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How to Use QUSBCam2 with USB Cameras?


QUSBCam2 transforms USB cameras (webcam)(*1) into IP cameras with ONVIF compatibility and full support for the RTSP protocol. Its live view does not require any extra plug-ins in your browser, and it is a handy surveillance tool for homes and small offices.



  • QTS 4.3 with QNAP Turbo NAS (x86)
  • UVC compatible USB Camera (#1)
  • Surveillance Station (or later)
  • CodexPack (for support h.264 format)

How to View a Live Stream on QUSBCam2

  1. Install USB Camera
    After connecting the USB camera to the NAS, the USB camera appears on the USB Device page.
  2. Set as channel
    After installing the USB camera, go to Channel List and click "Create Channel" to create a QUSBCam2 channel.

    Set the channel name and video or audio configuration.
    Note: Only MJPEG format supports the live function.
  3. Check the Channel List
    Go to Channel List and check if the thumbnail image of the USB camera is available. If you see the live button, it means that the camera supports the live function.

Configure Surveillance Station for Webcam Recording

Go to “Surveillance Station” > “Camera Configuration” and then click “Add”. Select “Search camera(s) automatically” and then click “Next”.

For Search type, select “ONVIF” and then select the QUSBCam2 camera. Click “OK”.

Surveillance Station automatically completes the camera information except for the user name and password. Use the same login credentials for the NAS that you are using.

Note: Before applying the new settings, you can click “Test” to check the connection to your QUSBCam2 camera.

Click to launch the QVR client to see the live video and recording.

Additional Information

QNAP does not guarantee full compatibility with all USB cameras. For details on compatible USB cameras (webcam), refer to the following lists for UVC (USB Video Class):

Logitech UVC Webcam List

Linux UVC Webcam List

Release date: 2017-02-22
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