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QNAP NAS Now Certified For Control4 Integration

Pomona, CA – February, 6, 2014 –– QNAP, a leading innovator of NAS and NVR products is pleased to announce that their NAS product line is now Control4® Certified, having passed rigorous interoperability tests to ensure they integrate seamlessly with Control4® home automation systems. The comprehensive Control4 Certification process also includes the incorporation of Control4 SDDP technology, ensuring faster, simpler and more cost-effective installation by Control4 dealers.

QNAP offers a wide variety of NAS solutions that meet the needs of different data storage demands.  It is designed for storing and protecting your precious photos or favorite media collection in one place with the capability to share and access those files from anywhere. With QNAP NAS, Control4 users now can benefit from the advantages of large storage capacity, intuitive multimedia management and reliable data protection, taking your home automation experience to the next level. 

“We are excited to see QNAP take a big step into home automation. We saw the demand for storage in a smart home and designed an innovative application to fit that need.” said Nate Cheng, Product Manager of QNAP.  “We are proud to have partnered with Control4 in this step to give home automation users the best NAS experience ever.”

Control4 enables third-party manufacturers to design products that easily integrate with the successful Control4® platform. With over 7,500 drivers from hundreds of different companies, Control4 enables leading consumer electronics devices to integrate seamlessly within a Control4 automation system.

“Control4 has long held the view that in order to drive home automation adoption, then everything in the home must work together,” said Jeff Dungan, SVP of Business Development at Control4. “Control4 Certified products improve the operation of home theaters, multi-room music, lighting, temperature control, energy management, and security by improving both compatibility and functionality before installation. We are pleased to add QNAP to our esteemed list of partner brands.”

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