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Which models support Network & Virtual Switch?

Most models support this feature. Please see the list below for models that do not support this feature.

1 Bay: TS-119P+, TS-121, TS-131, TS-131P
2 Bay: HS-210, TS-210, TS-212P, TS-219P, TS-219PII, TS-231+, TS-239PII+, TS-239H, TS-269H, TS-269L, TS-259P+, TS-231, TS-231P, TS-231P2
4 Bay: TS-410, TS-410U, SS-439, TS-459U, TS-459U+, TS-420, TS-420U, TS-421U, TS-431, TS-431U, TS-469, TS-431+, TS-431P, TS-431P2, TS-431X2, TS-431X, TS-431XU, TS-431XU-RP
5 Bay: TS-509, TS-559, TS-569 Pro, TS-531X, TS-531P
8 Bay: TS-831X, TS-831XU, TS-831XU-RP
12 Bay: TS-1269U-RP, TS-1231XU, TS-1231XU-RP
16 Bay: TS-1635

Release date: 2016-06-07
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