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How to configure AXIS Camera Companion to direct record from AXIS IP cameras to QNAP Turbo NAS

 Why QNAP Turbo NAS for AXIS Camera Companion?

Easy and Affordable Surveillance Kit for Small to Midsize Business

The AXIS Camera Companion and QNAP Turbo NAS surveillance kit offers a great solution that is extremely simple to set up, supports complete surveillance recording features and reliable high-performance storage with a variety of backup features. It is also a revolutionary IP-based alternative to traditional DVR or NVR recording.

About AXIS Camera Companion:

STEP 1. Run the AXIS Camera Companion client on your Windows PC. Create a "Site" for your camera network. Name the site a name, and set up the password.

STEP 2. Connect the AXIS cameras to the network.

STEP 3. Input camera's password & connect to each camera you installed from your AXIS Camera Companion client.

STEP 4. Configure the storage setting for each camera. Select the camera and go to "Storage" page.

STEP 5. Choose from "SD card" and "Network share" (NAS). Select "Network share" to store the camera recordings to a centralized network storage.

STEP 6. AXIS Camera Companion will search all the available network devices on the same network. Those available share folders will also be listed under a device. If you click "Configure device", it will redirect you to device's administration page.

STEP 7. Choose a share folder under the selected QNAP NAS (Example: "Recordings" of "TS-469L") as the recording folder.

In the following steps, AXIS Camera Companion simplifies the configuration of QNAP NAS and create all the recording sub-folders under this "Recordings" share folder.

STEP 8. AXIS Camera Companion will prompt to ask for administration ID and password of QNAP NAS.

(The default ID: admin, Password: admin)

After you input and it is authenticated successfully, the AXIS Camera Companion will automatically complete configuration process of QNAP NAS. Then it is all set!

Below configuration process will be done in the background automatically.

  • The recording folders will be created for each camera (named after serial number for each camera)
  • User name & password of QNAP NAS for each AXIS camera will be generated. (named after "ACC_serial number of camera")
  • The recording quota will be well set up without manual configuration required.

STEP 9. Optional: You can also review the settings on QNAP administration page for management purpose

  1. Login to http://QNAP NAS-IP:8080, or click to access by using QNAP Finder.
  2. After you log in to the management interface (QTS Desktop), in "Control Panel/ Privilege Settings/ Users", you will find the user ID of AXIS camera and the quota is well set up.
  3. For archiving purpose, you can also replicate the selected share folder to remote site by using the RTRR (Real time remote replication) feature, which is under QNAP Backup Station.

Use QNAP NAS as storage for AXIS Camera Companion:

Applied Models Firmware version
TS-421,TS-221,TS-121 FW 4.0.5 and FW 4.1 or above
TS-269 Pro,TS-469 Pro,TS-569 Pro,TS-669 Pro,TS-869 Pro,TS-269L,TS-469L,TS-569L,TS-669L,TS-869L FW 4.1.1 or above
TS-470 Pro,TS-670 Pro,TS-870 Pro FW 4.1.1 or above
Release date: 2014-08-21
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