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How to manage videos with Qvideo?


Qvideo is a mobile App and management tool for Video Station. With Qvideo, you can watch the videos stored on your QNAP NAS from mobile devices at anytime and from anywhere. You can also share your favorite movies by sending them to friends and family.

Starting Qvideo

1. Please ensure that Video Station has been installed and enabled in the App Center (QTS 4.1 and later versions only.)


2. Qvideo is available for Android and iOS. Please visit your respective App store to install it.


3. Set up the connection with your NAS. Qvideo will automatically find every QNAP NAS on your local network. Select a NAS from the search results and login with your username and password.

If you have changed the administration port (default: 8080) of the NAS, enter the new port number.


Manage videos with Qvideo

After logging into your NAS, you can click the Main Menu to see your video collection as you would in the Video Station.

Icon Item Description
QNAP Shared Videos Show all the shared videos from every NAS user
QNAP Private Collection Show the videos stored in your home folder
QNAP Qsync Show videos stored in the Qsync folder
QNAP Video Collection Browse and create collections on Video Station
QNAP Smart Collection Browse Smart Collections created by Video Station
QNAP Recently Import Show videos imported within the last month
QNAP Recently Taken Show videos taken within the last month
QNAP Trash Can Check deleted videos
QNAP Logout Logout the NAS
QNAP Background Task Check the upload/download status
QNAP Download Folder Show the contents of the download folder
QNAP Settings Configure the settings of Qvideo

You can also select among different view modes, upload your videos, refresh the list, or enable multiple-selection mode.


Qvideo also supports more actions including: Delete, add to Transcode, and viewing video details.


To manage multiple videos, select the "Multiple-select" option and share, delete, or add to transcode the selected videos.


To share videos with friends and family, tap on the video and select "Share". Or you can share multiple videos with the "Multiple-select" option. In the share menu, you can share your videos by email, social networks, SMS or by using other Apps on your device. Select the options at the bottom of the screen to choose the Apps you want to use for sharing.


Enjoy videos on demand

Qvideo includes VLC player, and you can play videos by selecting them. You can use subtitles by saving the subtitles files in the same directory with the same name as the video file. (Please note: Only .srt files and the UTF-8 format are currently supported.)


In the player, you can quickly switch video playlists in the top-right corner.


If you click on the video player, the “return” will now play your movie in the bottom of the “mini player”. You can operate other movies, then come back and watch the movie.


(Please note: The playlist and mini player are currently only supported by Android)
Besides playing videos with the built-in player, you can also play them with other Apps.


Stream videos to your TV using Chromecast

To stream videos using Chromecast, first make sure that the Chromecast is on the same network as your mobile device. You will see the device icon once the Chromecast is discovered by Qvideo. You can then play your videos on your TV. Please note that Chromecast only supports certain video formats (you can find a list here.) If the video format is not supported by Chromecast, convert the video to MP4 by using "Add to transcode".

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