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My volume status is "Read/Delete". What does this mean?

The status "Read/Delete" means data on the volume can be read and deleted only. You cannot modify existing data or write new data to the volume.

A thick volume with snapshsots or thin volume changes status to "Read/Delete" when its parent storage pool is full. The volume will return to full read-write status automatically when QTS detects that there is sufficient free storage pool space.

To free up space in a storage pool:

  1. Delete unwanted snapshots, and reduce guaranteed snapshot space if it is enabled.
  2. Perform a space reclaim on thin volumes.
  3. Delete unwanted files on the "Read/Delete" volume or other thin volumes. Ensure that the files are permanently deleted and not in the network recycle bin or snapshots, then perform a space reclaim on thin volumes.
  4. Expand the storage pool using free drives or by adding an expansion unit.
  5. Convert thick volumes to thin volumes.
  6. Delete unwanted volumes and LUNs.
Release date: 2017-12-29
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