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QNAP Newly Released TVS-871T Thunderbolt 2 NAS Receives Coveted TMC ''Communications Solutions Product of the Year'' Award

Taipei, Taiwan, February 2, 2016 - QNAP®, Inc. is thrilled to announce that the recently introduced TVS-871T Thunderbolt™ 2 NAS has been named a recipient of the TMC Communications Solutions Product of the Year award. This prestigious award honors exceptional products and services that facilitate voice, data and video communications that were brought to market or greatly improved upon in the last twelve months.

"QNAP is deeply honored to be recognized with the TMC Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award" said Erick Oliveros, Marketing Manager for QNAP. "The TVS-871T is an important product as it's the first of its kind - providing lightning-fast local storage and also networked storage with several connection options, in a single product."

The TVS-871T solves a major headache for photographers and high definition video producers – how to manage content ingest, editing, sharing, and backup within a single networked device. The new TVS-871T is the world's first hybrid NAS/DAS/iSCSI IP-SAN that offers direct storage access with two Thunderbolt 2 ports, full NAS functionality through Gigabit/ 10GbE network connectivity. With 8 hot-swappable drive bays, the TVS-871T can pack a whopping 64TB of in-unit storage with blistering-fast transfer speeds up to 20Gb/s. The unit's storage can be expanded via QNAP's TX expansion unit series, which provide up to a jaw-dropping 448TB of raw storage.

Besides its lightning fast Thunderbolt transfer speeds, the TVS-871T also has the full functionality of a NAS powered by QNAP's QTS OS. It serves as a dedicated private cloud for easy remote access and file sharing as well as serving as an ideal backup destination with Time Machine support for Mac users. The TVS-871T also features an HDMI port for real-time play-out of 4K content viewable on a 4K display.

The TVS-871T features QNAP's QTS 4.2 management software that allows convenient management of the entire system from a single interface. The updated QTS OS introduces new highlights such as a revamped Storage Manager with a handy snapshot feature, allowing you to regularly take snapshots of data volume and LUN for future retrieval. Also included are apps such as the new Qsirch natural search feature for easily locating content on the NAS, as well as apps for virtualization, backup/data replication, video/photo sharing, and much more. In addition, the TVS-871T can be accessed via QNAP's suite of iOS and Android mobile apps.


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