TS-269L also performed surprisingly well in our tests, reading and writing at more than 110 MB/s.”
Great Award - XtremeSystems (US) (2013/5/23)
“Combine a TS-221 with QTS 4.0 and the recipe for an excellent network solution is guaranteed.”
Review of QTS 4.0 NAS operating system - What-Hifi (UK) (2013/5/23)
QTS 4.0 / TS-221
"It makes both set-up and operation simpler, more logical and even more fun – if using a NAS can be described as fun.”
Recommended Product - MuyComputerPro (Spain) (2013/5/20)
"The QNAP TS-1679U-RP is a brilliant product, noted for its connectivity, expandability and versatility. QNAP offers a customizable solution with abundant peripheral accessories, making this high performance NAS a fantastic choice with a wide range of functions."
Most Wanted - Wegotserved (US) (2013/5/19)
“It is quiet, it is fast, and it has substantial expansion capacity.”“If you are looking for a Linux-based NAS device for use in a home or SOHO environment, the TS-469L will hold its own against any competitor.”
Review of TS-269 Pro - Thinkdigit (India) (2013/5/14)
TS-269 Pro
‘’It has many more interesting features, it’s fast and so it is an ideal NAS system for Small-to-Medium-Businesses as well as for home users who are in search of a high performance 2-bay NAS system.’’
Gold award - XtremeHardware (Italy) (2013/5/13)
''With the new software QTS 4.0, TS-421 proves to be complete and renovated which raises the quality of the solutions produced by the Taiwanese.''
Review of TS-469L - Hardwareonline.dk (Denmark) (2013/5/13)
“TS-469L is very fast in every way, especially in web GUI and file transfers.”
Review of QTS 4.0 - Techstation (Italy) (2013/5/9)
QTS 4.0
‘’QNAP has done a very good job updating the old GUI and greatly increased the use of the Consumer NAS for the users.’’
Review of TS-412 – Geekoids (UK) (2013/5/8)
“In brief, it is easy to set up and use and provides useful apps and services.”
Gold Award – GadgetGear.nl (Netherlands) (2013/5/7)
“With support of XBMC, QNAP makes the product immortal.”
Best Value Award – TweakTown (US) (2013/5/6)
“The software features are the standout with this unit, more than we can even count accurately and more than you will ever use.”
Gold Award – Extra PCC (Czech Republic) (May 2013)
“QNAP TS-269L is a dream come true for home theater fans.”
Great Product – Tweak.dk (Denmark) (2013/4/25)
"Performance - 92% - QNAP TS-269L is doing really well compared to its competitors.”
“Innovation - 93% - Many features, HD Station provides a good add-on to a standard NAS."
TS-469L Review – Akihabaranews (US) (2013/4/24)
“The QNAP TS-469L is very easy to upgrade/maintenance, has excellent (and constantly improving) apps that continuously crank the possibilities of your NAS.”
Pixelmania Award – Pixelmania (Netherlands) (2013/4/22)
TS-1079 Pro
“The TS-1079 Pro is easy to use, fast and has so many professional applications to store, manage, and back up files to third party cloud services.”
Platinum – DIGIFOTO PRO (Netherlands) (2013/4/18)
“This NAS provides a huge amount of possibilities for the semi-professional photographer and demanding home user.”
TS-469L review - Geekzone (New Zealand) (2013/4/15)
“TS-469L is certainly a solution for those digital entertainment consumers who expect flexibility and performance.”
Value Award – IT Pro (UK) (2013/4/15)
“The TS-1270U-RP makes 10-Gigabit an affordable option for SMBs and backs this up with excellent performance.”
5 Star rating – Macworld (UK) (2013/4/11)
“We’ve tested several NAS drives lately and the QNAP Turbo NAS TS-269L competes well in terms of build, features and specs.”
Recommended – Noticias3D (Spain) (2013/4/11)
“Very complete and revamped interface firmware.”
Editor’s Choice Award-eTeknix(UK) (2013/4/6)
TS-879 Pro
“…the flexibility to upgrade the NICs to faster options, the close range of performance across the RAID arrays and the extra reserve of power that the i3 has over Atom based NAS’ this has to be one of my favorite systems for now.”
PLATINUM PERFORMANCE - Techstation (Italy) (2013/4/4)
“The new TS-469L is perhaps one of the best NAS in the market which perfectly combines the characteristics of a professional class NAS and an evolved media player.”
We want it! award – cnews.cz (Czech Republic) (2013/4/4)
“QNAP TS-269L is almost a dream come true for fans of home theater. No Blu-ray discs needed, because the NAS is an integrated HD player.”
Rating 9 out of 10 - Computing on Demand (US) (2013/4/2)
TS-269 Pro
“What you have here in the TS-269 Pro is a master piece. This unit has everything you want, and more.”
Recommended - Noticias3D (Spain) (2013/4/2)
“There are numerous features designed for businesses, and for that, you really shouldn’t miss this NAS.”
4 Stars Award - PCWorld (New Zealand) (2013/4/2)
“The TS-212 is operated via a simple web portal, which is one of the cleanest and most ‘user-friendly’ NAS interfaces we’ve seen.”
5 Star Award – ChannelPartner (Germany) (2013/4/2)
TS-469 Pro
“For a simple and classic network this device can almost take over all server tasks.”
Networked entertainment with a NAS - Revista ON OFF (Spain) (April 2013)
TS-269L / HD Station
“With HD STATION and XBMC, the Turbo NAS TS-269L becomes a super fun media player packed with many features.”
Review of TS-469L – gameplay (Denmark) (April, 2013)
“With the right plugin installed, the NAS can be used as a home-theater PC, directly attached to the flat screen in the living room. It works flawlessly with full support for widespread media files, and additional plugins allows for surfing the Internet and browsing YouTube directly on the NAS.”
Editors Choice Award – Storage Times (US) (2013/3/23)
“Priced to please, this is a NAS that’s a must for any high-end SMB user that requires Virtualization and Replication at a lower budget point, without making any compromises.”
Platinum Award – Nikk Tech (US) (2013/3/20)
“However, for business and enterprise users such solutions are really a one way street and that’s why the TurboNAS TS-469U-RP by QNAP gets our Platinum award.”
Editor’s Choice Award – Real World Labs (US) (2013/3/18)
TS-269 Pro
“With the release of HD Station from QNAP It is pretty safe to say we can all throw away our standalone media players, that is if you have a QNAP appliance. If you don't yet have a NAS I’m not really sure what you’re waiting for.”
Recommended – Alt om DATA (Denmark) (2013/3/15)
“This 2-bay NAS is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses (as well as demanding home users) combining high quality with rich features and top notch performance. It is difficult to find fault with this NAS.”
Recommendation - High End Award – Madshrimps (Belgium) (2013/03/13)
“Thanks to its HD Station function and it’s modules, we can transform the server into a fully-featured media center for browsing the web, playing media content with XBMC or even for navigating through the Turbo NAS OS interface, without the need of using a PC.”
Scored 9 out of 10 – News and Reviews (UK) (2013/3/12)
“For now though when it comes to media player options, so far the QNAP is the best market option right now.”
Editor’s Choice Award – PcBrain (Italy) (2013/3/10)
TS-469 Pro
“TS-469 Pro not only built with high quality material, but also built-in with the best OS available for ease of use and the great amount of features.”
Recommended – Noticias3D (Spain) (2013/3/8)
“We grant our recommended product award to TS-469L. Users who are seeking for an excellent NAS for the home environment can get most out of it.”
Review of QNAP TS-569L Turbo NAS – ZEBULON.fr (France) (2013/3/5)
"With this few weeks of testing, we became really enthusiastic about the TS-569L, both by its functionality and its excellent performances."
Test: QNAP TS-879 Pro –Computerworld (Denmark) (2013/2/28)
TS-879 Pro
“Anyone that is looking for storage solutions for small and medium business, QNAP TS-879 Pro is one of the units you should consider.”
Test: QNAP TS-879 Pro – ComOn (Denmark) (2013/2/28)
TS-879 Pro
“TS-879 Pro is a great NAS for those who want to use it as web server or more demanding applications.”
Review of TS-469L and HD Station – SmallNetBulider (US) (2013/2/28)
TS-469L and HD Station
"Out of the NASes we've tested in the NAS-as-HTPC derby, QNAP's HD Station has the best execution so far. XBMC works very well on the QNAP, playing my two ginormous Blu-ray rips that the Thecus and ASUSTOR both had trouble with."
