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Deploy IoT Applications on Affordable ARM-based QNAP NAS with New QTS 4.3.4 and QIoT Suite Lite

Taipei, Taiwan, November 15, 2017 – Following the release of the QTS 4.3.4 beta, ARM-based NAS now support snapshots and allow users to start deploying NAS-based IoT applications with QIoT Suite Lite. Highly cost-effective ARM-based NAS not only provides the convenience of developing IoT applications on a private cloud, but also allows budget-conscious users such as students to easily create their first IoT projects.

After updating to QTS 4.3.4, the TS-x31X, TS-x31P, TS-x31P2, TS-x31+ and TS-1635 support QNAP’s innovative QIoT Suite Lite (the NAS requires a minimum of 2GB memory). Users can then integrate various IoT devices into their NAS and quickly develop, deploy, and host IoT applications with QIoT Suite Lite. All of the data can be stored on the low-cost NAS private cloud before being filtered and exported to public cloud services for further analytics and processing. QNAP ARM-based NAS with QIoT Suite Lite provides the greatest flexibility and cost efficiency for users to easily start IoT development.

QIoT Suite Lite features a flexible architecture and integrates multiple third-party services. For example, it supports (but is not limited to) development boards and starter kits including Arduino Yun, Raspberry Pi®, Intel® Edison, and MTK LinkIt™ Smart 7688 (Duo); it shares via API to push collected device data stored on QNAP NAS to other dashboards such as Microsoft® Power BI for further data analysis and management; specific QNAP NAS models support AWS Greengrass to leverage Amazon® cloud computing. With joint benefits from private and public clouds, QIoT Suite Lite allows for greater flexibility in IoT applications, and assists system integrators in approaching diverse IoT usage cases with extreme affordability.

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