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What is Q’center Agent?

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Q'center Agent is a QTS app that is automatically installed on NAS monitored by Q'center. It collects all the necessary information from these NAS and sends it back to Q'center, allowing users to centrally monitor NAS status.

In addition to collecting data, Q'center Agent can also be used as a relay. If Q'center and a monitored NAS are not on the same subnet, then other NAS on the same subnet as the monitored NAS can be reached by Q'center. In addition, thanks to Multicast network technology, the data from monitored NAS can be sent to other monitored NAS to ensure that all the information will remain up-to-date even if a NAS cannot directly connect to Q'center.

Q'center Agent also automatically synchronizes its rules with those of Q'center every 30 minutes. It then checks whether the NAS follow these rules, and it will reconfigure their settings if discrepancies are found. Q'center also needs Q'center Agent to run certain functions, such as simultaneously installing apps to multiple NAS.

Please note: Due to the aforementioned features, NAS monitored by Q'center cannot enter Sleep Mode. In addition, the total number of network packets may increase based on how many NAS are being monitored by Q’center.

Release date: 2015-03-10
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