Gold Award – Hardware.Info (2013/2/14)
TS-269 Pro
“It is a fully-featured NAS, with good performance and lots of connectors.”
PRODUCT OF THE YEAR, GOLD AWARD – hwt.dk (Denmark) (2013/02/12)
“It has impressed me, with all its facilities and its strength in hardware. It is fast in daily use, the media center works fine and smoothly and is easy to set up and manage.”
The intelligent multimedia box – Datatid (Denmark) (2013/2/8)
“QNAP TS-269L is a brilliant luxury NAS solution that can send movies to your TV, stream music to your device, be used for backup and much more.”
Very good - SFT (Germany) (2013/02)
“The QNAP TS-269L dominated all major standards and protocols, for example, it can act as an iTunes server, manage surveillance cameras and work seamlessly with the playback software XBMC on the Raspberry Pi.“
Gold Award – Andrews Reviews (US) (February, 2013)
“HD Station really expands the feature set of an already very powerful NAS, increasing its versatility and dare I say it, stealing a lead on other premium NAS manufacturers.”
Technology Award - PC World (Hungary) (2013/01/31)
“The TS-269L is an extremely powerful device that knows everything.”
QNAP TS-269 Pro review - TechHive (US) (2013/1/30)
TS-269 Pro
“The TS-269 Pro is a very good NAS box - arguably the best in its class.”
Scored 8 out of 10 – Digital Reviews (Australia) (2013/1/30)
“It works as advertise Digital Reviews d. It has more features than you'll ever use and it is guaranteed to serve you well for a long time.”
Editors’ Choice – tech2 (India) (2013/1/29)
“Here is the best part and the highlight of the QNAP TS-X69 series—the rear panel sports an HDMI port using which one can connect a large LCD display or TV and watch high-definition movies directly from the NAS’ storage.”
Rating: 4 out of 5 – PC World (France) (2013/1/24)
“If you’re looking for a multi-purpose NAS which can also be a media-center, the TS-269L is the answer.”
Best Choice / Exetreme Quality – The Overclock Hole (2013/1/18)
TS-269 Pro
“Fast updates and an incredibly vast and powerful software pack make the NAS solution work for all your networking needs.”
Rating: 5 out of 5 – Book of the future (UK) (2013/1/18)
“Loads of cool features combined with great fundamentals make this a truly great piece of kit."
Rating 4 out of 5 – Tietokone (Finland) (2013/1/18)
“TS-269L offers impressive selection of services."
Real performance – Real World Labs (US) (2013/1/14)
TS-869 Pro
“The QNAP TS-869 Pro is a worthy NAS appliance for businesses that want low startup cost with the ability to scale performance as they grow their business.”
4 Stars Award - eReviews.dk (Denmark) (2013/01/05)
“In short, the QNAP TS-469L a very reasonable purchase, regardless of whether you are a fussy home user or a user in small offices who need a robust, high-performance NAS solution.”
Top 10 most popular home use NAS of the year, 1st place - TecChannel (Germany)(2012/12/30)
TS-210 Turbo NAS
"QNAP TS-210 Turbo NAS is designed for growing SOHO market, combining business functions and multimedia features in one device."
Top 10 most popular home use NAS of the year, 3rd place - TecChannel (Germany)(2012/12/30)
TS-410 Turbo NAS
"QNAP TS-410 Turbo NAS is featured with extensive functions that are suitable for both SOHO and home users."
Top 10 most popular home use NAS of the year, 5th place - TecChannel (Germany)(2012/12/30)
TS-119P+ Turbo NAS
"TS-119P+ is designed for home users, and it comes with a range of multimedia features."
Editors Choice – iTrends (Denmark) (2012/12/29)
“TS-469L contains all the features that QNAP is known for and is combined with super fast Atom 2.1GHz processor that provides the desired performance level within NAS servers.”
Test of the revolutionary firmware v3.8 – ITmedia PC USER (Japan) (2012/12/21)
Firmware v3.8
“3.8 firmware is a very ambitious version that’s heading to the future.”
MKB Best Choice Awards - WINMAG Pro magazine (Nederland) (2012/12/19)
TS-669 Pro
“The TS-669 Pro has all the modern features you would expect from a business NAS.”
QNAP TS-869 Pro – Itsvet (Croatia) (2012/12/18)
TS-869 Pro
“The hardware configuration is quite good and it has the 2.13GHz Intel Atom Dual-Core Processor, which is not only sufficient to cope with a bit more complex RAID configurations but also data encryption too.”
Editor’s Choice – Datormagazin (Sweden) (Issue 11, 2012)
TS-469 Pro
“This is without a doubt one of the best 4-bay NAS units on the market right now. And if we also take the price into consideration, approximately 6,800 SEK, it is THE best.”
Gold Award – HWM (Singapore) (December 2012)
TS-469 Pro
“From the features perspective, QNAP pretty much lets the IT administrators get down to business without fuss, thanks to having the operating system pre-installed. It’s also built like a tank, yet designed with aesthetics in mind.”
Best in test – iNPUT Magazine (Denmark) (2012/12/13)
“If you are seeking a stable, high-performance and advanced NAS with 2 drive bays, you'll be greatly challenged to find anything better than TS-269L.”
Recommended – Hard-h2o (Spain) (2012/12/11)
“The QNAP TS-269L is synonymous with versatility, simplicity, and robustness, and capable of offering features for both multimedia and business scenarios to the highest level.”
Verdict: 5/6 - PC World (Norway) (2012/12/09)
TS-569 Pro
"In terms of both read and write speeds, we see numbers exceedding 100 MB/s when transferring large files – and that performance level is maintained even when several clients access the NAS concurrently."
An interface is not as difficult – FAQ-MAC (Spain) (2012/12/07)
“…the TS-269L TurboNAS offers not only a solid experience in storing files remotely, but also many additional highly customizable services that you can leverage via software.”
Remarkable product award - ITfiles (2012/12/05) (Romania)
TS-469 Pro
"Finally, I hope I managed to convey at least a part of the excitement gained during testing of TS-469 Pro, which I consider a perfect product and highly recommend it to anyone."
READERS 'CHOICE: QNAP TS-879 Pro - IT Professional (Poland) (2012/12/01)
TS-879 Pro
“TS-879 Pro is not just a NAS with very high capacity. It is equipped with high performance, easy to operate and configurate features. “
Great Performance Award - XtremeSystems Fourms (US) (2012/11/26)
“So, if you're searching for a two bay NAS, and you're looking for a sturdy and easy-to-use NAS that offers high performance, then the QNAP TS-269L is one of the best choices on the market.”
Review of TS-469L - Cachem (France) (2012/11/20)
“Without any doubt. The case quality is perfect. Performance-wise, this is the top. “
Editor’s Choice - GearNYT.dk (Denmark) (2012/11/20)
TS-219P II
“The quality of the hardware is remarkably high, and I have experienced 100% reliability and stability.”
Review of TS-269L - com! Magazin (Germany) (2012/11/20)
“Thanks to the very good features, the TS-269L performs at lightning speed which makes it ideal for multiple users to access or for large amount of data streaming.”
QNAP TS-269L Review - Laptopworld.dk (Denmark) (2012/11/16)
"Overall, the performance and features of TS-269L are excellent, and the price is relative to what you get, quite nice.”
Editor’s Choice Award - Real World Labs (2012/11/15) (US)
"The Turbo NAS TS-269L by QNAP is without doubt a wonderful piece of hardware which will certainly cover 80% of the users out there due to its very good hardware and software specifications with OS firmware 3.7.3."
Very Well Award - Online PC Magazin, TS-269L (Switzerland) (2012/11/14)
"The 2-bay TS-269L NAS is designed for demanding users who require a great performance NAS system.”
Product Excellence Award - Benchmarkhardware.com (Spain) (2012/11/11)
"In conclusion, the QNAP TS-269L NAS offers our business all the great technology of a larger, more professional NAS server at a reduced cost for all that it does and with a minimal investment required."
QNAP TS-269 Pro Review - Absolute Gadget (US) (2012/11/09)
TS-269 Pro
"If you are looking for a powerful, well-built server to provide your business with the reliability it needs, the TS-269 Pro is one to go for.”
Final Score: 8/10 – News and Reviews (UK) (2012/11/7)
TS-669 Pro
“The TS-669 Pro is certainly a unit built for the modern business that demands a robust, reliable, feature-rich network storage solution”
