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How to use Signage Station?

Create multimedia ads and share with the world

Signage Station is available on every QNAP NAS and allows users to create their own multimedia ads with the digital signage editing software (iArtist Lite) and to display content via web browsers.


How to install Signage Station

Log in to your NAS and you will see the QTS main page as shown below:

Fig 2

Click on the main menu icon in the top-left corner (see fig 3).

Fig 3

In the main menu, click the App Center button (fig 4).

Fig 4

In the App Center , click the "All Apps" button (fig 5).

Fig 5

Scroll down to find Signage Station (fig 6). Once you see Signage Station, click the "Add To QTS" button to install it.

Fig 6

Signage Station User Interface

Once you open the Signage Station, the main page will open. The main page of Signage Station looks like fig 1. The main page has three main areas:

  1. Online Templates: Shows the online templates (provided by QNAP)
  2. My Uploaded Content: Shows the templates uploaded by the current user
  3. Category: Shows all the templates according to their categories

How to upload content to Signage Station

To upload content on Signage Station, you will need to have iArtist Lite installed. iArtist Lite is a Windows program that can be downloaded from the Signage Station Main Page (fig 7). Click the "Get iArtist Lite" button to download this software.

iArtist Lite can help you to create your own content and upload it to Signage Station. 

Fig 7

Once the iArtist Lite is downloaded on your PC, you can start creating and uploading content to Signage Station. After you have created your content in Signage Station, click the upload button (fig 8).  The Upload window (fig 9) allows you to add a NAS that has Signage Station installed.

Fig 8

Fig 9

Click the "Add" button to add a NAS to iArtist Lite. After clicking on the "Add" button, you can configure the NAS settings (fig 10).

Fig 10

Once NAS is added to the iArtist Lite, select that NAS and the content you want to upload and click the upload button (Fig 11). Once the upload is finished, open Signage Station on this NAS to play the content.

Fig 11

How to create a new account in Signage Station

Only the NAS administrator can create new accounts in Signage Station. To create a new account, click the "Signage Station Account Management" button in the top right corner of the main page (fig 12).

Fig 12

After clicking the "Signage Station Account Management" button, the Account Management window will open (fig 13). Click the "+" button to add a new user.

Fig 13

After clicking "+" button, the Create User window will open (fig 14). Enter the username and password for the new user.

Fig 14

How to manage user accounts

Only the Signage Station administrator can manage user accounts. Click the "Signage Station Account Management" button (fig 12) to open the Account Management window (fig 15). There are three options for managing user accounts:

  1. Upload Content: Users can upload content to Signage Station
  2. Manage Viewer: Users can lock/unlock templates
  3. Delete Content: Users can delete the content in Signage Station

Fig 15

How to display content

Click on any template or content and it will be displayed in your browser tab (fig 16)

Fig 16

The Signage Station is suited PCs, laptops, mobile devices and Smart TVs.

Fig 17

How to share content

Content can be shared via email or social networks. To share a template or content, click the "Share Link" button on that template (Fig 18).

Fig 18

Clicking on the Share Link button will open the "Share Link" window (fig 19).

Fig 19
Release date: 2016-01-25
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