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How to use Browser Station?


Browser Station enables the use of virtual browsers hosted on QNAP NAS, allowing you to access protected data on the same LAN as the QNAP NAS without requiring complicated VPN settings. Users can also download files to NAS shared folders when using Browser Station.

System Requirements

  1. QNAP NAS with at least 4GB RAM and QTS 4.2.2 (or later).
  2. Container Station v1.7.2224 (or later) must be installed and enabled to use Browser Station.
    Supported QNAP NAS models: TS-x51, TS-x51A, TS-x53U, TS-x53A, TS-x53, TS-x53B, TS-453Bmini, TVS-x63+, TVS-x63, TS-x63U, TS-x70, TS-x69, TVS-x70, TVS-x71, TVS-x73, TS-x73U, TS/SS-x79, TS/TVS-x80, TVS-x82, TVS-x82T, TVS-x82ST, TES-x85U, TDS-16489U
  3. Please note: When using a proxy server to access Browser Station, the proxy server must support WebSocket. If your proxy server does not support WebSocket, you can consider using QNAP Proxy Server. For more information, refer to: How to set up a proxy server on QNAP Turbo NAS?

Install Browser Station

Browser Station can be installed and enabled from the QTS App Center.


The left pane provides several options to manage browsers.

Users can view the NAS CPU usage, NAS RAM usage, and number of browser in this page. The status, display name, user, CPU, memory, time created, and action of browsers is also displayed.


Users can analyze browser usage and debug technical issues by viewing the status, time, user, and message of the browsers used.

Click “Clear all” to remove all of the logs.

Click “Download” to open the logs in a new browser.


Users can download files directly to NAS using Browser Station. The destination folder of downloaded files can be changed. Downloaded files can be viewed using File Station.

Add/ Remove web browsers

You will see the overview page when opening Browser Station.

Click in the middle or on the left side to add a new browser. There are some quick links in the initial page.

To browse other pages, you can click another browser display name.

Click to open the page in a new browser.

Click on the right side and click to remove the page.

Click to hide the left pane.

If you encounter issues using Browser Station, click >  “Download diagnostic report” in the top-right corner. This report can then be attached to a new ticket at https://helpdesk.qnap.com.


  1. Do not use Browser Station to view the same instance of Browser Station in a web browser. Using both display methods simultaneously results in continuous mirroring of the desktop.
  2. Browser Station does not support audio or video transmission.
  3. Users must have permission to use File Station before using Browser Station.
Release date: 2017-08-28
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