Review of QNAP TS-269L – Laptopworld.dk (Denmark) (2012/11/07)
Overall, the TS-269L is a pleasant acquaintance, performance and features are excellent, and the price is relative to what you get, quite nice.
QNAP Turbo NAS TS-469L Video Review - Geekanoids, TS-469L (UK) (2012/11/03)
"Whether you are at home, working from home, or even in a small to medium sized office, the QNAP TS-469L is the Network Attached Storage server that could deliver everything you want.”
Best features award - TweakTown, TS-869 Pro (US) (2012/11/01)
TS-869 Pro
"The price of TS-869 Pro is very competitive with other 8-bay NAS units on the market, even though without QNAP's many robust hardware and software features.”
5 Star Award - ChannelPartner, TS-669 Pro (Germany) (2012/10/29)
TS-669 Pro
" The QNAP TS-669 Pro is a NAS which offers high quality and easy to use software.”
TS-879 Pro Review - ebulon.fr, TS-879 Pro (2012/10/12)
TS-879 Pro
“After few weeks of testing, we are extremely excited about the features and the outstanding performances of QNAP TS-879 Pro. It’s a very powerful and easy to operate NAS.”
Recommended Award - Hi-Fi Choice, TS-469 Pro (UK) (2012/10/09)
TS-469 Pro
“Like: reliable, glitch-free operation; decent build; handy text display.”
4.5 Star Award - PC World Australia, TS-469 Pro (Australia) (2012/10/09)
TS-469 Pro
“If you want something with a great amount of features, good ease of use and fast performance for a busy household or a small office, then the TS-469Pro should definitely be considered.”
QNAP TS-269L TurboNAS for those who want great performance - Xataka.com (Spain) (2012/09/19)
"The possibilities of the QNAP TS-269L TurboNAS are immense, both for the professional and home use."
Editor’s Choice – HardwareMX (Mexico) (2012/09/15)
TS-219P II
“Definitely a pretty innovative device for those connoisseurs who are interested in network storage technologies. They would be delighted to have a QNAP product in their hands.”
4 Stars Rating - eReviews.dk (Denmark) (2012/09/13)
"A new NAS user will not be intimidated by the numerous features QNAP TS-269L offers, because it is just so intuitive and simple to set up."
Rating: 9 out of 10 - NEWSANDREVIEWS (UK) (2012/09/07)
TS-419P II
"Featuring versatile applications for data storing, sharing, and backup, paired with top-notch hardware specifications among the same class products, the TS-419P II provides an extraordinary solution for home and SOHO environments."
Editor’s Choice - HotHardware.com (US) (2012/09/05)
TS-569 Pro
"We're far more impressed with its rock solid performance no matter what you're doing, whether it's moving batches of files to and from, or streaming video."
Recommendation Award - Allround-PC (Germany) (2012/09/05)
TS-269 Pro
To power users with high standards we are recommending this unit without doubt.
QNAP TS-569 Pro Turbo NAS Review - Zebulon.fr (France) (2012/09/05)
TS-569 Pro
"The maturity level of TS-569 Pro is for sure a lasting investment. It includes complete and powerful features, thus we can assure that you certainly won’t regret the purchase."
Label Performance / Recommended - 59 Hardware (France) (2012/09/03)
TS-1079 Pro
“For its numerous strengths, proven reliability, performance and first-class management interface, we recommend the excellent QNAP TS-1079 Pro that can reach 40 TB in storage capacity to professionals.”
APH equal.balance Award - APH Networks Inc. (Canada) (2012/08/31)
TS-419P II
"If you are a home or SOHO user looking for something that is powerful and does not break the bank, the QNAP TS-419P II is one awesome NAS to behold."
Platinum Award - NiKK Tech (US) (2012/8/25)
TS-269 Pro
- Excellent Build Quality
- Top Performance (Speed/Temperatures/Power Consumption)
- New IP Camera Support"
TS-1279U-RP Review - Enterprise storage forum (India) (2012/8/17)
“The QNAP 79 series of storage products offer a wide array of services to meet most every need.”
Editor’s Choice- Real World Labs (US) (2012/08/15)
TS-569 Pro
"With a QNAP such as this TS-569 Pro, you can move everything in house with less overhead and eliminate the wait. Which in the end increases productivity and increases your SMBs profits. A true win in this economy."
QNAP NAS with extensive possibilities - Datanews (2012/08/14) (Netherlands)
TS-669 Pro
"The results of our tests with the Intel NAS Performance Test shows that TS-669 Pro is the fastest tower NAS that we have tested. It also offers more features than the NAS units of other brands."
Product Excellence Award: 10/10 – Benchmarkhardware.com (Spain) (2012/7/31)
TS-469 Pro
The QNAP NAS TS-469 Pro, it goes without saying that we wholeheartedly recommend this product for any office, home user or tech enthusiast.
Golden Award - NiKK Tech (US) (2012/7/30)
TS-119P II
“We are here to judge a product based on its build quality, performance and price tag and because the TS-119P II almost excels in all three it receives our Golden Award.”
Gold Award – Andrews Reviews (UK) (2012/07/30)
TS-269 Pro
If you are looking for a powerful and well-built server to provide your business with the reliability it needs, look no further than the TS-269 Pro.
QNAP TS-469 Pro NAS - Favegadget (US) (2012/7/28)
TS-469 Pro
“The QNAP TS-469 Pro is one of the fastest NAS servers on the market. I tested it via a Gigabit Ethernet connection and it scored 105MBps and 103MBps for writing and reading, respectively, in RAID 5.”
Supreme Value Award – Legion Hardware (Australia) (2012/07/25)
TS-419P II
“Anyone looking for an affordable yet speedy four bay NAS should certainly check out the TS-419P II, as there really is no better solution at this point in time.”
Editors Choice / Very Fast Awards - bytheway.gr (Greece) (2012/07/21)
TS-269 Pro
“In general, in terms of performance, it is fast, stable, and very reliable.”
QNAP TS-419P II Review - Tech 2 (India) (2012/7/19)
TS-419P II
“Those looking for a decent and feature-rich storage solution to centrally store around 12 TB of data with additional features of servers, download clients and surveillance capabilities, the QNAP TS-419P II is an ideal option.”
Extreme Performance Award - eTeknix (UK) (2012/7/17)
TS-869 Pro
“(TS-869 Pro) paved its way to the top of the list that I’ve got running here at HQ with its pure speed capabilities.”
Recommended - Hwbox (Greece) (2012/7/16)
TS-219P II
As far as the operating system is concerned, we have to mention that TS-219P II provides such an amazing user experience, that it's hard to find anything similar.
QNAP TS-669 Pro Turbo NAS Review - SlashGear (US) (2012/07/16)
TS-669 Pro
"The convenience of the cloud is great, but if you want a pro-level data storage and sharing system and you take backup seriously, the QNAP TS-669 Pro Turbo NAS should be on your shortlist."
Great Performance Award - XtremeSystems Fourms (US) (2012/07/16)
TS-269 Pro
“For those seeking a high performance 2-bay NAS that is backed by excellent software then the TS -269 Pro should be your first choice.”
QNAP TS-219P II: review - Tech360 (Italy) (2012/7/13)
TS-219P II
“We strongly recommend TS-219P II to NAS newbies for both domestic and professional use.”
4 Stars Rating - BCW (UK) (2012/7/11)
TS-1079 Pro
“The TS-1079 Pro is a small-business product and one that, otherwise, delivers the core feature set, performance and capacity now demanded by buyers in that market.”
5 Stars Rating - IT Pro (UK) (2012/07/03)
“It offers a good hardware package for the price whilst NAS and IP SAN performance over 10GbE is impeccable.”
Platinum Award - NiKK Tech (US) (2012/6/30)
TS-469 Pro
“The TurboNAS TS-469 Pro by QNAP is without doubt a wonderful piece of hardware which will certainly cover 99% of the users out there (especially pros) due to its excellent hardware and software specifications.”
HARDWARE.INFO (Netherlands) (2012/06/29)
The QNAP TS-412 is a different beast altogether, with room for four disks and a more reasonable price
Highly Recommended - TECHPOWERUP (USA) (2012/06/26)
TS-669 Pro
It needs no Linux knowledge, you can set it up in a few minutes using its intuitive interface and the network speeds it achieves are very good.
Editor’s Choice - e-zone (Hong Kong, China)(2012/06/14)
TS-219P II
The TS-219P II features a great price and capability to expand storage with the built-in two USB 3.0 ports and two eSATA ports. TS-219P II outperforms other competing products at the same price range.
