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How to solve the problem when using different port of QIoT Suite Lite v1.0.41 ?

QIoT Suite Lite v1.0.41 avoids using some common ports (including http-8080 and https-443), but may cause port conflicts. Below are a list of ports for QIoT Suite Lite v1.0.41 that can be used to avoid conflicts.

Some ports that are used by the system to communicate externally have also been listed (the Qgateway port must be able to connect with external devices)

System Ports
QIoT Suite Lite interface Http (default:8080) and https (default:443) are set by QTS.
Qgateway-QIoT Suite Lite Data Gateway System TCP-23000 (http)
TCP-28883 (mqtts)
UDP-25683 (coap)
TCP-21883 (mqtt)
TCP-23443 (https)
TCP-23100 (reserved)
Qcontral-QIoT Suite Lite Control System TCP-8700
Qdeploy-QIoT Suite Lite device Deployment System TCP-21501
QIoT Suite Lite API TCP-21500
Qrule-QIoT Suite Lite Rule Engine TCP-21400
Qdatabase-QIoT Suite Lite System Database TCP-37017
Release date: 2017-09-28
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