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How to back up Qsync files and documents to other QNAP NAS?

Qsync can improve the productivity, collaboration, and file centralization of companies and organizations. Due to the importance of these files, having a backup solution for Qsync is of great importance. This tutorial will explain how to back up Qsync files via Backup Station.

Enter QTS on the destination NAS:

Log into the destination NAS and go to “Backup Station”.

Set this NAS as a backup server, and choose a solution that matches your situation. In this example, we will use Rsync.

Enable ”Enable backup from a remote server to the local host” and ”Allow remote Rsync server to back up data to NAS” and enter the username and password for this Rsync backup server.

Click “Apply” and “OK”.

Enter QTS on the source NAS:

Login to the source NAS and go to “Backup Station”.

Choose “Remote Replication” > ”Rsync (File-Level Backup) ”> ”Create a Replication Job”.

Give this backup task a name.

In “Settings”, enter the destination NAS IP, and the username and password of Rsync backup server.

Choose the homes folder from each side and click “Add” for this task. Administrators can also configure the backup frequency and other options.

The backup task will be running.

After the backup job is done, you can go to File Station of the destination NAS and check if files are being copied.


  1. Only administrators can use Backup Station.
  2. The “homes” shared folder collects every user’s home folder. Because of this, administrators can use homes to homes as an ideal backup solution.
  3. If shared folders have “Enable sync on this shared folder” enabled, please back up these shared folders for data integrity.
  4. User lists and configuration settings will be supported in future versions.
Release date: 2015-11-16
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