4 Stars Rating - Macworld (UK) (2012/06/13)
TS-419P II
"Affordable; efficient; low in heat and noise; gives plenty of control; relatively straightforward."
Best Features on 1st semester 2012– 59 Hardware (FR) (2012/06/06)
TS-419P II
“The TS-419P II is a masterpiece. In fact, all the 4-bay NAS from QNAP are the best devices and worth possessing.”
Gold Award – Hardware.Info (UK) (2012/06/06)
TS-669 Pro
“If you want a speedy and versatile NAS with a display, hard disk trays you can close and tons of features then the QNAP TS-669 Pro is a great choice.”
Editor’s Choice – DigitalReviews (Australia) (2012/06/04)
“This particular unit, the TS-EC879U-RP, is the most outstanding member of that illustrious family of NAS units. Speed and capacity abound in this machine.”
Real Performance – Real World Labs (US) (2012/06/01)
TS-419P II
“The Web Interface is still my favorite since it's by far the most user friendly I have seen...”
Recommended - PC!ADV (Taiwan)(2012/06/01)
TS-469 Pro
"We hereby recommend the TS-469 Pro for its fast speed and easy settings."
Recommended by PC World–PC World (FR) (2012/06/01)
TS-259 Pro +
“The TS-259Pro + will be enough to satisfy the most faultfinding users. It is a very complete NAS that can run well in strained environment. In our opinion, the TS-259Pro + is the best of NAS we have tested."
Recommended - ComputerDIY (Taiwan) (2012/06/01)
TS-869 Pro
From hardware to software, the QNAP TS-869 Pro well meets the expectations of small and medium business users.
Best Choice - Computer Magazine Pro (Italy) (2012/06/01)
TS-879 Pro
We are in front of a very good product which is not only capable of serving as a workstation but also a web-based file management system for high-end SMB
Secutech Excellence Awards - NVR Excellence Award - Secutech (Taiwan)(2012/5/28)
VS-12164U-RP PRO
"QNAP VioStor NVR not only shows its excellence on hardware performance but also displays itself with great reliability."
4 Stars Rating - PCdeMano.com (Spain) (2012/05/24)
TS-469 Pro
“If you really want a powerful, very powerful NAS, more powerful than you need, then you should have a look at the TS-469 Pro from QNAP”.
Recommended Award - TechPowerUp (US) (2012/05/24)
TS-419P II
"All in all I think that the TS-419P II is a good investment for your money, if you are looking for a NAS device to make your life easier and require access to your files from everywhere along with a dozen other functions.”
4 stars out of 5 - PC ADVISOR (UK) (2012/05/23)
TS-419P II
“In our experience of QNAP products, the hardware is the initial stand-out feature – solid, metal cabinets and quality engineering throughout…the QNAP TS-419P II runs efficiently and is low in heat and noise.”
4 stars out of 5 - Business Computer World (UK) (2012/05/22)
“The QNAP appliance still delivers a good mix of enterprise-class features and performance at an affordable SME price.”
Recommended - PC Pro (UK)(2012/5/17)
"Qnap’s TS-412 packs in a huge amount for the money."
Editor’s Choice - e-zone (Hong Kong, China)(2012/05/17)
The TS-212, a feature-rich unit, is born for faultfinding users. With reasonable price and warrent policy, it is fully deserve to become the best choice for its excellent backup solution, powerful FTP server and high speed data access over Samba.
Gold Award – Andrew’s Reviews (UK) (2012/05/16)
TS-219P II
“The QNAP does tick all of the boxes for a high-end two bay NAS and users will not be disappointed.”
QNAP TS-469 Pro Turbo NAS Review - MacGeneration (France) (2012/05/14)
TS-469 Pro
"Compact, powerful, well thought-out, with many ports, including two Ethernet ports and a suite of compelling software features, it is undoubtedly a success."
Gold Award - Insidehardware.it (Italy) (2012/05/13)
"The QNAP TS-419P+ confirms the experience and quality QNAP has accustomed us in its product range. The high quality materials show a high constructive level with an excellent design that is the perfect conjunction between aesthetics and ergonomics."
Recommended and Functional - Donanimhaber.com (TR)(2012/05/08)
TS-419P II
The TS-419P II, one of the affordable 4-bay NAS in the market, arms to deliver QNAP’s high-end network storage technology to home users. QNAP strike a balance of performance and budget.
Awesome Award - Custom PC Review (US)(2012/05/07)
TS-419P II
“Technical users looking for a NAS to power their home or small business server would find the QNAP TS-419P II a perfect fit for their needs.”
Recommended Award - Sabios del PC (Spain) (2012/05/05)
TS-469 Pro
"Excellent performance and speed of operating.”
Platinum Award - Nikk Tech (US)(2012/05/02)
TS-259 Pro+
“TS-259 Pro+ is a real gem in the NAS world and that's why it gets our Platinum award.”
Excellent Award - Hard-h2o.com (Spain) (2012/05/02)
"We are sure that TS-212 is the perfect equipment for those who seek for functionalities and user-friendly configuration interface.”
Recommended - 59 Hardware (France)(2012/05/02)
TS-119P II
"The QNAP TS-119P II is the one we recommend because it will absolutely meet all the customer’s expectations without the slightest risk of disappointing them."
Rating: 7.5 out of 10 - PC Professionale (Italy)(2012/05/01)
TS-469 Pro
"This is the confirmation that QNAP NAS solution is the most comprehensive and speedy one in terms of hardware and software."
Legion Hardware (Australia) (2012/05/01)
TS-879 Pro
"For users wanting extreme throughput from a somewhat small NAS device the QNAP TS-879 Pro is certainly worth checking out.”
Best Buy - Expert Reviews (UK)(2012/04/30)
TS-219P II
"We loved this NAS enclosure’s fast transfer speeds, reasonable price and excellent user interface."
4 Star - SME Channels (India)(2012/4/30)
“It is so sturdy that any load on the machine can be easily handled.”
Best Buy - Expert Reviews (UK)(2012/04/30)
“There’s no need to buy a two-bay NAS enclosure when this fantastic four-bay is currently so cheap.”
Editor’s Choice, Very Fast Award - By The Way (Greece)(2012/04/29)
TS-469 Pro
“Equipped with 2,13GHz Intel dual-core processor and 1GB RAM, TS-469 Pro promises a high level of performance for many uses.”
Recommended Award - Reg Hardware (UK)(2012/4/28)
TS-219P II
“This box offers a pretty decent performance, with all sequential operations hovering in the 70MB/s region.”
Editor’s Choice - Dream Ware Computers (Canada)(2012/04/25)
TS-219P II
“TS-219P II is much more than just a storage device and makes a great home or small office server too.”
Best Buy - Expert Reviews (UK)(2012/04/21)
TS-219P II
“We loved this NAS enclosure’s fast transfer speeds, reasonable price and excellent user interface.”
Recommended Award -IT PRO (UK)(2012/4/20)
“The storage features in QNAP’s NAS appliances just keep on getting better and its cloud services are currently the best available.”
Recommended Award - HEXUS.net (UK)(2012/4/18)
TS-469 Pro
“As far as four-bay turnkey NAS solutions are concerned; it's hard to imagine getting much better than the TS-469 Pro.”
Gold Award - XTreme Hardware (Italy)(2012/4/13)
TS-219P II
"QNAP has always been synonymous with quality and performance. In this case, TS-219P II showcases the magical result to demonstrate what NAS can do."
Excellent Award - XtremeSystems (US)(2012/04/02)
TS-669 Pro
"Top notch performance and usability."
4.5 Star - PC Advisor (UK)(2012/3/30)
TS-879 Pro
"If you need the amount of storage that eight bays provide, along with top performance and advanced features, there's no better multibay NAS box to be had."
PCWorld Business Ready Award - PCWorld (US)(2012/03/27)
TS-459 Pro II
“Super performance, four bays, USB 3.0, and a wealth of software features make this box a dream for SMBs."
Gold Award - Hardware.Info (Netherlands)(2012/3/25)
TS-559 Pro II
"The Gold Award goes to QNAP TS-459 Pro II and TS-559 Pro II. These NAS devices provide excellent performance and just about everything on board that you would wish..."
Silver Award - Hardware.Info (Netherlands)(2012/3/25)
TS-419P II
"If you look at the housing and the capabilities of the firmware, you should really think of more reasons not to buy these models."
Gold Award - Hardware.Info (Netherlands)(2012/3/25)
TS-459 Pro II
"The Gold Award goes to QNAP TS-459 Pro II and TS-559 Pro II. These NAS devices provide excellent performance and just about everything on board that you would wish..."
