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Instantly find files with Qsirch mobile app

I、About Qsirch

Qsirch is a powerful full-text search engine that enables you to search for files in over 6,000 formats by filenames, keywords, metadata, and more than 30 search criteria.

With the help of the Qsirch mobile app, you can also quickly find your files on the QNAP NAS using your mobile device.
To learn more about Qsirch, go to https://www.qnap.com/solution/qsirch/en/

II、Installing Qsirch

Prerequisites: Before installing Qsirch, ensure that you have correctly set up QNAP NAS, installed QTS, and created user accounts.

To install Qsirch on your mobile device, follow these steps:

On Android devices

  1. Go to Google Play.
  2. Search for Qsirch.
  3. Tap the Qsirch icon.
  4. Tap “Install”.

On iOS devices

  1. Go to App Store
  2. Search for Qsirch.
  3. Tap the Qsirch icon.
  4. Tap “Get”.
  5. Tap “Install”.

Note: This tutorial uses the Android version of Qsirch to demonstrate how to set up and use Qsirch.

III、Connecting to the NAS

  • Connect to a QNAP NAS device
    1. Connect your mobile device to the same network as the NAS.
    2. Open the Qsirch mobile app.
    3. Tap “Add NAS”.
    4. Select a NAS device from the list.
    5. Specify your NAS username and password.

      Note: Qsirch automatically searches for all the available NAS devices on the network. If you have changed the port number (8080 by default) of the NAS, specify the new port number.

(a) If your NAS is not in the search results, or if your device and NAS are not on the same network, tap “Add NAS manually” on the lower-left corner and then specify the IP address or myQNAPcloud account to add your NAS to the list.


(b) You can also tap “Sign in QID” on the lower-right corner to add your NAS to the list.
For details, see Accessing your QNAP device with myQNAPcloud Service


After signing in to QID, refresh the page, tap the NAS icon, and then specify your username and password. To search for files, tap “Start searching”.

Field Description
Host/IP address or myQNAPcloud Specify the hostname or IP address of the NAS. To connect to the NAS via the Internet, ensure that the NAS is correctly configured for remote access. For details, see Accessing your QNAP device with myQNAPcloud Service
SSL Before enabling this option, ensure that the port number is correctly configured (443 by default).
Detect port automatically You can enable this option to automatically detect ports or manually configure the port. You can also specify the priority of ports.
  • Connect to multiple QNAP NAS device
    1. Follow the above steps to add NAS multiple devices to the list one by one.
      Note: When adding NAS devices, do not enable “Log in immediately after clicking Save”.
    2. Select the NAS devices on which you want to search for files.
    3. When all NAS devices are shown as “Connected”, tap “Start searching”.
      Note: To ensure search efficiency , do not search on more than 5 NAS devices at the same time.
    4. To check the NAS connection status during searches, tap the icon on the top-left corner.

IV、Searching for Files

  • Online search
    1. Specify keywords in the search box. You can also tap search box to select file types.
    2. Tap the funnel icon to specify advanced search criteria.
    3. Tap search results to preview files. To select multiple files, tap and hold files.
      You can also tap for the following actions: open files with a browser, download files, share files, or see more details. If the format of a file is not supported by Qsirch, you can choose to open the file with other applications.
  • Offline Search
    Click “Offline Search” on the left pane for the following actions:
    1. On Android devices, you can search for the files in Qfile, Qphoto, Qmusic, and Qvideo all at once.
    2. On iOS devices, you can search for all the offline documents in Qsirch via Spotlight.
Release date: 2017-08-14
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