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How to connect to Azure Storage with Cloud Backup Sync?

Azure Storage

Azure is the public cloud service provided by Microsoft.  QNAP offers Cloud Backup Sync App for using Azure Blob Storage, which is the object storage service of Azure for storing and retrieving large amounts of unstructured data. There are two types of Azure Blob Storage: Page Blob and Block Blob. The App uses Block Blob Storage, and each of your files is stored as a single object in Azure.
If your company has a contract with Microsoft, you can leverage your current contract to use Azure services. You can also get better performance if you have a better Internet connection with the nearest Azure datacenter. The Cloud Backup App supports Azure standard regions as well as Azure China. Please note that the Cloud Backup Sync App is not related to Azure Backup service. For more information, please visit http://azure.microsoft.com/.

You can create an account and storage space first, then you can use the storage space to create backup and restore jobs.


After opening Hybrid Backup Sync, expand the “Storage Space” tab on the left panel and click “Profile” to create a new cloud account. In this page, you can create, edit, and delete accounts and configure the rate limit settings for each account. If you modify the cloud storage account identity (like changing its username or access key) the state of the corresponding jobs will be reset and all of the files will need to be uploaded again as the backup destination has also changed.

To create a cloud account, click “Create” and select “Cloud Account”.

Choose a cloud service and click “Next” button to enter the account information.

The Cloud Backup Sync App allows you to use Azure Storage service from Azure global sites and the China site. As the two sites are managed separately, you cannot use the credentials of one site to access the cloud services of another site. To access Azure Storage, you will need to have a storage account and the access key from your cloud management console and enter the information when creating an account in the App.

The region of a storage account in Azure is determined when you create it. You can also configure data protection levels for your Azure storage account in the Azure Storage management console.

Storage Space

After creating a cloud account, go to “Storage Space” to create a cloud storage space. Then you can use this storage space to create backup and restore jobs.

Click the “Adding Storage Space” icon, choose “On cloud”, click a cloud service, then enter a storage name and select a cloud account to set a storage space.

You must select a container or use a new container for a storage space. The block size defines the size of data unit to be transferred.

The region of a storage account in Azure is determined when you create the cloud account. Click “Settings” to find out your region. You can also configure a data protection level for your Azure storage account in the Azure Storage management console. If you choose to reduce the protection level, the reliability of your data will be reduced compared to standard cloud storage, and you can risk losing your data or be unable to restore some of your files.

If you have not created a cloud account, select “New Profile” and click “Settings” to create a new account.

Release date: 2016-01-30
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