Recommended Product Award - HispaZone.com (Spain)(2012/03/15)
TS-219P II
"Undoubtedly one of the best dual-bay NAS products we can find in the market."
Product of the Year 2011/12 - benchmark.pl (Poland)(2012/03/15)
TS-219P II
"Best equipment for companies in the SMB sector..."
Innovation Award - eTeknix (UK) (2012/03/12)
TS-419P II
"Overall we have been very impressed with the TS-419P II from QNAP, its ease of use, looks and well placed price in the market make it a desirable option and one to seriously consider."
5 star - Hifitest.de (Germany)(2012/03/08)
"QNAP plays an important role in the professional NAS system field. It is experienced and has a lot great features to offer."
Score: 81 out of 100 - PC Utilities (UK) (2012/03/08)
TS-219P II
"In terms of build quality QNAP has done a great job, and it feels substantial and well-made."
"There’s a lot to like about the latest NAS from QNAP."
Macworld Labs: QNAP TS-419P + NAS server with professional soul - Gizmologia (Spain)(2012/02/14)
TS-419P+ Turbo NAS
"I can’t even begin to describe how perfect this NAS is, from the simple storage solution to the most advanced remote access, user management and disk configuration, QNAP performs all functions as a great professional server in exchange of only 30 W of power at full load. "
Gold Award - SSDreview (Germany)(2012/02/14)
TS-259 Pro+ Turbo NAS
" Very good and comprehensive web-based configuration and management interface "
Score: 9.25 out of 10 - Benchmark Reviews (US)(2012/02/07)
"The QNAP TS-879U-RP Turbo NAS network storage server is best suited to a very tech-capable IT organization that can take full advantage of all the capabilities and functions it offers. The applications are well designed and documented, to the point where most IT pros can easily handle setup and administration of even the most advanced capabilities."
Four Star - V3.co.uk (UK)(2012/02/06)
"We were impressed by the QNAP TS-1279U-RP, which proved both robust and easy to use"
Rating: 8 of 10 - IDG.se (Sweden)(2012/02/03)
TS-219P+ Turbo NAS
“QNAP Turbo TS-219P+ is a 2-bay NAS with several impressing features, and the built-in virus scanning is probably the most unique one of its features.”
Editor's Choice - Micro Actuel(France)(2012/02/02)
TS-119P+ Turbo NAS
"The QNAP Turbo TS-119P+ we are dealing with is a great stuff! It provides us an exhaustive list of features, from file server to the Download Station, and the iTunes server."
Le choix - PC Achat (France)(2012/02/01)
TS-119P II
"Fast, convenient and comprehensive. QNAP Turbo NAS TS-119P II is suitable for personal users."
Excellent - CHIP (Italy) (2012/02/01)
TS-559 Pro II
"The TS-559 Pro II is not simply a NAS. It is a well-functioning server. Being suitable for home users, it's also a great choice for small offices for its competitive price and performance."
Winner - PC WELT (Germany)(2012/01/23)
TS-219P II
"QNAP Turbo NAS TS-219P II was found in the test as a powerful and well-functioned two-bay NAS which is much more outstanding than other brands."
Editor's Choice and Very Fast Award - By The Way (Greece)(2012/01/20)
TS-419P II
Top NAS 2011 - 59' HARDWARE (France)(2012/01/18)
TS-419P II
"We find QNAP Turbo TS-419P II can serve as not only the best download manager but also the best multimedia sharing device."
2012 Technology of the Year Award - InfoWorld (US)(2012/01/16)
TS-659 Pro II Turbo NAS
"In short, the QNAP strikes the best balance among power, ease, and price in its class, and that's no easy feat in the competitive NAS marketplace."
Editor's Choice - Windows News (France)(2012/01/16)
TS-659 Pro II Turbo NAS
"QNAP Turbo NAS - TS-659 Pro II incorporates many features, excellent performances and a great hardware design..."
QNAP TS-419P II NAS Review - Xbit laboratories (US)(2012/01/16)
TS-419P II
"QNAP’s firmware offers a lot of extra features that transform this NAS into a powerful server."
"Home users will appreciate the nice-looking exterior and high quality of manufacture of this product."
1st place of Top 100 IT products - Wired.IT (Italy)(2012/01/16)
TS-119P II
"The device is fully compatible with Mac networks, Windows, Linux, and allows users to play audio and video from the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Furthermore, there are also compatible apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices."
Four Star - MuyComputer PRO(Spain)(2012/01/11)
TS-419P+ Turbo NAS
"The QNAP Turbo TS-419P+ is an outstanding product which stands out with its excellent hardware quality and utility function options offered for the users. This NAS is not only a fantastic gadget to store and share files but also a perfect media server which supports remote access. It can be a very interesting gadget for professionals."
Platinum Award - El Chapuzas Informático (Spain)(2011/12/25)
TS-212 Turbo NAS
"QNAP TS-212 is stable with strong security features and well built hardware."
Quality Award - Computer Hoy (Spain)(2011/12/22)
TS-219P II
"The QNAP TS-219P II received the Quality Award from Computer Hoy magazine with a rating of 8.98/10 and was selected as the best NAS in the NAS roundup."
Best Products of 2011 - PCWorld (USA)(2011/12/20)
TS-259 Pro+ Turbo NAS
"This feature-packed unit sports dual Gigabit Ethernet connections for failover protection and better performance, and supports iSCSI as well. The "Pro" in the moniker here is no joke: This enclosure means business."
"Compared with everyone else in the industry, QNAP's OS is light-years ahead."
Editor's Choice - PC Achat (France)(2011/12/15)
TS-119P II
"Rich-featured, great performance and simplistic solution."
QUICK TEST - PCWorld (Romania)(2011/12/15)
TS-1079 Pro
"There is no other device that can compete with TS-1079 Pro. Any small company can use this equipment to fulfill most of the needs for data storage, remote access and backup."
Recommended Award - PCWorld (Hungary)(2011/12/13)
TS-212 Turbo NAS
"The QNAP TS-212 offers great value in terms of performance and cost."
Great Performance - XtremeSystems (Greece)(2011/12/11)
TS-219P II
"You wouldn't do much wrong in opting for it, if you are in the market for a 2 bay NAS and you need top performance."
Golden Award - HardWare Análisis (Spain)(2011/12/05)
TS-212 Turbo NAS
  • Overall quality
  • Cooling system
  • Full operating system
  • Software included, besides being able to install third party applications
  • Great c/p value"
"Final verdict: 9,1 / 10"
RECOMMENDED Award - IT PRO (UK)(2011/12/05)
TS-879 Pro
"The TS-879 Pro delivers a range of storage features that the competition will be hard pressed to match let alone beat."
Product of the year - HwT.dk (Denmark)(2011/12/02)
TS-219P II
"I know nothing about iSCSI or anything about user administration. But my QNAP Turbo TS-219P II is really easy to set up after short time of learning."
Gold Award - Computing on Demand (US)(2011/11/29)
"The increase in horsepower really shows when you are making system changes; reboots are faster and RAID rebuild is faster."
"When you start adding things like flexibility and security into the equation, you might find yourself with a hard product to beat. "
Well designed and easy to use - 59 Hardware (France)(2011/11/29)
TS-419P II
"An impressive feature-rich high level server."
A List Award - PC Pro (UK)(2011/11/28)
TS-879 Pro
"Impressively fast over Gigabit and 10GbE, and drowning in features, including support for popular cloud backup services."
Editors Real Deal Award - Real World LABs (Greece)(2011/11/25)
TS-219P II
"Once you use any NAS unit manufactured by QNAP you will never even believe that they may release something which will not be on par with what you've already used and that applies 100% with the TS-219P II since it's faster than its already excellent predecessor and at roughly the same price tag."
  • Excellent Performance (Speed/Temperatures/Power Consumption)
  • Features
  • Web Interface"
Approuvé - 01Net. (France)(2011/11/23)
TS-419P II
"The TS-419P II combines high performance and an amazing amount of functions. A geek's dream and a good choice for SOHO users."
PRODUCT OF THE YEAR - Hwt.dk (Denmark)(2011/11/23)
TS-419P II
"A super well made NAS with great amount of features. "
"The software is easy to navigate. When you are inside the administration’s menu, the control is natural en easy to handle."
Producto Recomendado - PC Actual (Spain)(2011/11/21)
