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What is the default username and password?

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QNAP NAS default user name: admin
Password: admin

If you have not changed the admin password before, you can use the this default password to login. If you have changed but forgot, please press the reset button on the back for 3 seconds. After that, a beep sound will be heard. The following settings will be reset to default:

  • System administration password: admin.
  • TCP/IP configuration: Obtain IP address settings automatically via DHCP.
  • TCP/IP configuration: Disable Jumbo Frame.
  • TCP/IP configuration: If port trunking is enabled (dual LAN models only), the port trunking mode will be reset to "Active Backup (Failover)".
  • System port: 8080 (system service port).
  • Security level: Low (Allow all connections).
  • LCD panel password: (blank); This feature is only provided by the NAS models with LCD panels. Please visit www.qnap.com for details.
  • VLAN will be disabled.
  • Service binding: All NAS services run on all available network interfaces.

All the data are still intact by using the reset button.

Please check the following for detail: http://docs.qnap.com/nas/4.1/Home/en/index.html?hardware.htm

Release date: 2013-04-19
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