TS-219P II
The compact and attractive designed TS-219P II has brought unlimited possibilities: you can share files across Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Unix operation systems and manage P2P download. The TS-219P II is compatible with a wide range of video surveillance cameras. It also provides antivirus feature and supports the creation of a personal cloud."
Renewal Award - APH Networks Inc.(Canada)(2011/11/18)
TS-219P II
"Everything is very well organized, and works so well out of the box, that my good buddy sitting next to me can very well configure such a device with little to no problems."
"All in all, I was very impressed with the performance of the TS-219P II. QNAP continues to use their V3 firmware with an excellent web UI. The AJAX powered web configuration interface is not only clean and structured, but it is also very functional."
Five Star - COMPUTERWORLD (Spain)(2011/11/15)
"Undoubtedly, a scalable solution for any business."
TS-1279U-RP - BetaNews (Korea)(2011/11/07)
"Powerful and easy to use QNAP business NAS, TS-1279U-RP."
2011 Super Value Award - ComputerDIY (Taiwan)(2011/11/01)
TS-412 Turbo NAS
"The large capacity design of TS-412 is proficient for home multimedia or small server utilization, suitable for small offices and homes."
Golden Tachometer Award - Benchmark Reviews (USA)(2011/11/01)
TS-419P II
"The QNAP TS-419P II Turbo NAS network storage server is best suited to a very tech-capable SOHO organization that can take full advantage of all the capabilities and functions it offers. The applications are well designed and documented, to the point where most resident geeks can handle setup and administration of even the most advanced capabilities."
  • Support Apps available for multiple cloud services
  • Support App available for Mobile access
  • VMware Ready iSCSI for virtualization deployments
  • Online RAID Capacity Expansion and Level Migration"
Supreme Value Award - Legion Hardware (Australia) (2011/10/31)
TS-219P II
"For now it looks like QNAP has Synology beat for the best value performance single and dual bay NAS device."
"Anyone looking for an affordable yet speedy single bay or dual bay NAS should certainly check out these new models, as there really are no better solutions at this point in time. "
excellent hardware - HARDWARELUXX (Germany)(2011/10/28)
TS-459 Pro II Turbo NAS
"QNAP TS-459 Pro II is an all-on-one- device station for every purpose: A mixture of Download-Station, iTunes Server, Internet-Cloud and many other features. Very easy to set up and access your data as fast as from a local drive."
Editor's Choice - KitGuru Limited (UK)(2011/10/28)
TS-219P II
"While the software aspect of this product is superb, we were also impressed with the performance of the TS 219P II. 106 MB/s in our sequential read test is a very impressive result."
"Kitguru says: One of the best NAS systems under £300"
  • very strong large file performance
  • quiet
  • fantastic user interface"
Excellence award - WhichNas (US)(2011/10/27)
"The QNAP TS-EC1279U-RP is an impressive enterprise level NAS server that sets a new standard for all high-end NAS devices."
"It should not come as any surprise that the QNAP TS-EC1279U-RP richly deserves our Excellence Award, and that makes it twice in a row for QNAP! Well done."
Editor's Choice Award - Tweaktown.com (US)(2011/10/26)
TS-659 Pro II Turbo NAS
"QNAP's firmware updates, advanced software packages and add-on features are best in class; no one is doing it better and after seeing the TS-659 Pro II in action I can say that no one is even close at this time."
Superb and Editor’s Choice - TheLab.gr (Greece)(2011/10/24)
TS-219P II
"We should note here that apart from a very good device, it also has great after-sales support, both in terms of firmware updates and integrating third party applications on it."
  • Outstanding Network Performance
  • It can fulfill many roles in our network"
Recommended (RECOMMANDE PAR) - 59hardware.net (France)(2011/10/24)
TS-219P II
"QNAP stands out from its competitors with its comprehensive, diverse and stable features .We were particularly attracted by its ease of use."
Recomendado N3D - Noticias 3D (Spain)(2011/10/22)
"It is clear that the NAS QNAP TS-EC1279U-RP is extremely complete. It has certainly exceeded any user or even SMEs' expectations in all aspects: firmware, hardware ... So we already know who the target: companies that require a large influx of data and a large capacity."
  • Even more options than we expected (and integrates antivirus).
  • Support 12 units of hot-swappable disk.
  • Dual power supply.
  • USB 3.0, eSATA, etc."
TS-1079 Pro - BetaNews (Korea)(2011/10/13)
TS-1079 Pro
"Cloud booming, QNAP high-performance NAS, TS-1079 Pro."
Excellence award - WhichNas (US)(2011/10/12)
"QNAP TS-879U-RP is well designed and build quality is impressive. The feature set is comprehensive as it provides for Small Business as well as targeting Enterprise users with features that would normally be found in Storage servers costing 25K plus."
"The TS-879U-RP is a credible and worthy enterprise NAS server and we could find no flaws worth mentioning. Absolutely Perfecto! The QNAP TS-879U-RP is a worthy recipient of our Excellence award for excelling in all aspects."
Editor's Choice - Tweaktown.com (US)(2011/10/12)
TS-1079 Pro
"Outside of the performance, though, where the TS-1079 Pro shines is in the ridiculously huge feature set that's offered by it."
"If you're after a 10 Bay NAS and happy to pay the associated costs, this is just a fantastic unit from QNAP that enjoys the benefits offered from the QNAP software."
TS-1079 Pro Scores 5 out of 5 on Network World (2011/10/07)
TS-1079 Pro
"The TS-1079 Pro is really impressive product."
"(The TS-1079 Pro) is great value considering its performance (which is fantastic) and its functionality. I'll give the QNAP TS-1079 Pro a Gearhead rating of 5 out of 5!"
Editor's Choice - NetworkWorld (Bulgaria)(2011/09/28)
"Virtualization has become inevitable of today's IT world and QNAP's new line TS-x79 series supports all the main platforms such as VMware, Citrix and Microsoft Hyper-V to help businesses build a virtualized environment."
Business ready - PC World (US)(2011/09/22)
TS-259 Pro+ Turbo NAS
"You pay dearly for the TS-259 Pro+'s speed, but if you regularly back up a lot of data to your NAS box, it's more than worth it. And feature-wise, you can't beat it." said by the reviewer of PC World Jon L. Jacobi .
  1. Great software features
  2. Supports 3TB drives
  3. Extremely fast performance
QNAP TS-659 Pro II reviewed by AnandTech (2011/09/19)
TS-659 Pro II
"All in all, the Atom D525 based QNAP TS-659 Pro II is the most powerful NAS we have reviewed so far, in terms of raw NASPT benchmark results as well as add-on features (both in terms of hardware as well as firmware)."
Silver Award - HWM Singapore (Singapore)(2011/09/09)
TS-419P II
"The TS-419P II is a little bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, the feature set is superb. Take away the cheaper Marvell processors, and this NAS has features that rival that of high-end SMB NAS boxes."
Recommended - PC Pro (UK)(2011/09/09)
TS-459 Pro II Turbo NAS
"A speed demon of a four-bay NAS appliance, offering good value, plenty of features and useful cloud services."
Test Winner - Alt om DATA (Denmark)(2011/08/31)
TS-219P+ Turbo NAS
"TS-219P+ has many extraordinary features; it probably has the best and most user-friendly interface we have ever seen. TS-219P+ is one of the fastest NAS products in our benchmark and this review, a fantastic product from QNAP."
Recommended Award - APH Networks Inc. (Canada)(2011/08/29)
TS-559 Pro II Turbo NAS
"If you are looking for a new NAS right now, then the QNAP TS-559 Pro II is probably worth the premium over the Pro+ if SATA 6Gb/s, USB 3.0, and user upgradeable memory is important to you. At the end of the day, all I know is QNAP is not just about making simple network appliances anymore -- they create uber powerful systems loaded with tons of features that moves with the times. And by getting with the times through constant generation transcending updates, this is what makes the QNAP TS-559 Pro II unquestionably yet another one of the best network attached storage systems... in the world."
Performance Award - WhichNas (US)(2011/08/23)
TS-879 Pro

"QNAP have clearly designed the TS-879 Pro from the ground up, and has no equals in its portfolio. The range with high end features, great turn of speed in virtual mode, will appeal to all users and in particular to enterprise, educational and governmental buyers. The remote replication feature will be an absolute boon for those needing a competitive but reliable Disaster Recovery Storage solution. The TS-879 Pro has a lot going for it, and undeniably and deservedly receives our coveted Performance Award."

+Razor Sharp Speed
+New Features
+10GbE and 1GbE options

Best Buy - PC Tuner (Italy)(2011/08/08)
TS-412 Turbo NAS
"The TS-412 is recommended for who requires an advanced data protection or for who needs a highly configurable home file server. QNAP is a leading manufacturing company in this market field and the Turbo NAS we tested has not disappointed our expectations. For all of this reasons it gets our Best Product Award “Best Buy” "
Editor's Choice - Ampletech (Italy)(2011/08/08)
TS-219P+ Turbo NAS

 "We can conclude, saying that the TS-219P+ is a solid instrument for any home or SOHO environment. The stability and affordability of this device are “a must” for who is looking for a “set it and forget it” device, an object that doesn’t need continuous maintenance and that “does what it has been developed for”. Its native features and the possibility to highly customize, thanks to additional modules, makes it the point of reference for prosumers that want to setup a HTTP or FTP server."

"For this, but not only, the QNAP TS-219P + receives our Editor’s Choice."

Recommended - IT PRO (UK)(2011/08/03)
TS-559 Pro II Turbo NAS
"QNap's new TS-559 Pro II combines an excellent range of storage features with lightning fast performance. The USB3 ports also perform very well and will make significant improvements if you're backing up to external storage devices. Small businesses especially will appreciate QNap’s free MyCloudNAS service for providing secure remote access to resources."
Excellent Product - PCGuia (Portugal)(2011/08/01)
TS-219P+ Turbo NAS
The journalist was amazed by the quickness, the simplicity and the versatility of the QNAP TS-219P+
Gold Star - PC Tuning (Czech)(2011/07/21)
TS-212 Turbo NAS
QNAP TS-212 is high quality NAS and the price is around 5,000 CZK. Performance is arend 20% more than previous TS-210 and TS-212 supports also on-line capacity expansion. Other functions are similar with those of TS-210. TS-212 has also very good remote Access and I can suggest this model as market leader. It is also reason why we gave award called GOLD STAR.
Editor's Choice - APC (Australia)(2011/07/21)
TS-219P+ Turbo NAS
It also rocks one of the nicest, comprehensive yet simple interfaces for any device around.
Editor's Choice - CNET (Australia)(2011/07/21)
TS-659 Pro+ Turbo NAS

The TS-659 is yet another great Atom-based NAS from QNAP.

For those who can afford it, they'll find a solid, reliable NAS that will happily fill the role of storage workhorse.

Editor's Choice - CNET (Australia)(2011/07/21)
TS-239 Pro II+ Turbo NAS
It's become par for the course for us to name QNAP NAS units as being excellent, and the QNAP TS-239 Pro II+ stays the course.
Editor's Choice - APC (Australia)(2011/07/21)
TS-419P+ Turbo NAS
We were pleasantly surprised to find that the 419P+ is more and better. It includes all of the features that impressed us in the consumer roundup.
Gold Award - Computing on Demand (US)(2011/07/18)
TS-419P+ Turbo NAS

"The TS-419P+ has proven to be a worthy component with its feature rich software and small footprint. Team that up with its low power consumption and adequate file transfer speeds and you have a real contender to replace a home built server."

"Outside of the home, useful features like iSCSI support and advanced ACL makes this a a viable solution for the home office or small office instead of purchasing an expensive server and hiring an IT person to manage it."

Golden Tachometer Award - Benchmark Reviews (USA)(2011/07/13)
TS-219P+ Turbo NAS

"Most of these consumer oriented features are easier to configure than the hardcore IT apps, like VMware and iSCSI, plus the documentation provided by QNAP is excellent."

+ 93 MB/s read performance
+ Support Apps for multiple cloud services
+ Support App for Mobile access
+ Online RAID Capacity Expansion and Level Migration
+ Very low power consumption

Silver Award - HWM (Malaysia)(2011/07/13)
QNAP TS-809U-RP may lack some features such as a USB3 or eSATA port but it definitely makes up for this with its storage capacity and many other useful features especially for business and corporations. We also have to say that it is suitably priced as it caters to medium to larger offices. The fact that it can accommodate up to eight HDDs or SSDs means that storage concerns won’t be an issue for quite a while.
QNAP TS-459 Pro II reviewed at Svethardware.cz (2011/06/17)
TS-459 Pro II
QNAP NAS offers the expected high quality workmanship and a very good on a Linux-based firmware. Server is basically a small PC based on Intel Atom, whose operating system is retrofitting alert and good-looking AJAX web interface.
Top Rank Award - www.TweakNews.net (US)(2011/06/17)
TS-119P+ Turbo NAS

"The TS-119P+ continues QNAP's reputation of making fast, reliable NAS units for all types of environments. This little one-bay offering is perfect for a home or small office with simple storage and backup needs. And as your network grows, you can rest easy knowing the NAS will be able to keep up thanks to impressive hardware specs and support for external drives and cloud storage."

- Small footprint
- Easy to configure
- Robust hardware
- Excellent performance
- Lots of features

Golden Tachometer Award - Benchmark Reviews (USA)(2011/06/14)
TS-659 Pro II Turbo NAS

The QNAP TS-659 Pro II scored 9.2 out of 10 and received the "Benchmark Reviews Golden Tachometer Award" from www.benchmarkreviews.com.

"The TS-659 Pro II Turbo NAS server seems ideal for certain segments of the corporate market. A few may need something simpler, and others may need more storage space, but the six-bay TS-659 hits the mark for a large portion of business users."

Gold Award - HWM (Malaysia)(2011/06/13)
TS-459 Pro II Turbo NAS
"The QNAP TS-459 Pro II Turbo NAS is that it is an awesome device especially since it packs most of the latest technology and innovative new features while retaining its ease of use and reliability. It is definitely well worth its slightly steeper price tag as it will help keep files safe and increase productivity due to its fast processing and transfer speeds"
QNAP NMP-1000P, il media streamer “full optional” (2011/06/04)
"The NMP-1000P in fact, offers evolved functionalities in this field. It has all the functions of a high end NAS, including the possibility to use the internal disk as a backup unity for the computer. The unit features a rich and complete number of connections. For Video, the always-present HDMI, component, composite for older TV’s, and for audio there is an optical S/PDIF output and a classical couple of RCA stereo connectors. On software side the product is great: it can playback any kind of audio /video format on the market, including Blu-ray."
QNAP VioStor NVR Pro series featured at Detektor International Magazine (Sweden) (2011/05/04)
VioStor NVR Pro series
QNAP VioStor NVR Pro series featured at Detektor International Magazine
Best of The Best - MaximumPC (US)(2011/05/04)
TS-459 Pro+ Turbo NAS

"QNAP's NAS boxes are frequently at the top of our list and the TS-459 Pro+ is one of the best we've seen. It's fast, incredibly configurable, and packed with media-streaming features." 

Verdict: 9
The Fountain
Automated firmware updates, fast, and tremendous amount of easy-to-configure features.
Work-through: QNAP Management Software v3.4.1 (2011/05/02)
We Got Served (US)
"The v3.4.1 Management Software provides a very complete feature set, and includes some very useful and important new features as noted earlier.? You can make use of as little or as much of the feature set that you may need for your application.? As a SOHO device, you may make use of more than a Home user would.? For myself, iSCSI is not really important as a home user.? The same goes for Active Directory integration...."
Recommended - We Got Served (US)(2011/05/02)
TS-412 Turbo NAS
We like:
- Excellent build quality
- Great hardware features
- Improved softwae
- Easilyaccessible drive bays
TS-412 is quite simply another fine example of QNAP's estabilished hardware.  The latest Management Software has incorporated some great new features.  What more can one ask for?
TS-219P+ got great review by Xbitlabs (2011/05/02)
"The TS-219P+ delivered high data-transfer speed in our tests. Coupled with its broad functionality, this makes it a very appealing buy."
Recomended N3D - Noticias3d (Spain)(2011/04/29)
TS-212 Turbo NAS

QNAP TS-212 is a NAS which with maximum resources, be careful, this is not a solution "for poor", as it has everything ,absolutely everything that you would demand for a premium product, but with a very reasonable price. Strongly recommended: Recommended by N3D.

  • Many options
  • Allows you to install additional programs (QGPK)
  • Feature-rich, Print services, files, downloads, security, multimedia, etc.
  • Low power consumption and low noise 
Silver Award - HWM (Malaysia)(2011/04/13)
TS-212 Turbo NAS
"The QNAP TS-212 Turbo NAS is a good, two-bay NAS for the SOHO environment, especially since it saves on cost while delivering a ton of features and functions. Easily manageable, it is perfect for the little startup with high data storage needs as it is both easy to use yet robust enough to handle anything."
Editors Choice - FusionMods.net (US)(2011/04/12)
TS-219P+ Turbo NAS
As for overall usability, and a wide range of features, the TS-219P+ has left me very impressed. For a home or small office setup, this should be a great addition.
QNAP TS-559 Pro+ got great review by ITsvet in Serbia (2011/03/17)
TS-559 Pro+
Advanced users will be pleased to hear that firmware version 3.4 was released, which brings some very interesting options, some of which are very important such as support for RAID 10 system (combination of RAID 1 and RAID 0), the advanced settings of the level of accessing folders, cloud data backup storage (Amazon S3 and ElephantDrive) MyCloudNAS service, improved version of the Download Station, Wi-Fi adapter support, to name just a few of the interesting things. One thing is certain, the performance of the new NAS is great, and definitely is different from the previous model, so it deserves our recommendations. What we do like is the fact there is excellent communication with customers via the official forums, and the fact many requests and ideas were realized in practice. QNAP is constantly working to improve the performance and features of NAS's, and this is the best proof.
TS-212 - BetaNews (Korea)(2011/03/16)
“If you need a powerful network attached storage unit, QNAP TS-212 Turbo NAS is the answer.”
Best Home NAS - Bestcovery.com (US)(2011/03/10)
TS-219P+ Turbo NAS
... the 1.6GHz Marvell processor and 512MB of DDR3 RAM makes short work of reading and writing data. The drive bays accept both 2.5" and 3.5" SATA hard drives, and are hot-swappable in case one fails during usage. The TS-219P+ is a good choice for home network purposes, and the dual bay design means it can be used in a RAID 1 setup.
QNAP TS-459 Pro+ got great review by ITsvet in Serbia (2011/03/03)
TS-459 Pro+
Although the firmware number doesn't say so, however, version 3.4 brings a lot of interesting things, such as Real-time Remote Replication (RTRR) i.e. the ability to updates data in real-time between local and remote NAS, external disk, and FTP. Download Station is improved, which now bears v2 number and except redesigned interface it offers far more control over downloading via bit torrent, HTTP, and FTP protocols. Performance of TS-459 Pro+ model is for some 15% better in relation to previous model, which means that a faster processor means a lot, especially if complex configurations and all four drives are used. Price can be high at first glance, but we should not forget what you would actually receive, and that a similar server configuration is expensive.
QNAP TS-859U-RP got great review by InfoWorld.com in US (2011/02/22)
Rack-mount QNAP storage server packs a wallop With redundant power supplies, extensive backup options, and a wealth of handy features, the low-cost, multilingual QNAP TS-859U-RP offers flexible network storage to smaller shops.
Best Buy - PC User (Australia)(2011/02/18)
TS-239 Pro II+ Turbo NAS
PC User says: QNAP TS-239 Pro II+ is a full-featured and speedy home office/small business NAS.
Approved Award - Overclockersonline.net (Canada)(2011/02/03)
TS-419P+ Turbo NAS
We can't forget that with great software you still need great hardware to make it run. The QNAP TS-419P+ is a four drive unit, sample for most home users as that gives you 8TB of internal space. The speeds aren't bad, the Marvell 6282 processor gives enough horse power that RAID 5 gives me the sense of security and speed I need. QNAP has often commanded a premium price for their products but if you need a backup solution or central server the QNAP TS-419P+ is one to consider.